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Guild Treasure Gem Chests

Hey guys, here a short fun post about Gem Chests in Wartune’s Guild Treasure feature.

A few days ago I published this picture of a purple Gem Chest on Facebook:

…and there were some nice responses which I am putting below here:

Yulian shared a red chest (240 crystals):

Another red chest by DeathGeneral (300 crystals):

Toqueer shared a gold version of the Gem Chest:

Then a different version by Lawrence:

All these chests I think are nice, but naturally rare.

I know some players have been complaining that the Guild Treasure is not a big deal or has lousy rewards, which, for a higher BR player might seem to be the case. However, remember that these are all extra rewards which take very little work – just a couple of mouse clicks and waiting time. Over weeks and months the smaller amounts do add up even if we do not notice it, so I am positive about this new feature. And it is especially nice for lower level or lower BR guilds members to help them catch up or grow faster.

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  1. Every little bit helps, especially with such a short WB. If you lag a bit you get nothing from WB (daru wise). Yes, you can plant daru plants, but I’d rather have insignia plants. And once or twice a week getting a gem pack really helps. I’ve gotten 3 lv4s and 1 lv5 res reduction crystals so far. All for a few seconds of clicking. How much dimensions would you have to do to get all that? Guild Treasure is quick and you can get some nice crystals once in a while.

  2. I love the guild chests and you are so right about them being helpful

  3. There are red chests? Only seen 1 gem chest but someone else beat me to it to help.

  4. I received a higher gold chest than the one you have listed. It had 150 whips, 30 lvl 9 luck stones, 300 yellow crystals, 300 lvl 3 xp books, and 6m gold.

    • The red chest posted was shown from the helper perspective, so only 80 percent of the chest items are shown.

  5. eh, but is all random or someone have also understood something?

  6. Gem chests are very nice but gone in a split second lol. After all who doesn’t want free will crystals?

  7. Anything that gives Daru is great for leveling up troops when you’re new, but when you have 5 mil BR+ and you’re trying to level up the guild boss, those Daru chests aren’t worth much.

    They REALLY need to fix the WB, and/or add more sources of Daru.

    • well you could just have nothing so think of it that wait

  8. not that rare had one last week and today again

  9. I wonder if the developers intended for the owner of the gem chest to get a will crystal one level lower than the helper. This is true for both purple and orange gem chests, and is inconsistent with the rest of the crystals in the chest, which are lv 5 for purple and lv 6 for orange.

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