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[Poll Results] Player Perception of R2 and 7Road

Hey guys, in this post I share with you the poll results of “As a Wartune player what is your perception of the companies R2 (publisher) and 7Road (developer)?”, where 359 Players voted and we can see rather clearly the outcome:

Poll Result: Player Perception of R2 and 7Road

A whooping 66% of the players voted for disliking both of the companies, R2 and 7Road, and do not wish to play their games in the future. This is a huge number by any standard and if you are running your company where 66% of your customers don’t want anything to do with you in the future then that says something indeed.

This result proves also that the two companies, R2 and 7Road, do not understand and do not care about their brand image and their brand value. It is a known fact that once you damage your brand name / your reputation, it will cost you a lot more money to bring it back.

And if someone reading is wondering how these companies manage to have such a horrible result I can give a few points below:

  • A lot of issues can be brought back to a very poor quality of work.
  • A lot of the bad decisions and poor executions come from not knowing and not understanding their own game. And it definitely does not help that on top of this they do not support and do not talk to their biggest bloggers such as our site (and other bloggers who have quit over the years).
  • Regarding specifically to R2, who is the main publisher, their faults come from bad quality of customer support (e.g. not reading / not understanding tickets) and a poor job done with events, which are often illogical and non-consistent; which is a result of the operators not understanding the game and their players.
  • Regarding specifically to 7Road, who is the developer, their faults come from poor job quality and horribly boring imagination which brought us to a situation where there are very few (if any) truly exciting / fun things to do in the game. Also, over the last 3 years, they grew the game lag (resource / code inefficiency) to very unpleasant levels where even more powerful computers and internet connection could not keep up.
  • Of course, a lot more can be written, but I will stop here 🙂

The other 34% of Votes:

Next, we have 14% of votes who like 7Road but not R2Games, which likely indicates that this group of players were having problems with events and/or tickets. So if we add this percent to the previous we have 80% of players not liking R2Games.

Next in magnitude is 14% of players who like both companies. So that’s a small positive result – it is not all doom and gloom – one or two out of 10 players do like both companies. However, any professional would agree that this is a very small amount of satisfied players.

And lastly, we have 6% votes for liking R2Games but disliking 7Road as the developer. Adding this to the 66% above means that 72% of players do not like 7Road.


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  1. I wonder if you ran this poll again after this last emergency maintenance and the issue with gems and such that the results would be much higher for the dislike of R2 and the game.

    • For sure, but it’s great that we have the results before their big fiasco so we can say that this is the case without any emergency

    • I agree they are both a bunch of 12 year old steaming turds with a computer, puking up a bunch of stupid ideas, and insulting all of our intelligence.

  2. It would be interesting if there was a way to send these results on to R2/7Roads and to get their opinion on the results.
    But I’m sure that they would not see or respond to the results anyway.
    Would also be some nice information for those that keep saying they are going to take legal action.

    • sending those result to R2 and other franchisees like kabam are useless, we all know how bad they customer supports are. sending it to 7 road may make a difference, because they are the game’s developer and publisher

      • Sending to 7Roads, are you serious? they cant understand English, infact, im not even sure I have found a language they understand. After recent events, I even think they don’t understand the universal language of $$.

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