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+5000 max limit on Tattoo Attributes

Hey guys, in this very short post we share with you 2 pictures to show that the maximum stat increase to attributes in each Tattoo slot is +5000 (the negative attribute will vary depending on your luck). Big thanks to Iceade for sharing this info:

+5000 Strength Expert Tattoo

+5000 Defense Expert Tattoo

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  1. Wartune is only for cashers

  2. wait what? I thought knight unlocks needed more than 5k, like mage arcane – intelligence at 8k.

    • 5000 is the max on 1 tatto, you got 8 tattoos. 2 tattoos at 5000 = 10000
      You will need to max out more then 1 tattoo to get all the points you need.

      • lol guess I need to wake up before typing. Thank you 🙂

  3. the stat max for non adv tattoos is 2k.

    meaning you can use normal hennas to upgrade your tattoos up to +2000, once you reach +2000 on a tattoo, using normal henna will only change the attributes and the value of the “minus” attribtute.

    • So a free player can do knighthood without using any adv henna. But will take at least 2 years, probably 3 years or more at the rate we are going right now.

      • yup. you have right. we’ll see

      • well last event we had nice adv henna exchange, 120 boxes for 1k adv henna. Free players exchanged 2-3 times. To get knighthood you need about 30k adv henna and do it during events. We should get it in 1 year if events give same all the time, but as wartune past showed us, they give more later on.

  4. i know this a long time….

  5. Normal Henna give max stats 2k
    With Advanced max stats 5k.

    Is the order important? E.g. If I use advanced henna to go to 1k and then use Normal Henna, will stats go to 3k?

    Or if our supply of Advanced Henna is limited we’d better max to 2k with Normal Henna and then use Advanced?

    • its still growing here at over 2k and using normal henna

    • the limit is unrelated to the type of henna you use to upgrade the tattoo.

      you can use w/e you want to upgrade it, but once it reaches 2K, you will have to use adv henna, so you’d better use regular henna as much as you can.

      what i did was : use adv henna on only 1 or 2 tattoo to boost them fast, and on all other tats, i use regular henna.

    • yes both sequence and timing and type are important; in the ideal world we would increase with normal henna to 2k and then use advanced, but that’s not where we live. Getting large quantities of normal henna is not possible at present to get all tattoos to 2k. Also for any cleansing you have to choose if you invest now or wait for event. We know there is an event for advanced henna, so there you could (and should) wait for the event. While we have never had an event with regular henna so far.

  6. With normal henna what is max atribute?

  7. A good thing too is once you’ve completed knighthood, you can put all of your tattoos into strenght and still use the path u have chosen 🙂

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