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R2 Bans 15m BR Player Unprofessionally

Hey guys, I received a report that a 15 million BR player was banned unprofessionally by R2Games and below are the various issues/details about this.

R2Games’ Unprofessional Behavior

The 15 mil BR player got the terrible “This account is banned” (screenshot) screen when trying to login and play as he does every day. There was no communication whatsoever with the player and anyone who has experienced this knows that this is a very upsetting experience.

The player submitted a number of tickets which were all ignored for at least 7 days or more. Screenshot below shows 2 of these tickets and 2 were made before these.

These are 2 major flaws of how R2Games treats its players.

  1. No communication whatsoever. You can play for years and get banned in 1 second without any word / proof / ability to defend yourself.
  2. No reply to tickets. For such a grave issue one would expect a priority reply to tickets. 15 million BR is a rather high BR player who has given high profit to R2Games and even if the player would be wrong, he definitely deserves a reply to his tickets, at least in recognition of all the money R2Games received up to the ban date from this player.

Not the first time

This is, by far, not the first time where R2Games has displayed unprofessional behavior, poor service to their customers and, said in simple language, not giving a damn about their players. And as a player myself, I repeatedly condemned such unprofessional behavior and remind again that this company, R2Games, does not deserve to have us as players, so everyone can decide for themselves if they want to play any of their games in the future or to give them more profits.

To be clear, this is not about if the player is correct or incorrect. It might very well be that a player breaks some rules and those actions need to be addressed. This is about treating your players with respect as a professional company would, which means communicating, informing the player of the issue, possibly giving a warning first and definitely replying to tickets, certainly within 24 hours or faster for such grave issues. I am not even saying that no proof of the accusation is ever communicated and you do not even get a chance to defend yourself to somebody who understands Wartune (as there has been plenty of evidence that game support often does not understand the game or issues).

What about Kong?

As you have seen the screenshots are from Kongregate, so some might ask why I have focused above only on R2Games. This is because sub-sub-publishers who are below R2Games (who is a sub-publisher of Wartune) do not really have any power from what we can tell. It seems that they are involved very little and all the tickets certainly go to R2Games for those servers. Still, I want to highlight that Kongregate’s reputation (and other similar publishers like Armor Games) will also suffer from ignoring the fact that their players are being poorly treated. After all, they are also responsible for players registered on their platform and it is just too easy to drop all responsibility on R2Games and only collect profits.

Did they finally reply to the 15m BR?

Yes, finally they did reply to his ticket. The entire reply is just a copy paste template and the only line that has any meaning in it is:

We have found that your account has been handed to a different person/character.

So this means that they banned him for account sharing, without making any communication and without allowing the person to defend himself and without providing any proof of how they determined this conclusion. It is also important to note that account sharing is openly used in Wartune for many years and the powers that be have allowed this even if they did not publicly say so.

To be clear, the TOS that these companies create gives them ultimate power where they can do anything they want without any responsibility or requirement of communication. This, however, does not mean that this is a proper or professional way of running a company or showing care about your players or, simply said, being good and fair.


As explained, this article is not about a player being right or wrong but about how a company, such as R2Games, treats its players and customers in a very unprofessional way. According to their TOS they do have the power to do anything they wish and the way they setup their companies legally speaking makes it very difficult for people to take them to court, especially for people who do not have money to hire lawyers, which would be the majority, and they know this and they abuse this fact.

So what can we the players do?

