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Wartune Patch 7.0 Clothing Refinement Guide

Hi everyone! This is the Wartune Patch 7.0 Clothing Refinement guide. This guide combines 3 elements: (1) A video demonstration / explanation by me, (2) short text created I believe by the game developer and distributed to their various publishers and (3) Additional information and pictures from me. So check it out below and if you have any questions or comments put in the comments below.

VIDEO: Wartune Patch 7.0 – CLOTHING REFINEMENT Guide – New Clothing System Feature

And you can refer to the video playlist for Wartune Patch 7.0 here:

And now the developer’s guide with some modifications:

Wartune 7.0 Clothing Refinement


Refine Clothing to receive attribute bonuses!


Open the character panel and then click [Clothing] – [Clothing Identification] to find Clothing Refinement.

Unlock Requirement

Clothing Refinement unlocks once Clothing is available.

Gameplay Info

1. Attribute Refinement

Refine the 4 clothing slots to receive clothing bonuses. Refine the:

  • Weapon slot to increase PATK and MATK
  • Armor slot to increase PDEF and MDEF
  • Helmet slot to increase HP and
  • Wings slot to increase overall attributes (the cost of wing refinement is 5 times that of the other slots.).

Upgrade a clothing slot by 1 level to increase corresponding Clothing Attributes by 10%.

2. Refinement Upgrade

Refinement Stones can be used to upgrade clothing refinement levels. You can decide how many stones you want to use at a time and put the number in the Refinement Stone slot. Each Refinement Stone offers 1 Refinement EXP. When a clothing slot’s EXP is full, the refinement level will increase.

3. Refinement Level

When clothing slots reach the required refinement levels and the required amounts of clothing are activated, extra Identification Attribute bonuses will be granted. For instance, when you have upgraded the Weapon slot to Level 10 and have activated 5 or more Weapons, your weapon’s Strength will increase by 10%. (Armor receives a Defense bonus, Helmets an Intelligence bonus, Wings an Endurance bonus). Green text means the conditions are fulfilled while red text means the conditions haven’t been met. You can see how many pieces of clothing you have via the progress bar.

When a clothing slot’s refinement level reaches an increment of 10 (20, 30, 40, etc.), you must upgrade the other slots to the same level to continue upgrading the slot. For example, if you upgrade the Wings slot to Level 20 and you want to upgrade the Wings slot to Level 21, you must first upgrade the other 3 slots to Level 20. The highest refinement level is 100.

4. Attribute Bonuses

Clothing Refinement Attribute Bonuses can be divided into Clothing Attribute Bonuses and Clothing Identification Bonuses. Basic attributes are displayed in gray text, bonus attributes in blue text and ratio bonuses for every upgraded level in green text. As the following image shows, since the Wings slot has been upgraded to Lvl. 20 and 5 pairs of Wings have been activated, the conditions required for “Clothing Identification Attribute +10%” are fulfilled. So Identification Attribute Bonus is 40×10%=4, with total attributes offered by Wings being 40+4=44.

In the image the Weapon, Armor, and Helmet slots are all Level 30 (each upgraded level increases ATK, DEF, HP respectively by 10%), and the Wings slot is Lvl. 20 (each upgraded level increases all attributes by 10%), therefore overall Clothing Attribute bonus is 300%+200%=500%. Bonus ATK from the Weapon Slot is 420 (Basic Attribute) x500% (Clothing Attribute Bonus)= 2100.

Additional Info

Here I add more info and pictures:

Pictures I added above, here I will add the costs of clothing refinement:

Note: i think it is an important point that using clothing refinement stones has a 100% success rate, which is very good.

Weapon, Helm and Armor slots

These 3 slots all have same costs.

  • Level 0: 5 stones to next level
  • Level 1: 10 stones
  • Level 2: 15 stones
  • Level 3: 20 stones
  • Level 4: 25 stones
  • Level 5: 30 stones
  • Level 6: 35 stones
  • Level 7: 40 stones
  • Level 8: 45 stones
  • Level 9: 50 stones
  • Level 10: 75 stones – here there is a jump because there is an additional 10% milestone bonus (every 10th level until level 100)

Wings slot

Wings are just 5 times more expensive than any of the other slots.

