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Poll Results – Which Wartune Mini Games do you play?

Hey everyone, in this article I share the Mini Games poll results from our poll where we asked you “Which Wartune Mini Games do you play (OCT 2017)?”.

The poll answer options were (in this poll multiple choices were allowed):

  • Fishing
  • Jewel Hunt
  • Cloud Adventure
  • None of them

363 players voted and the results are:

Mini Games’ poll results

  • “Jewel Hunt” wins by a big margin with 144 votes or 40%
  • #2 is the worst vote “None of them” with 122 votes or 34%
  • #3 is “Cloud Adventure” with 89 votes or 25%
  • And Fishing has the absolute worst result of 2% or 8 votes

This is a very clear result / judgement on the Mini Games in Wartune. Firstly, without any question, Fishing should be completely removed or changed into something more fun and with better rewards. As the polling data shows nobody is enjoying that waste of time.

It should also be disturbing for Wartune devs to see that “None of them” is ranked #2. This is a clear message from players saying that the Mini Games are not fun and/or have crappy rewards. It is also important to point out that since Patch 7.5 bad decision now players have to walk half the city to just open the Mini Games window as the icon has been removed.

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  1. I think its a complete waste of time with such greedy rewards.
    I sometimes played fishing when I had free time and when I didnt forget about it, but now they completely hid it from me)
    As far as I remember, fishing was cut down twice since it was introduced and now we need to fish for a whole year or even more to get a mount with title.
    Also fishing is bugged, in half the cases I get something else instead of nickels from bottom fish and they do not think to fix it.

    Same with rest mini-games: No more free items for the tree event from CA, boring battles etc. etc.

  2. the only mini game i play is the jewel hunt game fishing wen we used to ave vip cards in them but now just jewel hunt

  3. I would play the Jewel Hunt game but since they moved it off the top I forget all about it with all the other stuff they have added. The last patch additions are ALL stupid and convincing me more and more each day to quit all together.

  4. I play all of the games when I remember to do so or when I have the free time. No incentive to play, as it doesn’t count for devotion and there are already too many things already, but I don’t beat myself up if I skip them. I consider it a bound balens bonus when I do participate. It’s still relevant because its a bound balens bonus.

  5. not include Dream Land?

    • Hi, no Dreamland is not a Mini Game and/or it is not part of the Game Box.
      But I agree with you it is a small activity, but the poll was for the Game Box Mini Games.

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