  • We can start by having sympathy and care about the pain of other players and stand up when companies abuse others. One of the ways bad companies manage to get away with evil things is when some players only think about themselves, which does not make us, players, strong. This is the reason I take the time to write this article to do my part to support and show sympathy to the 15m BR player who suffered in this matter. I know in the past players have tried making forum posts (although those get quickly deleted to hide the evil behavior) and players have tried creating tickets (although those get ignored or get a template reply). We are the only blog that I know of who have been openly supporting players and highlighting all these problems over the years and they do not have the power to shut us down (although they have harassed and attacked my character multiple times as previously reported).
  • We can decide not to support unprofessional and evil companies (such as R2Games), which means doing a quick research when we want to play some game to check who made the game and if they are a good company or not. As some of you know I have invested into the project of Game Companies Ranking which aims to help players with exactly this problem, so you can choose to support us (our Patreon link) so we can spend more time/money on such projects as well as our blogging work with articles like this.
  • There are more actions that players can take, but I do not wish to highlight those as they might also damage Wartune, the game that we love. It is important to understand that the fault is not with the game, with a specific few sub-publishers, so please do not blame the game.

Note: I do not know the ending of the story of the 15m BR player; if they kept the ban or lifted it. I do hope that he can play again, but I imagine he is already upset about how he has been treated. And I hope for the success of Wartune that we, the players, stand up more often against the evil companies and support the better ones.

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  1. Ridiculous. They may as well ban 75% of the toons then – very few people have never account shared in some way I think.

    • right, we play a game, but in the game we did friends , and help them to get devo or do things when they cant cuz are sick..or have to work etc etc.

    • Really trinity has been spending on other peoples account and alot of other people in this game. why arent they banned.because money talks

  2. That’s what make me never spend $1 to that greedy and full of idiots company. R2 sucks.

  3. I’d hazard a guess that they suspect the account was sold.

    • That’s what I though too…they didn’t said “shared account”, they said that the account was handed to someone different (either sold or given)

      • That is what sharing is, giving your login and password to another person, i.e. giving your account access to someone else.
        This “giving” or “sharing” can be temporary (done daily) or permanent (gift / quit / sale).
        That is all under that category of giving login to another person.

  4. Damn… 15m BR… gg

  5. so how they detect that account is shared? looking at the fella IP address?

    many peeps have quit in recent weeks in my server, citing no time.

    soon whole game will be down ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Good question and that is what I also referred to in the article that they give no explanation or proof whatsoever and do not allow a person to defend himself or herself.
      If it is by IP as you made a guess then we can easily imagine a case where a person moves from one country to another as it happens in life.
      In any case, right or wrong, there is a professional way of dealing with issues and then there is the evil unprofessional way of R2Games.

  6. From when account sharing is illegal? I should be worried to lose a toon cause 3ppl are playing it? Lol, almost all top accounts on Europe servers are shared-its normal and noone is hiding it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    They are really fcked up! Uhhh my frustration just blow up! LoL R2 sux in everything.

    Hope they return his acc back.

    • Technically they would say it was always against TOS and therefore they would say they were never wrong, but as we know already many years they allowed players to do this and we know 100% that they know that tons of players share accounts.
      In any case, no communication or warning was made, no proof was presented and the player was not given a chance to defend himself.

  7. Well, of course I think its wrong that they ban without warning. Espcially since they have expressed that they are not actively seeking out account sharers.

    But in all fariness, we have too much account sharing. Ok if an account is actually shared between a husband and wife, or 2 brothers, that physically live in the same place.

    But lately the “norm” is to have a pilot or 3. And its actually not cool. I have yet never let anyone else play my toon, and I dont want to. Maybe its just me, but what I can’t build myself, well, its a world gone mad if I need my toon piloted because I have a 10+KK toon. Account sharing is risky, and its actually unfair to those that play “clean” but when everyone does it, we can’t blame others for also jumping the band-wagon.

    But they could have made an annoucement, that they were going to look into account sharing and remind the community that it is against TOS.

    I would welcome a “clean-up” with a fair warning issued first

    • The point is that a professional company would respect all their players and treat everyone equally.
      So if they would decide to enforce the rule then do so for everyone and not attack only a specific player(s), but you cannot allow people to do something for many years and then all of a sudden start punishing them without any notice or warning or any kind of official communication.
      Also without any explanation or proof and any chance for the person to defend himself.

