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Willpower & Eudaemon Blood of Zeus Cost Tables

Hey everyone! In this article I present to you tables / requirements of all the Blood of Zeus costs for Willpowers and Eudaemons. I also add the resulting level information for various combinations of “merging” Eudaemons when creating Willpowers. Big thanks to Destiny for helping me out to get this article published!

Article content:

  1. Blood of Zeus amounts required to upgrade Eudaemons
  2. Blood of Zeus amounts required to upgrade Willpowers
  3. Some examples’ requirements of Blood of Zeus and Comparison
  4. Willpower Resulting Level Combinations

1) TABLE Blood of Zeus for Eudaemons

Upgrade to Blood of Zeus Required
Level 2 50
Level 3 60
Level 4 85
Level 5 135
Level 6 240
Level 7 480
Level 8 1,050
Level 9 2,500
Level 10 6,500
Level 11 8,000
Level 12 10,000
TOTAL 29,100

2) TABLE Blood of Zeus for Willpowers

Upgrade to Blood of Zeus Required
Level 2 3,000
Level 3 3,000
Level 4 3,000
Level 5 3,000
Level 6 3,000
Level 7 3,500
Level 8 3,500
Level 9 3,500
Level 10 3,500
Level 11 3,500
Level 12 3,500
TOTAL 36,000

3) Examples & Comparison

  • To make 2 x level 12 normal Eudaemons it will cost you 58,200 blood
  • To make 2 level 10 normal Eudaemons it will cost you 22,200 blood
  • To make a level 1 Willpower AND take it to level 12 will cost 58,200 blood
  • To make 2 x level 12 Eudaemons and turn them into a Level 12 Willpower will cost you 58,200 blood.

4) TABLE Willpower Combinations Levels

Eudaemon #1 Level Eudaemon #2 Level Resulting Willpower Level
10 10 1
11 10 3
12 10 6
12 11 9
12 12 12


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  1. Nicely done!

    • 🙂

  2. so just to be clear we are better off creating a willpower as early as possible?

    • no you already have eudys so bring them to lvl 11 or 12 is easier jsut don’t blend at lvl 10

    • Two factors to consider in deciding which route to take – 1) BoZ return during Eud Leveling events and 2) Eud Growth.

    • On top of what was already said, it depends what you want to use your Willpower for (see my article “Top Level Comparison Review of Willpowers”).
      For example for my character i did not make any Willpower yet although i have the resources. My character just does not need any of them at this time.
      – COSMOS

      • Why would you delay making will power when it will hurt you in Endless Abyss?

  3. tyvm for great info. #12

    • 🙂

  4. Just FYI, There is an error in the article. to make 2 level 12 Eudaemons is 58200(1 lvl 12 is 29100) not 58000. So making 1 lvl 1 Willpower and taking it to lvl 12 and making a lvl 12 willpower cost the same.

    • Thanks, fixed

  5. ty Cosmos for these data…

  6. Wow! Thank you very much!

  7. ty soooo much ♥ :*

  8. As an aside – I merged 2 lv12 Euda both with lv10 warpath and it gave lv39 warpath on the resulting WP

  9. I’m at lvl 14 abs yu with just my norm eud

  10. you better cross server shuffling changed on Maintenance tonight Proficity want R2Games back

  11. Someone on my server in R2 merged 2 lvl 12 eudaemons and got a lvl 1 willpower. Any ideas on why?

  12. Read somewhere, that merging 2 Euds gives RANDOM willpower. 1 person from 12 & 11 eud, got lvl 12 WP, Yourself in the video from 12 & 11 got 11 WP. Another got from 10 & 10 a 6 WP ….. so agree with previous writer Confused.

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