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TIME RIFT Guide & Tips & Tricks – Patch 7.7

Hey everyone! With this post I want to help players to succeed in beating the new Wartune Patch 7.7 feature: Time Rift. Thanks to Merkuris & Marcha from my server for the support.

Time Rift & Rewards

Time Rift is a location in the Time Vortex which becomes visible on each Time Vortex map. However, not all Time Rifts are the same, they grow higher in rewards:

  • Autaric Plains: 2 uncommon green talismans + 1 Symbiosis Stone
  • Murken Forest: 2 uncommon green talismans + 1 Symbiosis Stone
  • Fetid Swamp: 2 rare blue talismans + 1 Symbiosis Stone
  • Deathly Sands: 2 rare blue talismans + 1 Symbiosis Stone
  • Erandel: 2 purple talismans + 2 Symbiosis Stones
  • The Demon Void: 2 purple talismans + 2 Symbiosis Stones
  • Immortal Pass: 2 legendary orange talismans + 2 Symbiosis Stones

We only get 2 attempts per day (unlimited help without reward is possible) so naturally we should focus to take down 2 x legendary Time Rifts.

How do you attack a Time Rift?

Just a short paragraph about this as some players have been asking. The Time Rift is a difficult event that you should not try to attack alone. So form a party in a similar way like you form a party for Speed Clearance and then the appointed person, usually the one with the highest Battle Rating, will go and initiate the attack in the Time Vortex while the 3 other players must stand and wait in the Cloud City to receive the invitation which looks like this:

“Normal” Time Rift requirements

First, I will mention the “normal” requirements for beating the Time Rift.

It is expected that a party of 4 people with approximately 40 million Battle Rating per player is required to beat a “normal” Time Rift.

Yes, this is a very high requirement and it is not achievable for most players today. However, do note that our Battle Ratings are growing very fast and this is not a very far away target when you add huge amount of extra stats from Relics and Symbiosis.

“Tricky” Time Rift requirements

Now there is also a possibility to beat the Time Rift with some tips & tricks and for this certain conditions are required:

  • First possibly important piece of knowledge that the Time Rift boss is decided by the system at 5 minutes past each hour (please feedback if this changes and I will adapt the article).
  • So what you have to do is get people on your server to get naked and occupy locations (i have some feedback saying get naked before the above time, not sure which exact point is correct) (this also includes removing all the Dragonchant’s talismans!). Not everyone but those players who are occupying specific high level maps for legendary talismans.
  • This is best done in the morning or an hour where few people are online to try to avoid high BR people taking each other’s locations.
  • Then the system will decide / choose one of the existing players who are currently occupying a location on that specific map to become the Map Boss – defender of the Time Rift.
  • If you did everything correctly then the Map Boss will now be naked and relatively easy to beat dropping the requirement from around 40 mil down to maybe 2-3 players of 25 mil or less.
  • However, you will need the help of those exact players who are on the legendary maps because they are the only ones who can see the legendary Time Rift. On my server, for example, it is only 3 people at this moment who can help do this.

Those players can help unlimited amount of times all the guild members and other friends to complete their daily 2 legendary attacks. This will get players orange legendary talismans which are significantly more powerful.

If the devs change the settings or if you have additional tips or feedback please post it in the comments below and if i need to add updates or corrections to the article then I will do so. I hope this post helps you and your guild mates beat the Time Rift in Wartune – remember to support my work if you can.

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  1. yes a good idea asking servers to strip for rifts but we all know this isnt going to happen

    alot of the top players wont strip to help out the smaller guys get rewards making wartune all one sided

    i think this patch is a way to make the smaller player quit in frustration

  2. This strategy will fail for the same reason that sees the big BR players strip their BR before registering for Euda Domain in order to get an easy grouping and thereby beat on the little guys. Greed and selfishness. Eliatan, trinity and a whole host of other well recognised players who don’t have the courage to fight against their own grouping. Grow a set you bunch of cashed-up cowards.

    • Back when Tower of Kings was a thing, many of the top players stripped down to help the small guys.

      As I recall, stripping for ToK even required them to wake up at godawful times in order to do it.

  3. LOL dun compared the current casher with the past, in the past the top casher willing to strip for all so we can do tok easily and this stripping also required a certain time to do it not as easy as people think, now most casher just bunch of selfish moron.

  4. I’m sure it’s an entertaining hobby talking down about others, but the cashers of today are hardly different from the ones of years ago. Most of the top players have been around since the early days of the game. There aren’t obvious ways to rig things to help like ToK. People are trying to figure out stripping for Time Vortex, but turns out it’s pretty hard to pull off. Most of the things people call cashers selfish for are problems with game balance, which is a developer problem, not a casher problem. ToK and Titan Temple being too hard. The matching system for Eud Domain. You’re really gonna tell me those are cashers being selfish and not poor execution on the developer’s part?