      • Yes striking randomly at a single person for this without warning or communication is wrong. Completely agree there. Even if I would welcome a clean cleanup ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Whether or not you approve of it, sharing / helping others keeps this game functioning. The consequence on the game of such a “cleanup” would be absolutely dire. Don’t even think of going down that road – it will simply shut the game down.

      • played some games over the years. Some enforce TOS some don’t. R2 has not been enforcing. Personally I wish they would. There are tons of clean players out there, who take the penalty when life stops them from making events.
        There are 2 ways to invest in the game. Recharge or time. And in all fairness, well account sharing is illeagally making up for time not spent.

        I would welcome a cleanup

      • That is a terrible argument. Because I have died to work for ten years, knowing it was illegal but you never caught me or tried to stop me I am now exempt forever? I agree the reason is silly but take some responsibility for your actions folks.

      • Sped to work not died.

    • But what about me then…? I do help a friend that lives in Philipines, from Mexico, because 1st WB is too early for her, and She is too sensible to do Arenas…? What will happewn to me? will I lose this account? will My friend lose hers? ONLY because I LOGGED HER IN on Hours that in Philipines can be considered ungodly? (well, mostly it’s 9 AM but you get my drift)

      And what about those people of malignant heart that are literally using World chat to coax others to say they are usaing others’ accounts…?

  8. Where, oh where are these TOS rules and when did sign or check off acknowledgement and acceptance of such. No contract, no breach. He should sue for every $ he spent and then some for all the time invested.

  9. The owner of the account can take legal action, it might be the best way to get their money back.

    There are plenty of people that share accounts. There is a (in Wartune)17.9M br knight that admitted to sharing his account with another player because he couldn’t make events.
    Or BF/GF combo (in Kabam) Top Archer 23.36M/ knight17.4M that share their account.

    As long as your spending in the top %, its likely R2 wont touch you. Because its’ evident that they dont want to lose their top patrons, and will make excuses to keep them.

    It would be safe to say that at this point 20M might be the top Patron cutoff, since you’d be a top 20 player/payer.

    Because there was a rumor of a boycott group full of top patrons who listed their names and ign to boycott spending, which was reported to R2 by various people.
    That group purpose failed, but R2 can view that as a “potential threat” to their business.

  10. Ridiculous, now a day wartunes ask many hours of gameplay to be competitive, some of us spent money and to do so we need to work, then we dont have time to do all the stuff, so we share accounts to help and reduce the ridiculous amount of time that wartune ask from us. Else the game would be unplayable, I would have quit years ago and r2 would lose many dollars, and I bet this goes to 70% of the people playing this game 2, r2 doesnt live of free players, they need people who pay for this game, and we want to stay competitive so mostly all of us share accounts to do so, specialy to our husband/wife in game.

  11. Really? Everyone believes that without any proof? brainless sheeps …..

    I get many support-mails from r2, not even one lookes like this one!

    and Cosmos once more blame r2 in public without any real proof, any right to do it.

    You blame r2 for doing wrong Things, in the same Minute u act the same way.
    And stupid People following you, and give you cash for getting useless stuff, which is just good to feed your ego.

    If r2 bans …. ppl like you, you dont need to wonder.

    And just to say, everyone agreed to the ToS when we started playing. If you are too stupid, too greedy, too sneaky, etc. to stick to it, then you deserve to be banned.

    Whining cause you are silly is just pathetic.

    Oh ya, and if 15m BR or 1m BR… shouldnt matter, if you do wrong it is wrong, no matter how strong. Taking this for Headline just shows whats important for them.

    If you dont like the game, stop playing, go somewhere else.

    • R2’s communication is pathetic though. My most recent example:

      I filed a ticket with support.
      I heard nothing in 7 days so I posted an update on my ticket asking for an answer.
      7 days later they send me an email saying the ticket has been closed as they have heard nothing from me in 2 weeks and assume it has resolved. (Note two errors I had replied, the ticket was not resolved)
      I replied.
      R2 failed to answer.

      I was a whale, but now meh /i will give the money to charity instead. At least someone gains.

