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Poll Results – Wartune Elemental Powers in RL

Hey guys, in this short article I share the poll results from our poll where we asked you “If you could have Wartune’s Elemental powers in Real Life which 1 Element would you wish for?”.

The answer options were:

  • WATER Element, spells & clothing
  • FIRE Element, spells & clothing
  • WIND Element, spells & clothing
  • LIGHTNING Element, spells & clothing
  • LIGHT Element, spells & clothing
  • DARK Element, spells & clothing

295 players voted and the results are:

  • DARK wins with 33% of votes
  • #2 is WATER
  • #3 is LIGHTNING

So if you were on the side of “Good” then unfortunately LIGHT got only 12% of votes. Seems more people are on the Dark side 🙂

On the other hand I am surprised that Water Element scored so high. Any surprises for you?

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  1. it’s normal for water to rank 2 as it’s important to have healing for any team , masive healing = not touchable , can’t be hurt / harm / damaged …

  2. If you think about it, in Real Life, water is pretty much the only one that makes sense. How often would it actually be useful to magically smack someone down, compared to being able to heal at will? Not to mention the ability to put out fires 🙂
    I think that Light was low because you included the clothes, and not that many people want to dress like sailor moon, at least outside of certain conventions.

    • hehe, interesting thinking 🙂
      Light can heal too though, but i agree not as good as Water

  3. I picked lightning because it is cool 🙂

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