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61 Posts Outland Contest Achievement and Post Grab Tips

Hey guys, in this Outlands’ achievement post I share with you info from NightBloom (thanks NB!) with a whooping 61 post achievement (without balens) and also tips to help all players succeed in the Outland Contest. We start first with the pictures of the achievement and below the pictures is the 2nd part with the tips:

Part 1: 61 Outland Posts Captured Achievement

Chititan Continent

Heidrun Continent

Eberly Continent

Leikepaen Continent

Kunuola Continent

41-60 Posts = 800 Outland crystals; 61 Posts = 1000 Outland crystals? (tbc)

Part 2: NB’s Tips to help players with Post Grab

  1. Identify the servers of enemies and servers of allies
  2. Create links with allies and speak a lot with allies (this includes connections outside of Wartune such as Skype, other IM, Facebook, etc)
  3. Motivate people and give fun = more players on line
  4. Synchronization = who are online the morning and who are online the evening = always enough players online during the post grab.
  5. For strong enemies need to heal to buy time (stall) / die slower = they lose time and do not take crystals.
  6. Post grab is for any BR; strongest players fight and lower BR take empty crystals = all players are useful for winning^^
  7. Protect the weakest enemies against the strongest enemies. The strongest enemies start to give up because they take nothing = Psychological war against the strongest enemies. (Cosmos note: not 100% sure what NB meant by that first line, but I believe the logic is to do your best to prevent strong enemies from taking any posts so they become psychologically demotivated to continue playing).
  8. Never give up^^

Last words & Discussion (Cosmos)

  • Firstly, congrats to all those who made a similar achievement πŸ™‚
  • If you are a very active player Outland Contest provides a way to have fun “all day long”, but if you are not an active player or cannot join during the specified times then you also do not lose a great amount, so I think the balance is OK. Do you agree/disagree? Post your thoughts in the comments below.
  • If you have any questions regarding this topic or have other tips / suggestions to share with others post them below.
  • Happy Wartune day to you and good luck in your Outland battles! πŸ˜›

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  1. Realy not necesary. To get max rewards you only need 41 post. taking 61 is just pure greedy since you are clearly taking rewards from very week guilds (or with many nactive players.

    If you are so OP in this event, let the other guilds keep some towers to get 200 shards at least.

    • Just to input another angle: some people like to achieve the maximum possible to see if it can be done and/or to feel a nice sense of achievement and possibly after the achievement may even stop completely as they proved to themselves that they can reach whatever goal they set.
      Otherwise, of course, the point you made is also a very good point.
      Thanks for sharing,

      • Now I don’t know how his alliance got matched but where is the sense of achievement if you are matched against inactive or dead guilds?

      • It is part of human nature / human curiosity to climb any un-climbed mountain no matter if it is easy or difficult πŸ™‚
        P.S. Do you skip Guild Battle if there is a dead guild matched with you? No right? Just join and take rewards πŸ˜›

      • his helper guild had o ppl inactive guild he asked a guild on my server to merged with the inactive server so ppl can get rewards

      • Cosmos, I can’t believe you are encouraging these type of actions. Why support and promote people bullying others. What’s your next post going to be? How to spawn camp and get 30+ kills in battleground? These people are the ones that kill the game, making it no fun for weaker/smaller guild and players.

      • Do you also “attack” newspapers and news channels for reporting news?
        Nowhere is written that anyone from our team supports or promotes this initiative.
        [ shakes head ]
        – Cosmos

      • i am agree with you this nightbloom is a very big idiot loll happy to see they have poeple for see that

    • Im at agreement with Croxes on this, but I can see both sides.

      • We leave some post behind but the 2nd active guild are too stupid n keep attacking us instead of the unactive guild so I decided to take everything

      • just pure greed you are one of the ones who make this game suck

    • ok so you disagree with what you call attacking the weak may i kindly ask when you do henna lab raid do you seek out equal or higher br players or do you use reset to find much lower br players?

    • I think this is boasting not a strategy lol. I disagree with strategies being handed out, the game is to work that out. Everyone on the same strategy will be a nasty result.

      It would be simple to stop them from doing that and impossible for them to stop it.

