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Chinese Wartune gets Patch 6.0!

Hey guys, the test servers in Chinese Wartune just got the patch 6.0! Crazy right! They just got patch 5.0 last month and they jumped all the way to 6.0. What’s in it the 6.0 patch?

Disclaimer: We may or may not get some of these features on our servers. If we get some of these features in our western servers, there may be changes to it.

  • Cloud City Modification – Major Modifications done in Cloud City.
  • VIP Mystery Shop: Excited to see what’s in here 😛
  • Abandon Mystic Circle – A new Multiplayer Event.
  • Symbiosis System – New system related to equipment.

A lot of small new things might be secretly added so once all servers get the new patch, I will update you guys :D.

Patch 6.0 Loading Logo:

Cloud City Modifications:

The good thing about this new cloud city is that there is less lag. The bad thing about this cloud city is that the Cloud City is too damn big. It is two times bigger than our version of Cloud City. Imagine how long it will take just to do some simple map runs. A video around the new Cloud City will be posted soon.

VIP Mystery Shop:

  • Requires Level 3+ VIP Level.
  • Rumor has it that Vulcan Hammers and Red Equipment Pieces can be found in the VIP Mystery Shop.

Abandon Mystic Circle:

  • Requires Class Advancement
  • Abandon Mystic Circle can be accessed by going to the “Abandon Mystic Circle NPC”
  • Must be in a party of 2 or more to participate.

If you are the leader, you can choose one of the two events. One of the events gives material needed to make Red Equipment/Red Halidom while the other one gives material to synthesize/upgrade the Artifact/Halidom.

  • You can only do it once a week and if you have empire crusades, you can use it to increase a attempt to get rewards.

Symbiosis System:

  • Available for the Hero and Sub Class.
  • Requires level 40+

The Symbiosis System is like an advanced and better refining system for your character’s equipment. If you look at the image above a bit more closely, you can see that there are:

  • x2 Rings
  • x2 Jewels
  • x1 Sword (Weapon)
  • x1 Necklace
  • x1 Armor
  • x1 Helmet

All of these represent your equipment. All of these equipment representation have levels. Max level is unknown at the moment since only test servers have it. I am guessing that the max level is 10 for now. You can use “twin stones” to upgrade each piece. By upgrading the piece level, you get a stat percentage. The starting stat percentage is 5%.

Example: When you choose to upgrade the armor, you get a 5% stats boost to the armor you have equipped in your Hero/Sub Class.

  • Increases Gems Stats equipped in the armor by 5%
  • Increases refined stats by 5%
  • Increases enchantment of the armor stats by 5%
  • Increase Holy Forge by 5%

Imagine how much of a stats boost you will get if the max level was 10. That is nearly a 50% boost! 😛

Which feature do you like the best? Comment below and be sure to ask questions :D. More detailed info on each of these new features besides dimensional war/card system will be posted soon.

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