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[Poll Results] How excited are you for Outland Contest

Hey guys, in this post we share with you the poll results of 600+ player votes on the question “How excited are you for Outland Contest”:

Poll Question / Structure

We asked the players:

“How excited are you for Outland Contest?”

And the answer choices, where 600+ players voted, were:

  • 10/10 – Super Exciting!
  • 9
  • 8
  • 7
  • 6
  • 5
  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 1/10 – Totally NOT exciting!

Poll Results Outland Contest Excitement

We see a huge separation of results in this poll with a big amount of extreme negative votes (19.3% voting for 1/10) together with a big amount of extreme positive votes (17.1% voting for 10/10). This tells us that this feature of Wartune created a love it or hate it system / relationship with the players. Let’s have a look at the table and chart below:

Here is the table of votes and results as well as a visual chart:

Voting Options No. Of Votes %
10/10 – Super Exciting! 115 17.1%
9 30 4.5%
8 61 9.1%
7 75 11.1%
6 73 10.8%
5 87 12.9%
4 37 5.5%
3 40 5.9%
2 26 3.9%
1/10 – Totally NOT exciting! 130 19.3%
TOTAL Player Votes 674 100.0%


Conclusion and Discussion

As mentioned, the highest voted result is the most negative option of “1/10 – Totally NOT exciting” for which 130 players voted. This does bring an immediate negative outlook on this feature, but if we look one step further we see a range of positive results, most notably the 2nd place with 115 votes for the “10/10 – Super Exciting!” option.

  • From option 6 to 10 we have 52.5% of votes.
  • From option 1 to 4 we have 34.6% of votes.
  • And option 5, neutral, holds 12.9% of votes.

Based on this way of looking at it we could say that slightly more than half of the players are positive about Outland Contest. But we cannot ignore the very strong #1 negative vote and therefore we must conclude that this was not a good design as it created a great disappointment in a large portion of the players.

For discussion:

  • Is this result surprising you? Did you expect better or worse results?
  • Do you agree that developers should try to satisfy at least 75% of players?
  • Have you changed your opinion since your vote?

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  1. The problem with Outlander is what is the point of the “contest”? If all 4 generals are dead why continue the so-called contesthe beside money. At least with other cross server events there is strategy and skill involved and the time limit is for legitimate purposes. This time limits seems just to be a cash driver. Just some thoughts. B

  2. It seems like this poll would mean a lot more if you ran it again in a few weeks. Once more people get familiar with how Outland works, the ratings will likely shift downwards. It’s a dull event, begging for abuse from alts, and rewards are largely disconnected from your personal contributions (except for major spenders).
    The mere existence of smelting stones is probably a big driver for the player excitement, and once that dies down a bit, I don’t expect nearly so many positive opinions of the actual event.

  3. the largest issue i see with outland is the unlimited spending for heavy cashers, had one week where our guild faced another with only a single person in it. this person slaughtered everyone without regard and finished the week with a sickening amount of points. the time limit on runs is the only way to stop the cashers. i admit when outland first came out i thought it was gonna be the bomb, the smithy is the drive behind it and thus all outland has become is nothing more than a paid quick boost to stats by the developers. by design any guild that does not remove all in-actives makes it harder to gain the greater rewards but also it puts more pressure on the lower players making them feel inadequate. there is no surprise as imo this is the business model they use to make money.

  4. Outland is just another form of Wartune gambling. Who can afford to spend for this 3 times a week? If all the guilds cash you can easily lose all your money with no reward! Outland crystals are just new soul crystals eventually everyone will have them so why spend at all?

  5. 500% buffs is just too much, should be 200% at most. many guilds make only alts for this pourpous….

    • low level alts can’t help that much, high level ones help more but unless you want to take all of your alts to the level of br your main is, it makes very little difference

  6. there is a strategy that works against cashers, I won’t say what it is then they all would know. You should purge all inactives below level 80 anyway. You have a stronger group and you win more. It is all up to the guild rather they want to battle for inactives that will never return or battle for the ones that have earned it.

  7. its free br, why complain

  8. i continue to not understand well as do the points. wrong or when we kill a defender, others kills give more points?

  9. Outland contest is no more than a hidden trap for whales to get stronger, and spend more balens. 200 balens a recharge goes quick. There are players that have 10-25x the outland crystals at this point.

    If you plan to win, be sure to have a guild with open wallets, or tons of players. Newer merged servers have higher chance of winning.

    The matching has been broken or horrible at best. At this point its probably better to find another game with the new events and future changes coming.

  10. is rigged like csgb and others ,, just pay more money

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