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The Titan Seal Pre-Knighthood HOAX

Hey guys, this is more of a sad post for pre-KH players in Wartune, but we report all things both good and bad, so here is the Titan Seal Pre-Knighthood HOAX. I give credit for this info to Farik, thanks for sharing. He wanted to try help people by giving these facts:

Regarding Titan Seals, specifically for those players who have not reached knighthood yet and have recently acquired (or may acquire in the future) a Titan Seal from Hot Events:

  • You shouldn’t click on it (activate it) if you haven’t reached knighthood yet.
  • It will delete itself from your inventory!!!
  • It WILL NOT give a warning or a message saying that you cant use it just yet because you aren’t knighted.
  • Seeking help from mods / game support gets a reply of rejection, here is picture proof:

  • “We are unable to compensate”
  • “it will be automatically deleted”

This happened to 12 of my guildies so far, so yea… ūüôĀ

So, offering a Titan Seal on Hot Exchange, happy players spending their event items to buy it only to have it automatically removed from the inventory with no compensation at all. I bet those affected pre-KH players must be furious in this…

1 player confirmed on Facebook that he got his seal back.

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  1. Atleast they should warn. Or to make it umpossible to use just like you can’t use adv sep on ordinary sylphs

    • ya, if there was a warning none of this frustration would exist and i would not publish this article ūüôā

  2. 12 people were dumb enough to attempt to use an item that they clearly didn’t meet the requirements to use? Seriously?

    • It is 100% not the fault of players – this is simply poor management / implementation by the Wartune Team
      Professional companies make such offers visible only to qualified players – not everyone
      – Cosmos

  3. I agree there should be some type of warning system if you don’t meet the requirements. But why would people try to use it if they are not knighthood? Just like when people used a eud card before they are lvl 70, why even try to use it?

    • Exactly, how else could they have expected this to turn out?

    • it does not matter what the players expected – this is a family friendly game with players ranging from young age to older age
      as long as any item is given to players there will always be X% of players who will use the item
      – Cosmos

      • i am a game dev(not for wartune) noramlly in situations like this they should display a msg that this item can’t be used before knighthood , some people maybe new to wartune and they don’t know what is this items used for, for me i clicked it to see how they handling this as a game dev i like to know how other devs handle things and also check for bugs

      • I totally agree with you, it is never the fault of the honest player(s)
        It is dev’s responsibility to implement things correctly
        And it is game support’s responsibility to help manage mistakes
        – Cosmos

    • Perhaps by accidentally clicking on it which happens to the best of us?

  4. wow, is this a new scam?
    so, if they make a button that didnt say anything and player click it then used the balens. they just blame it to player who click it by saing its player fault??

    just wow…

  5. How is it a hoax?

    • definition of hoax = trick or deceive (someone)
      therefore this is definitely a hoax because the affected players were tricked into thinking that they can have this Titan –> the players spent their event items to buy it –> they tried to use it –> without any warning or any disclaimer or any notification the item was removed from the inventory leaving the players in a loss which they paid to get the item

      • A hoax is a DELIBERATELY fabricated falsehood made to masquerade as the truth. There for, this is not a hoax!

        As for unfortunate players who did what they shouldn’t, there was a possibility to get another titan via Hot events(it was unlimited in exchange).

        Also by “trying to use it” they take the responsibility of their actions and the thing happened is not devs fault. If people are too lazy to read patch notes, blogs and all info out there about titan seals, devs are not responsible.

      • Its definitely the devs fault. When pre-KH cannot use titan seals, there should be atleast a warning, but there isn’t it just vanish. Also, it maybe unlimited in exchange, not all people can get the items for exchange again and again.

  6. Think you need to look up the definition of a hoax. This is definitely not a hoax! That said, this is why we have banks… to put stuff we cannot use in!

    • definition of hoax = trick or deceive (someone)
      therefore this is definitely a hoax because the affected players were tricked into thinking that they can have this Titan –> the players spent their event items to buy it –> they tried to use it –> without any warning or any disclaimer or any notification the item was removed from the inventory leaving the players in a loss which they paid to get the item

      P.S. banks are not as safe as you might believe

      • How are players being tricked into thinking they could use this? Because of no warning message? Yes there should be a warning message if you don’t meet requirements but what makes a player think they can activate a titan if they are not knighthood yet?

      • A player has the right to use any item he or she has. A player can be young, a player can be old and ill or simply inexperienced. Stealing his/her event items and removing item from inventory and not supporting after complaint is NOT OK.

      • Of course the player has the right to use it but does that mean they should? Yes, a player could be inexperienced and not know what it is or what it does. But if they don’t know what it is, why would they not find out what it is before they exchange for it or try to use it?

        While I do agree the company should give them support if it happens since it shouldn’t happen in the first place if there was a failsafe in place. But player also has to take some responsibility here too and not try to use things willnilly without knowing what it does.

      • Firstly, it must be intentional. Which I doubt very much. And second they can have the titan… when they achieve the requirements. The players weren’t tricked, they stupidly consumed an item they could not use. This is similar to when they gave us all those stacks of XP potions. Many. like myself used a full stack and lost them as we maxed up. We didn’t get compensation because we should have known better. I learned from that mistake!

      • All players of all ages from young to old and inexperienced are not magically supposed to know everything – it is NEVER the honest player’s fault.
        And the case you quoted it was also 100% their fault and you deserved a complete compensation.

  7. You mean 12 morons…holy shi.t
    why the hell you wanna activate it if you are n ot a knighthood

    • no i definitely do not mean that and do not agree with your judgement on innocent players who were given an offer for an item which they wanted, who accepted the offer and tried to use the item they received
      – Cosmos

  8. It happend to me too. i got titan seal by exchange 500 mini-items and double clicked it and now its gone.

  9. It isn’t an hoax because it wasn’t deliberate, they would have had to plan to trick people for it to be considered an hoax, it is far more likely that they forgot to put a warning as I have seen previously.

    They should put a restriction on it so it can’t be used until you reach knighthood as most of items for other equipment have that prevent you using them although it may be that the item usage level restriction they currently have in place is only capable of limiting to the first 80 levels rather than to knighthood or class advancement which were tacked on later.

    • 1) I wrote the definition of hoax above, which is trick or deceive someone – in this case deceive.

      2) I put a very clear screenshot of the reply from game support showing that even when they are made aware of the problem they refused to support the player.

      3) Many things could be done to implement this correctly, but they chose to do a lazy lousy job (not the first time)

  10. I have not been knighted yet, but I thought it was a good thing to get the seal while it was being available, and throw it into the vault. thinking ok, when I get there, I will have it. might wanna tell those that do get it, to save it, sorta like all the other crap we have to save in the Vault, lol

  11. dev support is poor in this game we all know they will blame the players to wiggle out of this situation

    but the devs clearly should of slapped a warning at least that it cant be used by non kh players

    cuz as cosmo said some 1 could of been a new player and dont know the game well enough and thought i use it

  12. think they shot themselves in the foot with this new patch it stinks ,, people dont even show up to play anymore new wars are lame

  13. This is the exact same message that they send me when the system used my bbs to enchant locked eudaemon equipment, i dont think they even read these..

    Btw i will get KH on the next Holy Forge event ass 100% free player, i knew something like that may happen so that is why i put my seal card into my guild vault

  14. oki warning / restrictions ….. this is BS its for knighted players any titans that are out there, so not Devs foult

  15. I used the item without being kh, I hope bring back the “titan time”.

    Doly and Cosmos, do you think the “titan time” will come back per 500??

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