    • you wrong on this lots of big casher i known long gone already,onimad,Diavanille,Madarch is few of the not on your cluster so i wont judge you, what im talking about is the most casher in my realm.

    • Eliatan, what you guys could to is allow 2 of the weaker players hold the bases in immortal pass, that would guarantee an easier rift fight for everyone.

      FYI. I believe myself and Shirohige are the 2 weakest players at that level at the moment.

      • You guys are still going to be too strong once buffed by the rift. It’d have to be some sub-25M BR players to be somewhat successful. I’m open to making anything work though lol

      • I am only 26mil

        (altho i dont use WP)

      • I was being optimistic about the 25 million lol. I tried with a group against someone I thought for sure was on the weak side and they still had a horrifying amount of HP that was recovered because of their Odin. I think someone just needs to figure out a more stupid-proof way to get the strips to work.

      • We killed a 32mil player today with Merlys help, rest of us were in the 30-35mil range, with 2 45-50mils it should be fairly easy to take a 35mil player in rift

      • update: we just beat Midas in rift, so its absolutely possible, i recon with perfect setup we can about double our current damage, should be enough for most orange rifts

  5. so we should do only immortal pass since it gives the best rewards?

  6. Bloodlust ,the cashers are already helping you by keeping the game open ,also if you showed a little respect to them you may get helped further 🙂

    • A long time ago there was something like “vip is enough to support the game”. It was before we got epic spender event)

  7. Currently some players in my guild are attempting the trick, but keep getting booted by players trying to own the rift because it will guarantee an hour in the spot. As for weaker players sitting in endless path… the flaw is weaker players getting that far. I am about 25mil and stuck just before gold chests available. So smaller players wouldn’t be able to sit there. I have noticed that the amount of effort is really not worth it unless you are going for higher quality chests, because green talismans wont engulf very good stats to your gear, and when you can get 300 exp talismans a day which add 100 enchant exp each, why would you sit there defending a spot for 4 hours just to get 9 talismans that you will dump for 10 enchant exp each which is less than even 1 exp talisman. Point is its not really worth the effort unless you are still using green talismans, so why not let some weaker players in those spots, since they may need them if they weren’t lucky enough to get the right talismans for a set bonus.

    • update: beat time rift after getting some legendary talismans due to your trick

  8. same big br players just take over maps they so greedy wont even let you sit long enough to get a reward game is flawed

    • So let’s say 1 player works hard and grows strong while another player sits chatting with his friends and barely does any events. Why should the first player give his rightfully earned location to the 2nd player who did not deserve it at all?
      I do not think that top BR players are greedy, they are competing against one another.
      – COSMOS

      • recharge is hard work…agree

      • Definite point about some of the weaker players, being weak because they don’t put the effort in. But also not every player spends money, and not every player started 3-4 years ago. My earlier point was more on the futility of grabbing talismans with no chance of having a useful engulf stat. All talismans sacrificed for enchant add 10 points. For the first 10 levels it requires 4000 points, or 400 extra talismans. If the player is so strong no one can or will take the spot, they can hold it for 4 hours. lets say they have an egg timer set and redo it every 4 hours. So in 4 hours you get 9 talismans. 24 hours in a day… so 54 talismans a day, in 7.4 days you can get 1 level. maybe that’s not too bad. after lvl 10, its 20000 points or 2000 talismans. That would take 37 days, for 1 level in enchant. Okay… so maybe we have done worse… (flashback to developing potions)

      • lol try click next tab and use exp talismans for enchant which gives 100 points. so you need just 40 exp talismans for 1 lvl in enchant and daily you can get 400 exp talismans

  9. Your tips don’t apply to 95% of players since the requirement of having 4x 40m br players is impossible on a server with 0 above 40m br. Just another megacasher event. Awful event.

    • The tips apply to 100% of players and majority of players on my server are using this exact strategy to get legendary talismans every day. This article is not about making a 4 x 40m party, if that is what you believe then you have not read the article and are posting premature criticism.
      – COSMOS

      • this article just for your server because our top BR players are greedy bastards

  10. hi they shouild be no one occupy a map on lower map then will be no player to beat in rift?

  11. hey cosmos, wondering if any can clarify this, when I have gold map and strip off maybe 1 or 2 minutes b4 rift players say I am still fully geared when they attack, wondering if this means have to strip before taking the map as your state at time of taking possession stays fixed for rift. thanks in advance if any know for sure. ABSYNTH

    • hi, happy 2018 🙂
      1) remove all gear, all titans and if possible all skills and runes
      2) take map
      (if you take and undress after it does not help)
      – COSMOS

      • ok thank you for clarifying our suspicions.

  12. i see NO info about new servers, where a MATK player get PATK talisman, or not get, only block or crit… no HP, no PDEF, no ATK. Than… how much normal power need to defeat every boss in Autaric Plains in Time Vortex? Do calculation for every class please.

  13. I am knight on server 758 talisman 2 times block and matk first beast i can not kill 1.3 mil br

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