      • i talk about something different

        i also have my Problems with r2, but thats MY Problems which i try to get done by myself. ยด

        i dont need to whine in publics, and sure not need to post without any proof.

        but as long there are enough sheeps, People will keep doing….

        but congrats, now you do something useful with not needed money

      • Most game supports are incompetent and rarely ever respond quickly. In fact when I was younger and played Nexon games they replied to a ticket that I sent when I was still in junior high. The reply they sent me was when I was about done with high school and had already quit the game. This isn’t anything new, and yes most games can ban you for whatever the hell reason they want because ToS is very iffy and outdated. Sharing account information and log-in details is a no-no for every game that is out there just because of privacy and safety among all else. However, even if someone that is a moderator or customer support for R2 or even R2 themselves says that you can and it states in ToS you can’t, they are wrong and/or might be misinformed themselves. The problem doesn’t just lie on one person.

        Also on random bans in any case, what makes the banned player so special that they are going to randomly drop a ban on a big player? They don’t just hurt the player that got banned. They hurt themselves too, makes other people on the server worried if they can get a random ban on their account and halt spending on the game. There is ever rarely they will just drop bans willy nilly, nonetheless there are bans that are wrongful from every game and might even get overturned if there is a big fuss of it on social media.

        On the other side there are people with obvious bias’ and people that are sheep that just flock to each side without even thinking because they have a subconscious bias towards something. Wartune/R2/and your friends on Wartune are no different. Many times I read someone say something in chat regarding something and they are obviously wrong but people will stick there neck out for them because they’ve known them for a while on Wartunes.

        Let’s be real, random bans hurt them more than the player itself in the big run because the game itself can have a bigger loss. If it is a wrongful ban then fine, make complains with your friends and guilds that play the game but don’t raise your pitchforks because that does nothing to the situation. If anything it gives them more reason to dismiss your messages.

      • Lets be real, each toon has an investment into it, time, money or both, the investment must be protected and not constantly having it hung over everyone that at their choosing for their whim your investment is gone.

        The game has an unreasonable demand on everyones time, they also want money. To pay we must work, to work we don’t have 8 hrs a day to complete the game day. A catch 22 they caused, players will sove problems R2 has forced them to solve.

        We share as people many things in life, to create a rule against human nature is insane and a fight that will always cause problems.

      • R2 only replies to something that interests them, it does not matter how much was spent. I have had it happen over and over. no reply or a request for more info with then no reply

    • @ not blind, i agree with u

    • If this person really was banned, why do we not see himself complaining over this? I know I would be furious if this happened to me and would not keep quiet about it.

      Also, why no mention of a name in here in this post?\

      • the person is still banned; still no answer from support

        he did complain, he did write tickets and he did contact us and provided screenshots/details, what more than that do you expect him to do

        i suppose because revealing the name might in-danger friends

  12. Please start banning people for sharing accounts as that is CHEATING

    • no tats nt cheating its helping others

  13. i wouldn’t hasitate a second to call in a lawyer
    even a prdeo shouldn’t be hard to find for this
    But if the FBI will investigate Profince citty
    they will shut down
    and put all emplogees and fake toons in Jail
    since lots of taxes are not payed for!
    point on software they should make it ilegal to ask for aceptances before you use their products
    imagine they would that with your car doesn’t make any sence but is also is why Apple think they stand above the law
    so in this case they take my car cause i did lend it to a freind
    uh hu realy makes sence no it is my car and it is none of their buisnes what i do with it or i must make trafic violations
    ot to mention that often software companies would take your car and next put square wheels under it
    software is just an othe branch so no different rules should be aplied
    but about the law i has been long since the law did fight for righesnous that should be my n1 point on my agenda if i would become president
    it now is only there to protect the rich so that poor ppl don’t do the same eothout getting punished like them
    And the more we get driven by technologie the more stupid we become
    ppl at this time of the age take everything they don’t dare to standup for themselves
    lack of thinking about others
    have no ability to think for them selves
    And loose all creativity

    your money on the bank has no value in the end
    What you did with it is what counts

  14. Omg.. I’m so sad to know it.. I had a 15 million BR too.. and I love helping other people.. ThundeR of Devilstars

  15. anyone wanna take over my toon for free? its 9.5M BR and not yet KH, a Mage. say herend i will PM u, ty.

