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From Losing to Winning in Time Portal

Hey guys, this article is especially to help for those players who do not have merged sylphs and struggle to beat one boss in the new Wartune Patch 6.5 feature Time Portal.

The First Failed Run

2 days ago I published my first run at Time Portal E-Boss where I failed to kill it leaving one full life (= very far away from winning).

Here I had used my COSMOS Knight’s main Dark sylph, 2nd best Zeus and a 3rd weaker Water sylph with a plan to use Rain Dance to heal (that did not work).

Preparing for Victory

Today I posted a video of my 2nd revenge run where I basically achieved victory after making a lot of adjustments to my sylphs. So what exactly did I do?

Checking Enchantments

I checked my sylph equipment to make sure it was fully enchanted. I found actually 1 item missing 4 points on my main sylph and could do some extra work on weaker sylphs. This was not a huge impact but I always say every little bit adds up.

Changing Refinements

I checked my sylph equipment refines and found 1 item with 4 refines instead of 5 which I fixed and apart from this I re-did a lot of refinement (probably spent 5k+ Holy Water) to get as much Attack as possible. This is a different strategy for non-Time Portal things but for this (TP) purpose trying to survive I thought would not work so I tried to go for max attack.

Deciding on 3 Sylphs

In my first run, as mentioned/shown I had picked my main Dark, 2nd best Zeus and a weaker Water. I decided to re-look into this and decided to drop the Water and pick either Fire (Cerberus) or Light (Venus) that I had.

I was heavily in favor of Fire because of his more aggressive damage skills, but it would have costed me more resources and bound balens to fix it up, so I went with my Light which had a bit higher BR.

Fixing Sylph Skills

Relatively speaking, this was the most expensive part of my preparation work. I spent something like 5-6k bound balens fixing up skills. 1 change was made on my main Dark sylph giving it a 40% heal and the rest was spent on the Light sylph giving it 1 strong damage attack, a 60% heal and 3 good passives increasing and reducing damage.

Final Result – Victory 🙂

As a consequence of all these optimizations there was a great positive improvement in the performance and I was able to achieve victory! (in the video the boss was left with a tiny bit life but few attempts fixes that :P).

I do not suggest you to literally copy me, but you can copy my mindset and apply it on your specific team:

  • Don’t give up.
  • Think and check everything that you can improve.
  • Find a solution with what you got (no point in complaining about stuff you don’t have).
  • For TP specifically focus your thinking on a single target maximum damage output and a big heal.

Here is the final video:

Time Portal Boss Helper Guide by COSMOS

Lastly, I leave with you a “Boss Helper” image I have prepared. This shows the bosses per Portal and their special skills, which can help players prepare better.

Time Portal Boss Helper Guide by COSMOS

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  1. Sylphs keep the existing hp between battles so when you originally added your sylphs the health would have been what they were at the point you added them, when you changed equipment on your sylph to equipment with higher hp it will increase the maximum amount of hp the sylph could have but not it’s current hp since that is fixed at its existing level hence the gap at the start making it looked damage.

    Only way to avoid that would be to have more hp on the existing equipment than that you are replacing it with, that is possible even though the existing equipment is worse than it’s replacement if you dedicate hp refinements to the existing equipment given the replacement has a lot of refinements to attack rather than hp.

    • hi, thanks, i thought same way as you wrote and made some lower quality equipment with more HP refines to try to offset
      thanks for commenting

      • Couple of other things I’ve been able to figure out about the first boss

        It does fire damage so fire sylphs have better resistance reduction.
        The main attacks do patk damage (reducing pdef increases damage, reducing mdef had no effect)
        The bleed does matk damage (reducing mdef increased bleed by 25% of whatever you reduced mdef by but reducing pdef had no effect).

        Having said the above though the reduction in damage from increasing any defence, especially mdef, is miniscule so hp and attack should be the focus as you mentioned in the video.

        • nice findings, thanks for sharing

  2. Oddly to some, on first boss, maxed ares does much better than higher BR (but not maxed) Thor by a long shot.

    Gear is probably comperable, with Ares, maybe better (older alt) but not by much.

  3. A bit of info for the “Boss Helper”:

    C (Zeus) has a chance to stun you every 3rd hit, the stun is for 1 round.

    B (Prosperity) gets a reflect at some point. I believe it’s on the last bar, but not totally sure.

    A also has a bleed

  4. i got reflect on Boss B

  5. Okay here goes….

    I can just say if you want longer lasting lower BR slyphs, taking passive blue (water) and passive purple will help.

    Life steal or heal skills a must.

    Second Boss (Grade D) only attacks every second round, so can be used to increase proc chance for passives.

    Also for the orbs, you can normal take lvl one holy sword out with three 500 BR and carry a guild mate… so you can help out guildies one by one to get 210 orbs per week if your have helpers.

    Boss in holy sword insane, some of the bigger players have got to last bar but can not finish as yet.

    But once you have holy sword x 1 you will see a big jump in BR and will help a lot.

    Players with out merged should just focus on CHI for free merge first. And save up any orbs for once they have a merged completed.

    Making pets RED through upgrading also increases resistances…. so the Orange ones in the video have 400 odd resist and RED has 815 resist, will make surviving easier.

    • on our server 4 x 500k or 2 x 500k and 1 x 600k can beat the whole dungeon including final boss

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