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Willpower & Titan Lucky Exchange Drop Rates Report

Hi everyone! In this post I share with you the data I collected for the Willpower & Titan Lucky Exchange (Nov/Dec 2017) where the top rewards were Wraithstones, Essence of Zeus, Willpower Talent Stones, Will Gear and Charge Fragments (see picture below).

This is an important Exchange for several items but it is not really for lower BR players. I am showing you below the expected drop rates to help you decide if it might be interesting for you or not.

TABLES: Willpower & Titan Lucky Exchange Drop Rates

Regular Items

From 9 x full exchanges, i.e. 1800 chests or 1793 chests to be exact.

Icon Item Qty Dropped Average per 200 Comment
Willpower Talent Stone 565 63 Only source to get them!
Will Gear 864 96 If you do Abyss daily this is OK but not a big deal.
Essence of Zeus 156 17 Useless compared to daily Domain rewards.
Willpower Warpath Crystal 226 25 Negligible
Willpower RES Reduction Essence 236 26 Negligible
Memory Crystal 960 107 Good source to get these items.
Demonic Blood 360 40 Good source to get these items.
Active Willpower Delphic Skill Book 314 35 Negligible
Passive Willpower Skill Book 318 35 Negligible
Willpower Resistance Essence 280 31 Negligible
Active Willpower Skill Book 346 38 Negligible
Wraithstone 142 16 Negligible
Charge Fragment 905 101 Almost negligible

Special Items (the 100th draw)

Icon Item – Special drop
Qty Dropped Average per 200 Comment
Wraithstone 600 67 OK but not a big deal.
Essence of Zeus 200 22 Not significant compared to daily Domain rewards.
Willpower Talent Stone 100 11 Only source to get them!
Will Gear 400 44 If you do Abyss daily this is OK but not a big deal.

And here are the pictures of the drops shown in the tables for the record / archive (large image, click to enlarge):


I would say, based on the data, that this exchange is really about getting a whole bunch Willpower Talent Stones and Memory Crystal/Demonic Blood. The Willpower Talent Stones are really valuable for strengthening Willpowers and this exchange seems to be the only source to get them, so this alone is a good enough reason to participate in this exchange. The Memory Crystal/Demonic Blood should be very useful to free players and light cashers to gather a sufficient amount to merge multiple Willpowers.

Other than these 3 items the rest of the items by themselves would not be interesting enough to do this exchange.

I would recommend this Lucky Exchange in 3 situations:

  1. If you already have a Willpower this is really the only way to get Willpower Talent Stones to make it stronger.
  2. If there is no other interesting exchange available.
  3. You have level 10 Eudaemons ready but not enough Memory Crystal/Demonic Blood to create Willpowers.

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  1. Out of topic.. but does soul engraving event exists still?

    • Yes and i have reported on that regularly, please follow the events posts.
      You can also find the category for upcoming events under NEWS menu.

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