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Today’s Patch 7.0 Update (2 June)

Hi everyone! Today I added more content to bring you information/videos for Patch 7.0.

Added Today:

Wartune Patch 7.0 Eudaemon Signet Guide

Wartune Patch 7.0 – VOID EMISSARY – WILLPOWER GUIDE – Summon, Skills and Details

Other fixes, updates and preparation work.

Patch 7.0 YouTube PlayList

Reminder that I have an ongoing playlist of videos about Patch 7.0:

Some of previous work

Patch 7.0 Patch Notes

The Void Emissary and Angel of Light Animations & Info

Comparison of Wartune Patch 7.0 Devotion points vs. 6.5 / previous situation.

Wartune Patch 7.0 – Dimensional War Modifications

Wartune Patch 7.0 Endless Abyss Guide

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  1. Any info on how war emblems work with the new willpower eudemons, since there is no tab for them I’m assuming the mini icons at the bottom of the stats tab near the upgrade button are clickable and they are now accessed from there?

    If so do they go higher than the current version since I remember you making a post on the chinese version having higher levels and if that is the case then it may be in this patch and presumably only applies to the new willpower ones rather that the normal eudemons.

    • War Emblem works same way like Eudaemons as I showed in my videos
      In this patch the maximum of War Emblem has not yet been increased
      and //
      – COSMOS

      • i’m agree with anonymous and the your 2 links not explain what we’ll have on war emblem.

        seems that this new version will be a waste in war emblem. i mean on all work we did till now.

  2. I’ve watched those videos and unless I am going blind there is no war emblem tab on the new merged Eudemons, in the first video you do hover for a few seconds over a few icons near the upgrade button which shows a tooltip showing war emblem stats but you don’t click on them so it isn’t obvious whether the war emblem stuff is accessed from those or not and the figures for them changed from what the initial eudemons had which would indicate that at least something is different, the war emblem went down to 5 but the red reduce one went up to 9 although it gives on 800 in comparison to a level 9 on normal eudemons which gives 2650.

    • oh i understand, thanks, i don’t know the answer at present – it is all very new; we will learn more as we go forward
      if anyone else knows please comment
      – COSMOS

    • Ok i checked and don’t worry it is there, here is a picture: //
      – COSMOS

      • but start again from 0? costs are the same or more? is better maximize the war emblem on normal euds or only 1?

        level on new will power depend on only higher eud or both? costs are higher or is better do before 2 euds lvl 12?

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