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Poll Results – How much Devotion do you go for in Wartune?

Hey everyone, in this article I share the Devotion poll results from our poll where we asked you “Wartune Devotion Poll with or without Rave. How much Devotion do you go for?”.

The poll answer options were (in this poll multiple choices were allowed):

  • I go for 300 Devotion reward every day no matter on events.
  • I do 200-300 Devotion every day ONLY when Rave Event is on.
  • I don’t care about Devotion at all. I do daily only what I want.
  • I usually go for up to 200-250 Devotion. 300 is too much.

587 players voted and the results are:

Devotion poll results

  • “300 every day no matter what” wins by a big margin with 234 votes or 40%
  • On 2nd place is the “200-300 only during Rave” with 133 votes or 23%
  • Closely following the 2nd place is #3 is “don’t care about Devotion at all” with 122 votes or 21%
  • And lastly 98 votes or 17% consider 300 Devotion too much of a demand by the game.

Observations / Comments / Discussion

I think there is a very clear divide between the 40% of super active players who push for 300 Devotion and 60% of others who probably either do not have enough time to do all activities or are tired of the daily grind and do what they can. It is important for Wartune devs to manage this gap otherwise the player population will be less and less homogeneous over time and people generally have more fun when they can do stuff together.

One very easy thing they can do is have a gradual increase of rewards instead of having only one very good reward for the 300 tier and, sorry to say, but complete crap for the other tiers. They could, for example, put Fashion Shards (10 shards = 1 core) and Fashion Cores on every tier, something like:

  • 100 Devotion: 3 Fashion Shards
  • 150 Devotion: 5 Fashion Shards
  • 200 Devotion: 7 Fashion Shards
  • 250 Devotion: 1 Fashion Core
  • 300 Devotion: 2Fashion Cores

What do you think? Should the devs adjust the Wartune Devotion rewards as described above or you have another suggestion – write in the comments below.

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  1. I want Bound Balen on every tier.100 Bound Balens everyday is nice but can never reach 300 devotion.Bound Balen reward from daily check in is also decreased from 310 to 170 per 10 days.

    • Hi MMS129, yes, that’s exactly what I meant by a gradual increase of rewards. So like I described Fashion Cores we could have Bound Balens like:
      – 5 Bound Balens
      – 10 Bound Balens
      – 20 Bound Balens
      – 30 Bound Balens
      – 50 Bound Balens
      Instead of just 1 x 100 on the top tier.
      – COSMOS

  2. i’ve voted i do 300 devo . but missed the option ” but i prefered have lower devotion to do. was fine also 100 devotion.

    time ago i reached 100 devo and i not should do the things only for devo. are annoying do the things only for devo and are boring.

    and rewards in devotion are very fews. if a day wartune will remove fully the devotion system, i’ll be happy.

  3. Actually, i was a bit surprised when they modified the check-in rewards but missed the devo system. They might add an option that every 7 consecutive days reaching 300 devo will receive mega prize (like sub-class material)

  4. Sorry, i didn’t vote ;_;
    when rave of euda on, i do 250 devo. if rave of 300, then i do 300.

  5. I do 150 development daily each day since am on a new server to get gem and only do maximum of rave event when active

  6. i do maximum devotion to get maximum rewards. as a free player i need as much free stuff as possible

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