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TABLES / CHARTS: Cuties’ Stats / Attributes & Rankings | Wartune Patch 8.5

Hi everyone! In this post we look into Cuties’ stats / attributes both in absolute figures, % changes and various charts. I want to add thanks to my guild mates File / Gast for our discussions and sharing info. OK, here we go:

Article Content:

  • Cuties’ Stats’ Tables
  • Stat changes: 1 Star to 2 Stars
  • Cutie Stats Ranking Charts

Cuties’ Stats’ Tables

Cutie Stats (1 star) Wolf / Void Ghost Undead Warrior Undead Crusader Undead Gladiator
PATK 47,040 54,096 54,096 56,448
PDEF 41,885 48,108 49,749 55,281
MATK 38,102 49,749 48,108 45,158
MDEF 37,227 39,932 41,283 47,569
Crit 7,526 8,829 9,292 10,123
Penetration 8,824 8,646 9,292 11,055
Block 7,996 9,061 10,587 9,236
HP 282,240 288,835 314,820 318,348
Accessory Fists Bell Bell Bell
Cutie Stats (1 star) Tauren Hexed Berzerker Tauren Gladiator Tauren Elite Lizard
PATK 51,744 58,212 56,448 57,036
PDEF 44,989 52,390 50,803 54,745
MATK 41,875 51,804 51,922 47,335
MDEF 43,636 45,571 43,164 44,337
Crit 10,118 10,351 10,588 11,289
Penetration 8,653 10,468 9,703 10,120
Block 9,064 9,882 9,236 10,705
HP 291,826 331,808 314,942 304,534
Accessory Fists Fists Fists Fists
Cutie Stats (1 star) Landos Warrior Landos Champ Dwarven Clubber
PATK 48,804 47,040 52,332
PDEF 42,454 40,924 45,514
MATK 41,934 38,572 52,332
MDEF 33,934 39,279 37,290
Crit 9,352 8,533 9,064
Penetration 7,771 8,354 8,767
Block 9,240 8,533 10,005
HP 237,150 245,548 301,413
Accessory Sachet Sachet Sachet
Cutie Stats (1 star) Demon Eye Gladitus Shenna´s Avenger
PATK 58,800 50,568 55,272
PDEF 47,040 43,460 48,049
MATK 54,684 45,988 54,157
MDEF 40,924 39,572 46,630
Crit 10,466 8,062 9,590
Penetration 10,584 8,358 9,823
Block 10,936 8,587 8,242
HP 338,688 248,785 321,645
Accessory Fists Sachet Sachet

Stat changes: 1 Star to 2 Stars

Next if we look at the upgrade from a 1 star to a 2 star Cutie we can se that most attributes are increased by 153%, i.e. nearly 3 times the 1 star levels. There is 1 exception to this, MDEF, which is either a mistake by the devs or has an unknown-at-present reason, which increases by 184%.

In this first table we see the change for the Wolf:

Attribute Void Ghost (1 star) Wolf (2 stars) change
PATK 47,040 118,800 153%
PDEF 41,885 105,732 152%
MATK 38,102 96,228 153%
MDEF 37,227 105,732 184%
Crit 7,526 19,008 153%
Penetration 8,824 22,287 153%
Block 7,996 20,196 153%
HP 282,240 712,800 153%

And in this 2nd table we see the same 1 to 2 star change for the Tauren Gladiator:

Attribute Tauren Gladiator (1 star) Tauren Gladiator (2 stars) change
PATK 58,212 147,015 153%
PDEF 52,390 132,313 153%
MATK 51,804 130,831 153%
MDEF 45,571 127,867 181%
Crit 10,351 26,142 153%
Penetration 10,468 26,439 153%
Block 9,882 24,957 153%
HP 331,808 837,985 153%

Cuties’ Stats Ranking Charts

Cutie ATTACK Ranking

This one is based purely on the Attack value.

Cutie ATTACK with CRIT Calculation

In this chart I made a calculation to include Crit with Attack because indirectly Crit is the same thing as Attack with the only difference that Crit does not bring benefit every turn. So we basically do more damage when Crit activates and standard when it does not.

Cutie Avg. Defense Ranking

This one, like the 1st Attack chart, is based purely on the Defense value.

Cutie HEALTH (HP) Ranking

And this chart is based on the Health / HP value.

The Best Attack/Crit with the best Defense Calculation

This one is an interesting graph. I wanted to chart a ranking on which Cutie has the highest offense while also having the best defense. To do this I made a calculation and created an index which is used in the chart. I also wanted to give more weight to offense so I gave it 50% more. And this was the result:

The Lizard takes the top spot in this calculation, so I think stats-wise it is the best. But in the next best, 5% lower, we have 4 Cuties at a similar level where the Tauren Gladiator also has the Bleed while the Undead Gladiator has the healing skills.

I hope you guys liked this article; as always if you have any opinions or feedback on Cuties’ Stats post it below in the comments.

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  1. Do these calculations incorporate differences of skill damage percentages?

    • heya, no, this post is about the stats/attributes only, skills are not part of this post

  2. Excellent work.Thanks a lot.

    • thanks for appreciating my work ❤

  3. The Wolf is the worst one of all.

    I’m still keeping it. I’ll level something else after my team hits the level cap.

    • ya seems like we all want to get rid of him but are kinda forced to keep using him for the time being 🙂

  4. top!! nu kijken hoe alles werkt.

    • dank je 🙂

  5. wolf is the best, does 50 000 damage on skill lvl 3… ur charts are so wrong…

    • Firstly, the charts are absolutely accurate, so your comment “ur charts are so wrong” is completely uneducated.
      Secondly, as it is clearly stated multiple times this article discusses Stats / Attributes while your comment talks about skills, which is a different topic completely.
      Thirdly, wolf is not the only one who has the bleed skill.
      Lastly, indeed bleed is very effective at killing bosses with the amount rising per level (20k, 35k, 50k, 65k, etc), but the effectiveness reduces specifically for the wolf who starts having problems surviving battles due to his inferior attributes. That said many of us are using the wolf for this 1st part, but at the same time we are also interested to replace him as soon as possible.
      – COSMOS

  6. If anyone is interested my Tauren Gladiator hit 3 stars, so here are the stats for it:
    PATK 295020
    PDEF 265518
    MATK 262544
    MDEF 256596
    Crit 52460
    Penetration 53056
    Block 50082
    HP 1681614

  7. hi cosmos you say tauren gladiator very good so I wondering if you knew what map and what stage we can get graver ty pendragon

    • For gravers, maximum Murken 35, not higher

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