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[Patch 6.5] Time Portal Guide: How to Get the 400 Point Rewards

While Cosmos has shown some tips for earning rewards in Time Portal folks without big merged sylphs, here I’ll explain how those with the big guns (cashers… at least until people start getting those Fusion Spirits) can get the full 400 point rewards.

Sylph Setup

The prerequisites for doing this are pretty steep, especially for free and low cashers, but the hope is that soon enough we’ll be able to collect enough Fusion Chi to exchange for Fusion Spirit and start seeing some very nice free merged sylphs around.

Things You’ll Need

  • Odin. Preferably 500k+ BR. To do this with Thor or Frigga would require a much higher BR sylph.
  • Ways to heal your Odin. Devour Soul, Light of Inspiration, Holy Vow, and Helios’ Blessing would all work well here. Have at least 2. Blessed Electro and Blessed Water passives are also great for this. Below is my Odin’s specs:
  • Strong back-up sylphs. 450k+ BR. In the event your Odin dies, you’ll want a clean up crew. Probably unnecessary if your Odin is around 520k+ BR with good healing skills.
  • 400 Bound Balens. Unless you have a huge amount of Holy Sword BR added to one of your sylphs, you’re not going to be able to get 400 points without using a 400 bound balen “refresh”.

Why Not Frigga or Thor?

Thor and Frigga are on opposite ends of the spectrum. Thor deals fantastic damage and performs better in things like Holy Sword Temple than Odin does, when backed up by Friggas, but in Time Portal, simply doesn’t heal himself fast enough. Add Blessed Water and Blessed Electro to Thor to keep him in boss fights longer. Conversely, Frigga has great heals and shields, but just doesn’t deal damage well enough.


Here are the steps for doing this on Normal difficulty, with a ~500k BR Odin. To manage this on Hard difficulty, your Odin will probably need to be 580k+ BR, but the steps will be the same. I’m unsure how much BR will be necessary for the higher difficulties, but I suspect for Nightmare, it will be around 700k at least.

  1. Start by attacking the C difficulty boss. You should be able to defeat it, but you will likely be low on HP.
  2. Recover HP in a fight against the E boss.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2.
  4. Defeat the rest of the D and E bosses. This means you’ve used all the rounds for the E, D, and C bosses, and should have 170 points.
  5. Refresh (green button, 400 bound balen cost) to regain your attempts against the E, D, and C bosses.
  6. Do steps 1 through 4, but leave 1 or 2 E boss attempts for healing yourself.
  7. Attack the B boss, and hopefully beat it.
  8. If you do beat the B boss with Odin, recover HP with your remaining E boss attempts, and defeat the last B boss. You’ll now have 400 points and be able to collect all rewards.
  9. If you do not defeat the B boss with Odin, finish it off with your 2nd sylph.
  10. Defeat the last of the E bosses, and recover HP.
  11. Defeat the last B boss, using both of your secondary sylphs if necessary.

Edit: Thanks to some folks in our Youtube comments, I realized that I can change the active sylph used. So a better bet for steps 8 through 11 may be to start with one of your secondary sylphs against the B boss, then finish with your Odin.

There you have it! The key part is leaving yourself E bosses to recover health with. Many people begin with E bosses and make their way up in difficulty, but that will most likely cut yourself short. Also make sure not to attack the B bosses until after the refresh, since it poses the most risk of killing your sylphs.


I explain and illustrate this whole process in the video below!

Other Strategy Guides for Time Portal

For those who cannot beat any of the bosses in Time Portal, Cosmos talks about things to help you get your first points in Time Portal.

From Losing to Winning in Time Portal

All players can make sure that they are collecting Breakthrough Orbs from Death Zone bosses. Eventually everyone will be able to collect the materials needed to make a free merged sylph and open a Holy Sword for it, so collecting any and all materials you can manage to get now, will help you in the future.

[Patch 6.5] Time Portal Guide: How to Get the 400 Point Rewards


You guys often have great advice for the Wartune community! Share your input about Time Portal in the comments, so we can all benefit 🙂

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  1. yeah now show us how to get vast points using non merged slyphs

    not all of us ave a merged slyph yet

    • Honestly I don’t think it’s feasible. I think the highest BR non-merged sylphs I’ve seen are maybe 320k or so BR, and that’s just not going to cut it. They clearly set this up for merged, high BR sylphs, which is probably why they’ve made a path to getting free ones.

