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[Patch 6.5] Time Portal Death Zone Guide and Tips

Wartune Patch 6.5 is fully rolled out to all servers and now I’m able to tell if what I thought was a happy accident on the test server actually works on the main servers as well. Spawning Death Zones bosses will be important for collecting Breakthrough Orbs. Though Breakthrough Orbs won’t be used for quite awhile until you perfect and animate several levels on your first Holy Sword, you’ll want to collect as many as you can for when the time comes to level up your Holy Sword’s skill.

How to Spawn as Many Death Zone Bosses as You Need

There’s a nice trick for getting Death Zone Bosses to spawn as many times as you need them. Here are the key things you need to know:

  • There’s a chance for you to spawn a Death Zone Boss whether you win or lose a fight.
  • If you have not killed any of the Time Portal bosses (E through SSS difficulty), you can “Reset” without losing your reset attempt.
  • As a result, it’s easiest to take care of all of your Death Zone Tokens (attempts), before you try to kill any of the portal bosses.
  • Do this by equipping weak sylphs to your team, attacking one of the portal bosses and dying quickly. Check if a Death Zone Boss has spawned and kill it if it has.
  • Once all three of your sylphs are dead, reset, and you’ll be able to reassign them and continue this process.
  • See the video for a full illustration and proof that this works.

Additional Time Portal Tips

  • Use the trick previously explained to test the limits of your sylphs without risking reset attempts. Attack higher difficulty bosses until you know which ones you’ll be able to beat.
  • When you trigger a Death Zone Boss, attack it first yourself before sharing. Rewards are based on how much of the boss you kill. You’ll want the most Breakthrough Orbs you can get without having to use additional tokens.
  • If you have one, equip your Moon Guardian Titan in the fourth or fifth Titan slot when attacking Death Zone bosses, you’ll live through the “final” hit which would otherwise kill your hero.
  • Equip Blessed Electro and/or Blessed Water to recover health. This is particularly important for electro and fire elemental sylphs, since they don’t have any active skills that recover HP.


Checkout my video on this topic with additional details and info!

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  1. My strategy with a 500k+, red Odin:

    Start with Normal “C-ranked” opponents. After the battle, attack an “E-ranked” opponent to fully heal. Once you are healed, head back to the “C-ranked” opponent and so on.

    • Ya got a strangely for 220k Zeus . I bet all u casher donT
      Talking nonsense. Time portal is for casher only period right now.

      • =) it looks like you’re talking nonsense yourself.

      • You still think this game is fair?

      • What’s not fair about it? cashers spend money supporting the game so that everyone can enjoy it and they get additional rewards for that and free players don’t spend any money to support the game and can still enjoy the game.
        Or you are one of those people who wants to have everything for free and expects that people pay their bills with fairy dust?
        – Cosmos

      • Cosmos i don’t think you know what you are talking about. The game is unbalanced and it is not fair at all. The diffarance betwen a casher and non casher is huge. You are saying that we should be thankfull to cashers for recharging because the money they spend are keeping the game up, however this is not the case. Cashers do nothing exept giving free players nightmares.
        For example just look up the gamr “Counter Strike Global Offensive” It one of the most successful games out there, the company who owns them (VALVE) are making crazy amount of money because of the game and gues what? You cannot pay for ANY kind of advantage. The game is extremeley balanced. How are they making money than? With skins which don’t give any advantages at all. It is true that you have to buy it but it is only 14$. So try defending r2 now for making the game such a pay2win.

      • CS is utilizing a completely different business model which is not comparable to Wartune. You are welcome to go study both business models and see the advantages and disadvantages of each.

      • And what do i have to study? I don’t think i have anything to learn about it. If you didn’t get it i was trying to say that R2 could easily find a way around this but they didn’t. Game is still unfair 🙂

      • Depend how long you been playing wartune. I played both as casher and free player. I have 2 separate account i played for both situation.

        For my free player account, it would be tough to progress time portal but it can be done. I have 273k hecate only with full mythic gear (from voyage). and 2 lousy zeus and poseidon. Took me 2 try (reset once) to get to beat 1 lvl in stage E. To me as free player that what i can beat, i would just take it. Even deathzone, in can only beat 2 of those using my 10 attempt. I wont complaint if cannot beat the mpd, since i know my stat is far off.