      This is a multi-player strategy game, that by definition means teamwork and strategy. Part of the game is working out the strategy not having it given to everyone. Strengthen your guilds, build a team, get some people working on strategy for the team.

      The NFL is also a multi-player strategy game, what happens if your a team of individuals? Butt whooping ring a bell! What happens if they all following the published strategy? Stalemate and frustration ring a bell! Blah lol

      Become a team, work with your team! That’s the best strategy!

      Some famous person once said, a team is greater than the sum of the individuals. Or something like that lol

    • I think we r matched with em. Mean Nightblooms. They try keep 61 at all costs. No chance get even 200 crystals a day.If we try we r always faced by double or even more ppl.

      Post Grab concept is worthless. Strong guild gets like almost 30k a month and us 3k.

    • whole oc is fckd now. Really not seeing reason why not reset it every 14 days with 3 months registartion. Tht way monster group can get achievement and squishy groups get at least smthng. Now we get 3k a month from post grab and em 30k.
      I think we matched with nightblooms grp and they keep 61 at all costs. Everytime we tried got overwhelmed by double or triple size grp. So we gave up to even declare.

  2. I fully agree that is pure greed and not giving lower guilds a chance 41 posts is all that’s needed for maximum rewards

    • Are they guarantee to keep that 41 post? Nope cuz the other will take some back than they won’t have full reward having more than 41 will buy them time for reward even if they lose some post back later on

  3. I just wish NightBloom wouldn’t try to recruit girls by telling them he will help them become mothers.

  4. i agree on you its not about br, but more how many are actives, and communcite with other guild in team.

  5. Post grab tip #1: have good teammate guilds. Unfortunately, all the guilds that have been teamed up with mine are pure morons. I launched an attacked and they chewed me out for it. We won that post and they launched another attack against the whale team and naturally lost…
    Post grab tip #2: see #1. The matching is perplexing. It’s always one uber-team, 2 mid-range teams, and 1 weak team. Or maybe it’s designed that way so the whale guilds get max rewards.

  6. no need to be greedy ,, let others have a few ,, why take all ,, take all, and nobody wants to play anymore ,,

  7. We got a strong guild as opponent with several red slyth and titans for both morning and evening so took all towers. No chance for our guild to win and now stuck with 100 crystal rewards. Not even looking at it until reset whenever that is.

  8. The very concept is awful. Once we face strong opponents, we stuck for a whole month.

    • you do not stuck for a month, you stuck for the whole season, that means you stuck for 3 month in this crappy situation…this concept is not only greedy, it is moronic and destroy the smaller guilds

      • yes, i just realized it these days. fucker took all of it. ffs.

  9. Not a lot of math experts here I guess. 61 posts total, reward increases for 21 & 41. Take a minute & figure it out.

  10. Post Grab is just another PvP pile of worthless BS. Cash V Cash. Totally pointless. Nice to get 100 extra crystals per day no matter what, though.

  11. after the complicated task of figuring out post grab in the 1st place we have a very strong green team against us purple is what seems the weakest guild we have watched for when either purple or blue (or both) launch an attack then declare ourselves this spreads green out thin enabling 1 or all of us to defeat green alot of our players are not high br people yet we manage to win so kindly dont knock cosmos he has a good point in wanting to see if holding all posts is possible just for fun i mean it is what the game all about is having fun if you are so unhappy then maybe wartune not the game you need to be playing

  12. oh and i must applaud cosmos and company (doly) man you guys rock the info you give us is very helpful and our guilds in s3 rely on you guys free information makes thing like post grab pretty easy to figure out keep up the good work

    • Thank you for your kind words and that you took the time to write them πŸ™‚

  13. I have no issue with green taking all posts, it is Wartune correct not a spelling bee (each to there own method). Know this, the other 6 guilds who now Know your guild’s names will most likely be willing to team up against you in all future battles and this could cause you to suffer in the longterm as few will trust that you might keep a bargain, it is wartune right, not a spelling bee.
    Thanks for a great informative site you do well.

  14. This is a great feat to obtain, as if all the team think about it, they all could declare wars at same time, leaving the dominating team spread too thin.

    The bullying idea, is only a cop out for lack of organization.

