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Spending 23k BB on 100% RES Reduction Knighthood Talent

Hey guys, in this video I have prepared an explanation / demonstration / guide about making correct choices in Wartune when it comes to spending your hard earned resources such as bound balens. I spend 23,000 bound balens which is a rare large spending for my character and I explain in full detail all the logic, reasoning and consequences.

The video covers:

  • Impact of RES Reduction
  • Importance compared with other spending choices / other Knighthood Talents
  • Will Crystals and crystal income
  • Various calculations
  • Attack amount vs. RES Reduction amount and resulting outcome
  • Talent Stones
  • Article reference on all Knighthood Talents and table of costs

Video: Wartune GUIDE Spending 23k BB on RES Reduction Knighthood Talents

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  1. only the last 10 levels of expert dimentions increse rez reduxtion

    • Ah thanks, I have not done that in so many months i don’t even remember.
      – Cosmos

    • no i get res reduction from intermediate dimensions lol

  2. i really apreciate your work, but i prefer articles than videos 🙁

    • Thanks buddy.
      We try to do both in order to please as many people as possible since everyone has different preferences.

      • ever thought of opening a poll bout
        ?? 🙂
        i believe its a good idea!!

        for u and for us! 🙂

  3. Nice vídeo, keep up the good work Cosmos!

    • Thanks Vergil520 🙂

  4. Hi Cosmos,
    Thank you for the video and all that you do for the wartune community. One suggestion though, I think it would be helpful if you could detail the change in damage in PVE/PVP from the increase in RES Reduction. Also, we’re noticing the increase in reflect damage even some low level players are doing against high level. We think it’s due to Influence. Could you also provide some details on this topic? Thanks as always.

  5. My res is 16k and still useless against merged sylph cashers. Only thing that helped a little was getting my tenacity to 10k. Battle Grounds will soon just be big cashers and their merged sylphs fighting each other. Useless to go there now otherwise.

  6. Can you post numbers of what you were hitting for pre- upgrade and post-upgrade against the same target? That would have been a useful demonstration. If somebody is willing to spend 850 BB, they can reset talent points and demonstrate.

    Also, doesn’t res reduction only help when you are sylphed? There is no resists against regular skills, right?

    • Anybody know?

  7. cosmos bro can u plz make or send me the link of the video u or ellia have made on tatoos.i really need a guide on how to use them the best way possible(both adv and normal henna).i am a pure non casher except vip.

    • Hey suraj, you can look in our Tattoo category from the main menu or you can search in our youtube channel.

      • بقيقييب دروع انا

  8. another thing cosmos bro plz show a preview in archer account like u did on ur knight to increase a lot of status ex-p attack,m def,p def etc.increase in BR p attack is so low for my br so i want ur help bro.still a non casher.and i really appreciate u do all the things for us bro to make us prepare for good or worse comming in wartune really a big salute to u and ur team.

    • A lot of things I show from my knight or Elia shows from her mage also apply for archer class. We don’t have an archer to give you dedicated videos.
      – Cosmos

    • there re 2 ways to go with archer first way doing all stats in same time for example from h.forging and upgrading sylph for mtak or ptak 2 way s doing just passives and try to make beastly atk but at all yours def ll be much lower if u don t care about def so much as atk u may go this way doing high crit patk hp pdef upgrading deteriminator plus ruthnessless u should do it makes naturally higher def for example me friend s mage and she having 100k pdef I m knight and me mdef s 66k but me higher makes same effect as her 100k…. u may do it like this tattoes income for endurance debuff for charisma make average def from h.forge and after it go upgrade jewellery weapon as high as u can plus making patk gems and average levels of crit gems u ll see that effect 🙂 have a good day 🙂

  9. Question. I have read a lot of people mentioning an increase in damage dealt when leveling RES talent while on hero mode. But isnt RES reduction, even as a talent, specifically for damage received from sylphs? Maybe i am missing a key point here.

    • Heya, no, RES Reduction has nothing to do directly with sylphs at all. It has to do with Elements (light, dark, wind, etc).
      Anything you fight in the game has stats on resistance for every single element. One of our jobs is to hit the enemy on their weakest resistance – sometimes we can know this in advance which lets us prepare and win easier (example: a known boss in dungeon). 2nd job is to overcome whatever resistance is already there, which is where RES Reduction comes in – it directly reduces resistances allowing you to hit harder.
      So it is a never ending battle of the attacker trying to increase his/her RES Reduction while defender tries to increase his/her resistances.
      Hope this helped you,

      • Lots, thank you

  10. Sorry but this guide is nice but this Res Reduction dont work for normals hits and skills.Test it in the BG with the same player.First with max res reduction my hits are normal no more damage but as sylph i do huge damage 3,5 million hits.Then i change on max intensity and crit.And att the same player again now normal hit are much stronger near double damage,as sylph much weaker max 300k hits that mean for me that res reduction work only for sylphs

    • it s true res limitations re on 60% u can t do higher atk income for example I ll soon reach 60% def I need just 3% when I reach it I ll have reduced same percentage rate as player with all res gems on lvl 12 vs normal monsters but res effects re lowered vs enemy resists and there u may see higher stats but when u compare res vs normal monsters u ll see that player with very high res but low stats and player with good stats but still about maxed res effect their def rates ll dramaticaly other cause player with high res cannot use his/her rate up to 60% limitation and this player will be much weaker than player with stats and average res but in arena weaker player might be same or better like this player btw res reduction with sylph usage s much better cause your sylph using elemental damage for example fire damage this means that while attacking your sylph hitting just enemy fire reduction and from this sylph can make bigger res reduction as player who must damaging whole reduction of enemy player

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