        Rather then complaining, understand what is your shortfall and work towards patching up the weakness. It takes long time for free player but eventually you will get there. But from your comment my guess is you have no such patience and just want to do everything fast similarly like cash player. Even with zeus, if you dont have the proper skill and actually know which skill to use first (i.e sequence of skill to use), you will never progress in time portal.

        And yes, my free account, i gotten knighthood for free, lvl up smelting lvl for free, level up engraving level to total 180% for free, full mythic gear for one sylph for free, full legend gear on one sylph for free. In a nutshell, everything also you can get for free but it takes time. There’s no shortcut for free player. So for free player, dont expect you can do everything equally compare to casher. Doesnt work that way. Even in real life, if you dont have $$$ you cant enjoy what those having the $$$. Simple rule of thumb for free player, dont expect anything, dont expect help, dont expect free ride. Once you lower your expectation, you’ll play this game happier knowing your limitation.

      • I have spent on VIP for 2 years nothing more-by patience, saving, and playing too many hours I have made a merged sylph and can beat all of E. And a couple in D. These events were designed to be tough to give a new challenge and yes perhaps convince people to spend. With patience you need not spend.

    • Just want to say that before the other unnecessary crap added here, Rush made a useful comment for how to go about Time Portal with a strong sylph.

  2. Since my sylph is too weak for this, i’ll have to ask for help all the time 🙂
    But thanks for the tips guys

    • Death Zone has very little to do with your sylph strength, you are maybe confusing things.

    • yep as Dolygames said
      you attack the time zone boss with your character not only your sylph 🙂

  3. to much new stuuf 4 one patch , cashers will get ahead buying orbs in events game only good if u have a team ,, no good for those who play alone or have no friends

  4. i hope you’ll explain better the rave and the points (as guild points)

    • Guild rave points are the sum of all rave points obtained by players in the guild. Likewise server points are the total number obtained by every individual on the server.

  5. Awesome post! Elia, that was a great video and, even though I’ve sort of messed up for this week on the Death Zone, has me sorted for next week. Thank you guys for all you do!!!

    • Thanks for kind words 🙂 hope next week works out better.

  6. Time portal… wow that’s hard for non-cashers. What’s ridiculous is that a squishy 4m player with a merged sylph does a lot better than a veteran 13m br player with a regular sylph. I get that cashers have benefits but the scale has tipped too far. Time portal and Holy Sword Temple… ouch. At least scale the low levels down so average players have a shot at even 1 boss.

  7. oh ty vm for the tip
    what i learned is that i should kill atleast 2 bars of boss hp before share so i be the one who killed most so i get 10 orbs
    nicee tip 🙂 thx

  8. hi doly

    how many times of the deathzone boss we spawn and shared, which got killed has rewards?

    the 2nd boss i shared and killed has no reward for me 🙁

    • your reward is based on your damage output

  9. Okay, based on the video,

    I would say it would be advised to any player to start with A rating game and work backwards to test which can be killed.

    For example,

    If you have a ODIN (500k BR) you should be able to take out B with the right skills setup.

    So use this method in video with free reset to just keep trying until you clear it with one go the ngo to E to heal back up and then clear a C grade and so one until all done.

    This should let you get 210 points.

    Use green reset (400 Bound Balens) and just do E D and C and use all three to clear one B to get 400 points. (Maxed rewards) before using Full Reset.

    For those who can….

    Smaller players can test out sylph skills time and time again till they get a comfortable pattern to clear lower boss E.

    Just my thoughts

  10. Now it seems if you collected rewards in the first week, you can’t reset it like this anymore. Each week, the rewards and sylphs do not reset. So can only reset for free once from now on unless they change it.

    • Nvm about this comment, it still does work.

  11. time portal doesnt rest so u have to use free reset to get 1 turn per week

  12. reset

  13. in order to get another 4-5 hits extra after the big hit from the boss (death zone) set up moon guardian (moon titan) as your 4th titan skill and you will still have half of the HP left, or the other one is to use mire rune to slow down the boss

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