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Maxed Out Mount Stats!

(Posted by Eliatan of the DolyGames Team)

Hey you guys, so no whip event video from me this month since I was a dunce and had my microphone muted for half of the recording T_T.

That said, I don’t think the whip videos are going to be quite as fun from me any more since I’ve now maxed out my mount and so the number of whips I can use at the event is limited to the space I can open with new mounts.

So these are my mount stats after they’ve been maxed out! It took me a little under 40k whips. You can see that I’m pretty far into training for the next stat for all of them, and that’s intentional. When I got close to completing the training, I would stop using Advanced Train and just do the single training until I got to about 2450/2500, and then used the advanced again. This let me train a few more whips than if I had used Advanced Train the whole time, and with so little room in my mount, I was scrambling for every bit I could.

These are all my currencies relevant to the event! My gem income went way down 🙁 hopefully there’s some other way for that income to raise before the next gem event is here. I am falling behind a lot of the top players these days since I haven’t made any level 10 gems and only refine each of my mounts to one star : hoarder-woes.

How’d you guys make out this event? Let me know in the comments, and what items are you hoarding or deciding to go ahead and use?

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  1. The sad news for high level players is that the bug that prevents mount training beyond level 2500 has been ignored by wartine/7roads for about 6 months and 2 patches now,
    so High level players can no longer participate in mount training, events, new mounts, etc, etc.
    It started out as something that only affected a handful of us, but now hundreds have reached it!
    Mike / ZardOZ

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