  • Level 0: 25 stones to next level
  • Level 1: 50 stones
  • Level 2: 75 stones
  • Level 3: 100 stones
  • Level 4: 125 stones
  • Level 5: 150 stones
  • Level 6: 175 stones
  • Level 7: 200 stones
  • Level 8: 225 stones
  • Level 9: 250stones
  • Level 10: 375 stones – here there is a jump because there is an additional 10% milestone bonus (every 10th level until level 100)

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  1. tbh this system got screwed up a bit. mages need to refine the weapon to get regular matk boost + the helmet to get special percentage boost for matk. while archers and knights can spend all their ressources on the weapon (yes only until they reach the point they have to have equal lvls but still)

    thx cosmos anyway! i appreciate your work 😀

    • hehe nice observation 🙂
      and thanks for appreciating my work
      – COSMOS

  2. Where we got refine stone?

    • good question!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hacking…..look all his videos all new stuff he has 9999…..when he started doing patch videos he had 300k balens on 2 accounts

      • Only an uneducated moron such as yourself would post that. Cheers for announcing your idiocy to the whole world.
        I guess that’s why you put your name as Anonymous.
        Good luck in your life, you will need it.
        – COSMOS
        P.S. When you are an idiot, it helps to first be a human and ask questions.

      • idiot = french word = man with that not go up. so you cant tell to that woman player is an idiot. only man can be idiot.

      • Please pay attention, I replied to the person calling me a hacker and not Amora who did nothing wrong.
        – COSMOS

      • cosmos said in a video his not sure where it will be able to get it from. maybe from events, hes not sure yet and hes in test server where they get materials early and experience before main servers will

      • he’s speaking in english. Who cares what it means in french. Could be different meaning in other language. So stfu Vasile if u don’t know anything

      • to the whole world.. LMAO

      • Hi…

        your Curiosity is understandable. You could have asked the question in a nice way (Truly agree to cosmos what he said about you). My understanding is that they get stuff on test servers to test out far as 300k balens is concerned cosmos is managing such a big blog so with all his income from here and little bit of investment it should not be very hard to spend $1k bucks.

        Hope it answers your stupidity. But its only a assumption cosomos may put more light on it.

      • @Ezio
        1) $0 spent.
        2) Test server items have no meaning or value.
        3) Yes the blog is huge, but I have extremely small earnings, which is why I remind players to support me.
        – COSMOS

    • As there was no communication about that, then it is logical to assume that they will be available via Hot Events.

  3. so we can sell off our old refinement crystals?

    • No Alibaba, you are confusing different systems with one another.
      This here is a new system for clothing. And you are talking about I think equipment refinement?
      Anyways, don’t sell whatever you were thinking about 🙂
      – COSMOS

  4. more and more items. vault in guild same with 4 years ago. Also when somebody tell you he saw something in your videos and expired articles in this website, better just explain why was/is so, not make people you not know ‘idiots’. Or maybe you are one and refulated on others.

    • I have NEVER had any problem with normal people who behave as humans with kindness and respect with each other.

      But I will not be kind to idiots who, instead of asking questions, start with insulting or other rude behavior.

      Regarding your point about items that is not 100% accurate. Yes they added more items but they also added 4 systems to reduce problems.

      1) They added extra inventory page.
      2) They created 9999 item maximum.
      3) They created systems such as Voyage to use up not needed items.
      4) They created a completely new free inventory space to keep unlimited number of gems and similar items.

      – COSMOS

      • hi

        Ty cosmos was just trying to explain people that its not a hacking….i knew there is some system on test servers.

        TO ALL WHO USE COSMOS BLOG….support cosmos who tries so hard to bring all videos to you..Recording a video, editing it and uploading it takes some serious time and effort.

      • You are forgetting one small detail.

        It has to be mentioned that this site is the one place you go to when needed info on patches and other things about the game. 🙂

      • They added new page in real server, for gems/dim stuff and many more… just pay 2500bound balens

  5. found it, they gonna add in red Crystal shop, but idk where get the red crystal

  6. i know where u get red crystals from n im not lvl 80 yet pmsl

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