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Critical Clothing Engulf [Patch 5.6 Clothing System]

Hey guys, in this post we share with you great news and some calculations/analysis from Wartune’s new clothing system installed in Patch 5.6 mid-April 2016. We start by straight away giving you the good news:

Clothing Engulf can Crit

When you engulf your clothing in the new system you see exactly how much EXP you will get (blue bar/number) before clicking the engulf button but there is a hidden system which allows your clothing consumption/engulfing to Crit giving you much more Clothing EXP similar to the way Mount Hoofs can Crit in Mount Refining.

This means free EXP (although low chance), which will be OK in the beginning, but, most importantly, it will be really nice on the higher levels of clothing where the requirements become bigger.

Engulf EXP Costs and Stats

Reminder: for exact EXP numbers please remember that we already wrote an awesome article with full details:

Screenshot Proof of Crit Engulfing

Here you can see proof in the in-game chat of the “Engulf has Crit”. Thanks to MikeB for sharing this screenshot/info with us:

Cosmos’s Clothing Testing for Crit

I tested this phenomenon on 2 test-accounts and here are my findings and small calculations:

Testing Account 1 with 102 Fashion Cores Engulf

On this account I had a Clothing Level of 14 and I took 102 Fashion Cores into Clothing Engulf which normally should have raised my Clothing EXP by 20400 as also visible on the picture. After the engulf I ended up at Clothing Level 21. Now to understand if there was a Crit “on the way” I calculate the EXP using the table we created earlier that I linked above.

  • Expected EXP gain was: 20400 (102 Fashion Cores x 200 EXP per Core)
  • Real EXP gain was: 24200, which is 18.6% more than the flat expectation!
  • Test 1 confirmed Crit Clothing Engulf.

Testing Account 2 with 133 Fashion Cores Engulf

On this account I had a Clothing Level of 12 and I took 133 Fashion Cores into Clothing Engulf which normally should have raised my Clothing EXP by 26600. After the engulf I ended up at Clothing Level 21. Now to calculate the EXP the same way as we did above:

  • Expected EXP gain was: 26600 (133 Fashion Cores x 200 EXP per Core)
  • Real EXP gain was: 30400, which is 14.3% more than the flat expectation!
  • Test 2 also confirmed Crit Clothing Engulf even though with a slightly less % increase.


With calculation support from testing and screenshot proof we can confidently conclude and share with everyone that everyone has a chance to get extra free EXP in the Clothing Engulf in Wartune’s new clothing system of Patch 5.6. The current data shows an overall 14.3% to 18.6% extra EXP and proves that you can get the engulfing Crit bonus even if you use your items in bulk. Although it is not yet perfectly clear if using items 1 by 1 might be better or not.

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  1. I have seen 2 crits so far.Both while engulfing around 15 clothing pieces. both crits moved me to the next level. So the question is, does a crit always advance the level, rather than just give you an amount of extra exp.
    if so that may explain the different percentage of exp earned. Depending on how far you are into a level when it happens.
    I also tried 100 cores 1 at a time, but got no crits.

    • thanks for sharing

    • With 1 piece of clothing, I was lucky to have a crit. It moves up to the next level automatically.

    • I traded for 400 cores and engulfed them 100 at a time. got no crits at all. got the exact amount of exp it figured to be.

  2. so, what would be best? engulfing lests say a lvl 10 cloth, or 512 cores? if they gave the same exp (in this example), lets say from both we ca get 100 000 exp. in the lvl 10 cloth i only have 1 chance to crit and in the 512 cores I have 512 chances?

    • That’s a very good question and we simply do not know as i also wrote in the conclusion it is not clear at present if it is good to use 1 by 1 or quantity and quality makes no difference.
      To have an answer to that question would require a huge test for which regular people don’t have resources or direct info from devs.

      • After reading this good news, I d say You should take ur 512 cores, split them in small bunches….and make ur way to lv 20 before its too late!!! 😀

        if i had that many cores…..i d definitely try that…..512 tries….

  3. so crit bonus only from cores?

    • no we believe it can happen from any engulfing, but the above 2 tests were done with cores

  4. I can confirm it works with clothing too. used a hat from last event and it should have put me 100 XP short of next level, and next level activated. So, my guess is that it is fairly rare, but the bonus can either be 50% or a flat +100 XP.

  5. Hey Dolygames,
    1 thing I dont get…
    You said you used fashion cores to upgrade, but the screenshot shows 300exp….instead of 200, right??!

    Were you englufing lv2 clothings??
    If it is so, I would say that Critics only come from clothing rather than cores….

    Where is the mistake?? 🙂 🙂

    • hey Laura, the most top screenshot is from Mike and there I forgot already what he is using, but the 2 tests below run by me are with cores and you can see 102 x 200 = 20400

      • i ll tell u, the guy was synthing lv1 clothings! 🙂

        thanks for clarifications….!

        dunno if u wanna put that in ur tables somewhere, but i did 30 SINGLE core-engulfing, I got 1 critic only 🙁

        then i engulfed 10 lv1 clothing n no critics…
        i wish i had more cores like u guys! 🙂 🙂

  6. my experience (playing a german wartune clone) with the above described clothing system:
    – got crit engulfs only with clothing pieces so far, about 1 crit for 20-25 used pieces
    – got no crits with luck Stones, tried about 100 piece by Piece, maybe just bad luck
    – haven’t tried with fashion cores so far

    • thanks for sharing

  7. Here is what I have been able to tell. The closer you are the leveling, the more likely you will level. Stacks of cores or Charms seem to act as a single attempt, which means if you consume a stack of 100 you are less likely than if you did individual engulfs. I went up a number of levels today. None using cores or charms!

  8. so do we engulf all clothing now or wait for an event maybe to do it?

  9. Crit always advances to the next level, no matter how much exp you need. it is very random I have gotten 3 in a row but never gone more than about 50 engulfs without getting one

  10. Does this “Critfeature” have anything to do with our toon´s Critstats? I used alot of clothes by now, and never critted while engulfing clothes or charms so far, and I´m a Will Destroyer Knight. Last time I tried without the WDastral, and no luck then either, but my crit is low (about 15k)

    • No no, nothing to do with char stats. Just the engulf has a chance to “crit” which means a chance to fully load EXP on that level and go directly to next level.

  11. Ok, thanks, just good old luck to rely on then.

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