  2. ya my 2 merge slyphs with 400k each frigga and thor can’t even do the D boss but i can almost kill it untill it buffs like in everything else

  3. definitly not able to do it with non merge slyphs

  4. Time Portal is just another cashers event…nothing else

    • Same as new weekly dungeon with sylphs

  5. Hi Elia,

    For those of you who are not aware, you can reset for free as long as you do not collect any chest rewards. It’ll say it costs 4000 balens below the reset button. However, if you click reset, the following prompt message pops up “Resetting this time will not use reset attempts since you did not collect the reward.” Zero balens and zero attempts are deducted. You can keep doing this **AS LONG AS YOU DO NOT COLLECT THE REWARDS.**

    This allowed me to test different Thor setups.

    If you only have a thor, I found Molten Might, Blessed Wind, and Blessed Fire to be more consistent in fighting. I was able to 70 points by fighting D-D-D-E. I choose to fight D first because although it can heal itself, it deals low damage. E bosses have the bleed skill which can lower hp faster.

    If you are fortunate to have other red, merged sylphs, Thors can be used as a power hitter for the tough B boss. Building up the attack passive and timing big delphs around reflect is key to maximizing DPS.

    • Yes we’ve mentioned this other places, but for sure the free reset before reward collections is nice for testing sylph setups and such 🙂

  6. On one of my alts, I have managed to kill the lowest level mob once with a full red Aries but only once

  7. boss e should be revamped so non merged slyphs can kill then gradually each boss ave stronger slyphs

    the reset is a little confusing

    reset resets the challenge attempts not the slyphs the free reset gives ur slyphs life wtf revert back to 1 reset and reset challenge and slyphs and give ppl the 1 attempt

  8. time portal doesnt reset after sunday have to use reset attempt to make it work again so only 1 try ,, never took rewards and it still wants 4 k balens to reset lol rip off

    • It’ll say that it costs 4k balens, but if you haven’t collected rewards, it won’t take them. I’ll try to remember to record a video proving this next week.

  9. I have one merged sylph thor and am able to get 220 points using this method. I just kill D and E. I can kill C once and twice if I get lucky with passive heals but I can die very easy on C and it can take alot of tries to beat it.

  10. I have never managed to kill B before this. Thanks

    But what I did different is use a secondary sylph first on B to do what damage it could. Thor took it down 1 1/2 bars.

    Alas only killed it once, cause reflect killed my Odin on final strike.

    Till next week to try again (at least Frigga finished off the E’s. I’ll take the 380 happily

  11. Hi Elia just wondering if there is a chart or video for the total amount of polishing orbs and breakthrough orbs to max a holy sword sylph. btw i love your videos they are the best.

    • heya, Cosmos here, we were not allowed to show this information
      we will try to publish some or all of it soon

    • For breakthrough orbs what I know so far to get to level 30, you’ll need 1,700

  12. Thanks a lot for this vid. It helped me a great deal and made me able to collect 420 point. since 400 is max you can get rewards for in this floor it made me wonder what happens if i do not collect and step to next level. Will all rewards disapear or will it just be a suicidal action. I mean is there more to get or need the sylphs to be monsters to even beat a next stage. On the first floor i cant beat the last bosses. I hope you can answer my question this means you are strong enough to collect more rewards :-))

    • Hello, for the rewards, it won’t let you reset or anything without collecting your rewards so you won’t lose any in case you click the wrong button. As for going to the next stage, I started the hard level with my Odin at 800k, B was a little more difficult and had to use 2 sylphs to kill at first. At 900k I can solo B now. But each stage still goes to 400 points, it just gives a little more blue and orange orbs. I believe the difference was 49 more polishing orbs than on normal after getting all 400 points.

  13. Very useful guide. Thanks Elia! ^>^

    • 🙂

  14. me always start B after E – B

  15. What do you need to do to move to hard? It doesn’t let me move to there? do you have to clear normal? including the SSS?

    • no, you just have to use your free attempt or your 4k attempt to start off there, just make sure its clicked on hard when you click reset

  16. I changed the order. Once you have a bit of HSw, then do B first. If you die, free reset. Do it till you kill it with your odin. Then use E to heal and do the Cs, then Ds, then finish whatever E’s are left.

    Then BB reset. Then follow the above order leaving second B to last. I actually use my Thor first, it will get about a bar and half off, and use Odin last, just cause no specific reason.

    Can you do a comparison (as is available) on rewards on the different tiers (and like said above, how you get there.

  17. for the hard level I was able to do E-B once I had my Odin 800k, level B I did have to use my 2 secondary sylphs (thor and Frigga 500k) at first to get 1 bar down, then killed with the Odin. And now at 900k BR I am able to solo level B with my Odin.

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