    Teams being dominated should as suggested communication in Outlands Chat and leaders should make friends cross server to plan attacks to get posts back or sacrifice some towers to sneak attack others. 3 teams declaring war at same time, one should win by shear numbers.

    Or top players from two teams assist the third to take one tower as you can assist another team if they have less numbers.

    Strategies can be changed till you start winning some back.

  15. Thats such a greedy move. Having 45 posts gives you max rewards and enough safety net. No need to have all the other guilds not having crystals…. NOT COOL.

    • the point of the game is to be stronger than others, so why let them get more, if you cant organise your teams, then not our fault

      • in addition it is possible to team up with the other colors the problem is knowing if they will catch on and return the favors

      • They don’t we try that help them get they posts back no return help but thanks to dolygames they takin all posts

  16. Now why in the blue hell you told them that now cashiers taking everything small guilds get nothing once again some info should be kept to ones safe thanks a lot NOT!

  17. It’s truly sad that people want handouts instead of actually trying to earn something. Just because a feature is in the game, does not mean you are entitled to it without actually trying. Everyone plays the game the way “they” want to play it. If you’re annoyed that people are being greedy, well there is an equal amount of players annoyed at your constant complaining.

  18. ok, we did the same. We dominated last season, and this season we took the whole 61 posts.

    As g.m. it actually was not an easy decision. Our members all had different oppionons about it. But we ended up taking the full 61.

    Reasons were:
    We might be on the loosing end another time. Then its stupid we didn’t take the full 61 when we could.
    Want some security in our max payout
    Don’t wanna risk our opponents getting other guilds to merge with them.
    The other teams didn’t put up much of a fight, so we figured they didn’t care much, so we didn’t hurt them really.

    But we did it alone. No sight of the other guild out there. They attacked twice, but they don’t wanna communicate.

    We also always win outland II. And that matches every week. So our guild is just very strong and active for its BR and I believe that is the key to succes in all outland.

    Earlier we won alot, being a small but strong guild without tons of inactive BR.

    All outland seems to be great for active guilds, and not so good for guilds who have bigger numbers than their real strength.

    • Taking 61 posts doesn’t increase rewards, so saying you may be on the losing end next time has nothing to do with taking 20 posts that give no rewards. Also saying you want “security” is bs. Clearly if the other teams are unable to beat you, you don’t need 20 posts to add security. Last, how can it be fun when there are no battles? Btw, outland II does not match weekly. It’s the same teams as post grab for 3 months.

  19. I can understand people taking all posts, there are benefits partially eliminated by future dealings and lack of trust with possible allies. There are worse things happening though, guilds jumping to guilds with better pairing to get the posts. This leaves their old partner facing a much stronger guild alone for months. Using three reduced teams to gang up on a growing stronger team then has less chance of success. With the difficulty in finding who is still in the other teams that can help to can coordinate attacks. We are in this position now and do not like guild hopping for benefits but alas it might come to that. Perhaps a monthly matching might eliminate this but three months without post battle is not what I call fun. Thank you for a great game resource.

  20. Bully

  21. who is bully, anonymous, I know who has our posts. Also, know thew guild that was our partner that switched guilds. Been difficult to find out our red and blue allies since we do not fight them. But it wouldn’t matter, green got stronger and at least one guild left on our team.

  22. This server just jumped to 2 guilds that have inactive opponents and are collecting 1k crystal a day. For the very reason you have just shown. Outland times are wrong for most guilds to do anything with. This is a guild killer so for those that think taking all the spaces is a good thing this round wait for your turn on the next. Kiss you old guilds goodbye. This is stupid.

  23. Kind of ironic showing a greedy guild taking 61 posts then say this is a fun event for everyone if you are active. I guarantee those on the other end with no posts would agree it’s not a fun event. We have 41 posts and LET another team take the other 21 and it’s boring as hell.

  24. Pure bullshit that stuff! All that for crystals mdr. In addition everyone can play in the morning and / or evening for a good shitty thing as well. In addition it is the small ones that crops the crystals, the big ones not. In addition there will not have the choice of poarlΓ© via skype or other to make this shit but lol. Everyone does not and can not use facebook, skype etc. I really do not like this thing. It’s time has nothing clear.

  25. How do you identify other players or servers there is nothing in the game sequence that displays this other then their game name???

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