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Cross Server Guild Battle Guide Wartune

Hey guys, Wartune’s 8th Cross Server Guild Battle is upon us! To those who do not know, cross server guild battle happens every Saturday at 21:30 sever time. It is a cross between guild battle, battle grounds, amethyst mines, and tank trials. Your guild must be registered in order to participate.


  • There are 5 towers: 3 at the top and 2 at the bottom
  • There is 1 totem for every tower
  • Crystals are in the middle
  • Resource Officer is in your team’s spawn


  • 40 members may join in the fight
  • There are 10 teams of 4 people


  • The first team to 10,000 points wins.
  • Kill players from opposing team.
  • Hold towers.
  • Hold totems.
  • Turning in crystals


Each tower can hold up to 4 players. Each player in the tower has a range in which they can attack opposing players. Each player receives laser and either ice spikes or napalm. If an opposing player reaches the tower, it will turn into a battle. The fight will be between the players that reach the towers and the players in the tower. The winner of the fight keeps the tower. Tower health is equal to the health of the players inside of the tower. If the tower is in a battle, then the tower cannot be destroyed by opposing team.


Totems are next to the towers inside of the tower attack range. There are no special attributes for defending the totem other than receiving extra points.


Each side is given five tanks. The tanks will have laser and one other fighting ability. Tanks can be used to kill opposing players and towers held by the other team. If a player in a tank is attacked, then it becomes a fight with the player who reached the tank and the person in the tank. Up to 4 players on each side may join the fight. If the player in the tank loses the fight, they are sent back to their spawn in their tank. If a tower or another tank fires at a player’s tank, that tank’s hp drops. If the hp reaches zero, then the tank is destroyed. A guild may purchase more tanks for the cost of 2,000 of their points


A player may grab crystals from the center of the battlefield. Up to 100 crystals may be collected at one time. When fighting opposing players who have crystals, if a player wins the fight they are awarded with crystals from the opposing team. Crystals are turned into the Resource Officer.


Each side has personal skills and guild skills which can be used. Personal skills benefit the individual player while guild skills benefit every player in the guild. Guild skills may only be used by assistant guild masters or the guild master.

Points are awarded at intervals throughout the battle based on the number of towers and totems held. First team to 10,00 points wins the battle. Rewards will be greater if the battle ends sooner for the winning team.

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  1. Sadly CSGB is a total waste of time as the rewards are worthless to 99% of all players!

    • There is definitely truth and frustration in that indeed shared by many players

      • no clue why they reoved the cores rewards, only thing that comes to my mind is to piss players.

  2. is very suck event so r2 no post this event 🙂

  3. i think, nowadays, the totems are the most important things in that battle; because on every stack (ca all 5 mins) each totem gives 400 points to the guild which hold it. if one guild holds all 5 totems, the battle ends after 5 stacks (10k points are reached)…
    only if two guilds with approximately the same strength fight against each other, the fight will last eventually longer then 20 mins…
    (my experience from another wartune-version)

    • yes this is very true

  4. It would be nice if they could update the rewards associated with events like these. Even updating prizes given out for DA. It will probably be a while before the devs change things like that

  5. rewards suck period

  6. well if u dont get hit by bugs specialy the total farce we had this saturday wen some platforms could get inside apart from r2

  7. well thats if you can enter the csgb even not like saturdays bug fiasco where kabam armour and kong couldnt even enter only platform that could was r2

    what does that say r2 cheaters

    • yes and no apology or compensation either (a small compensation coming up but it’s nothing compared to everything players lost that day)

  8. I really hate that they didn’t even changed the rewards in csgb…

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