    • interesting, may I? :p~

    • We Could Share The Account!

  16. On Kong, any account sharing is a violation of the ToS. Over the years I have seen multiple full accounts locked up for it. Personally, not a risk I ever want to take. Your choice if you do.

  17. although i agree with unprofessionality and no communication, I have 2 questions:

    1. for a 15mil BR toon you need to spend a lot of money, maybe not millions but definitely thousands. why would any company ban anyone without a good reason? I don’t think it makes sense to ban anyone who spends money, for “account sharing” or “moving to another country”?

    2. if anyone has enough money to spend thousands in a game why wouldn’t they have enough money for a lawyer?

    Any thoughts?

  18. 1. has the “15m br” a name? btw, 15m br is not much.
    2. the player banned is Cosmos? if not, why in r2 reply screenshot there is Dolygames symbol/logo?
    3. when this happened?
    4. sharing account is against r2 game’s rules. if some1 share account, must be banned.
    5. emails received from r2 don’t look like this…
    is this real or just a fantasy story to attack r2 again and make them look “evil”?

    • I wonder the same thing about why no name has been mentioned.

      If this actually happened, why do we not see this player complaining about this himself on the forums, facebook or wherever?

      Because I know if this happened to me, I would be furious and everyone would be hearing about it from me.

  19. I was living in Canada, and played wartune for 3 years. Now i came back to my country, Portugal, and of course my IP is not the same as it was in Canada.
    Does that mean that i can get banned, if they decide that i’m nt the same person, and i have no right to move my residential place, without the permission of trhe allmighty game company?

  20. If you are going to punish someone, state the reasons why right away. Right or wrong, they do deserve the reasons for the ban so they can defend themselves. “I didn’t do.. whatever it is you think I did”. That’s hard to defend if you have no clue what you did. And if your computer goes down, maybe you login from a friend’s computer to check up things, or if you’re the GM to pass the hat along. There are “legal” reasons why you may play on a different computer using different IP addresses (if that is how they determine “account sharing”). I’ve heard of sites that sell Wartune accounts. If that account was listed on such a website, okay… But tell the player. I understand the philosophy of not wanting account sharing, but they are all over this and ignore the fatal lag that is making Wartune unplayable on Kong and other browser based servers. Wartune is one of the worst run games, considering its size. Beneficial bug: fixed ASAP; harmful bug: still here 3 years later.

  21. Not a thing will every happen unless the majority of players band together.

    Everyone can complain, yell, get upset or do anything they want but nothing will happen unless some abilities/responsibilities are taken on by players.

    R2 attempts to gain power by forcing players to act as an individual, from there they can do anything they want and take it up or deal with it on a single player level.

    R2 breaks many rules of consumer standards, buyers protection etc, thus upsetting a lot of players, nobody does a thing other than “oh man, that sucks for them”

    I attempted to get a group of people together, this group must work as a group and define R2’s rules. The consequences can’t always be on the player, there must be consequences on R2’s side or forever the players will be treated like dirt. Its that simple.

    Your investment security soley lays in the hands of R2 games! You have zero control, zero recourse and they have zero accountability due to this. You give them money, bow to them basically.

    I’m not in any way saying they need to be bullied, what they need is a voice that has some power to say, no we are not going to accept this behavior by them and mediated based on consumer standards.

  22. Well there are players on Kabam using balen generator hacks who admitted to other people they were using them, when they couldn’t legitimately explain massive B R increases due to their low incomes. Numerous people reported it to Kabam, and all they say is we know and we are dealing with it. It has been several weeks and the cheaters are still playing.

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