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Patch 5.8 is being rolled out to all + 3 changes

Hey guys, in this short “News” post we share what we posted also on our Facebook page: 2 things:

1) According to ProfCity announcement the Patch 5.8 will be added after maintenance: “The new Version 5.8 of Wartune will be released after this maintenance.”

Right now all servers are down so everyone should be expecting the new patch.

2) In the notes there were 3 points which were not perfectly clear in the past:

End of camping?

“8. Adjusted the Devotion system. Players will automatically obtain 10% of current EXP for logging in every day.”

This specific change is rather “dangerous” and might force some players to quit unfortunately like a couple of messages we already saw. But of course holding level / camping strategy is not interesting for the devs/publishers so it seems they decided to eradicate this strategy.

From my side I’ll just say that I can actually understand this decision and although in the past we did many videos and article guides on camping, for us, this strategy became obsolete once lots of free rewards became available at level 80 such as daily Purgatory Maze and the occasional 1000 bound balen rewards among other things. But still, we always respected those players who enjoyed the game in this way.

New Titans:

“8. New Titans: Orderly Titan and Wise Titan. Players can now arrange Titans skills at their will.”

Other minor:

“7). Sylph quality will no longer restrict the wearing of Sylph Equipment.”

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  1. First off, thanks for the great info all the time on website. How would someone go about getting this new titan? I am currently at 3-2 before patch and was hoping to get the new titan when patch rolled out. Has anyone got the new titan yet? Also not sure if anyone else was effected, but my br stayed the same but my matk decreased in new patch.

    • Thanks Cat.
      I don’t know the answers to those, sorry. Hopefully others can help or we figure out over time.

    • more than likely the new titans will be prizes in some event later on(hopefully not a big spender one), as for your matk decrease there is a bug mentioned on r2 forum that thor and frigga passives aren’t working

      • Ty zack, thats exactly what happened…dont get the thor passive. guess only 900k matk for titan wars 🙁

  2. Wondering where 80K of my BR went after upgrade. Don’t know how it happened that I lost 80K hp. So to me, 5.8 requires me to go back and make-up BR I had already worked for. This is BS.

    • Some sylph passives are not working, ie Thor and Frigga possibly others. Odin still works though.

      • They also changed the allocation of stats on the Sylph. I lost BR because my Thor was more balanced with more points in HP and Armor than they now have.

  3. Hi all,
    you are doing great job here so thank you Cosmos and all Doly team members.

    servers are back now, my first look at patch 5.8 i noticed Devotion has changed, no more Refinement Locks (which i need few more for my artifact but np) rewards seems nice (10whips + 1 lvl5 gem at 150 devotions, and at 300 we get 3 cores + 100bb) but not sure if its possible to reach 300 for us free players ? so what do you think?

    • devotion is still daily? i think will be weekly.

      • no still daily

  4. its nice more exp to lvl up those who are low lvl players. but its bad for campers.

  5. Yep end of camping? I quit…

  6. Sadly this patch made my quit too.

  7. I noticed campers which cash… gonna go to 80 and light campers or free campers lets say… just gonna quit, cuz you know at lv80 is just about to spend to keep it up, mostly for campers.

  8. i asked to r2 mentor in my server and yep s/he confirmed that now even a white sylph can wear red equip also i tried to put an orange piece in a white sylph and worked.
    Also really sad for campers the exp thing :(, i used to camp myself but once arena became no tier i decided to lvl up and now im even close to kh (100% player) but sad to see that now they will erradicate campers, is either quit or lvl up for them

    • oh btw they did announced in the forums, but since they put too many stuff maybe ppl didnt saw it. but i checked that couple of days before 🙂

  9. End of campers good!, they nothing but bunch roaches in this game

  10. 8) 2new titans, arrange titan skills is EXTREMELY OBTUSE!
    A) We are told that there are 2 new titans but there is no sign of them anywhere in the game and no clue as to how to obtain them. Previously a new titan became available when one had passed the training level equivalent ie #2 after training to 2.0, #3 at 3.0.
    I have been sitting at training level 4.0 for a while now.
    No further training is allowed.
    So I hoped that these would reopen that path.

    NOTHING, no change still maxxed at 4.0 no new titans!
    If this was actually implemented they have hidden it very well!

    B) “Players can now Arrange titan skill at their will”
    ?????! (=WTF?)
    It seemed to me that we could always do this!
    Again, there is no visible change in game in Titan Behaviors.
    We can still chose which Titan attributes to add to our toons.
    We can still arrange the order in which Titan skills are cast.
    We still can not stop the titan skill casting from interfering with player skill casting!
    We still cannot stop or delay titan skill casting!

    This made last night’s titan war a frustrating, enraging JOKE!
    When two crippled teams met we were lucky to get off 3 skills each within the arena time limit.
    When a crippled team met with one of the privledged ones
    that did not have delays we were out gunned 3 to 1 and usually lost, they got to cast 9 or 10 times to our 3.
    Additionally the extreme delays made creative or reasoned responses impossible, you had to just do the 3 things you had pre planned else you could do nothing in time to have a beneficial effect.
    [ie. -team mate is chaosed so you want to cast puri:
    1- wait 10 to 20 sec0nds for your current casting to complete.
    2 – attempt to cast Puri or star and crescent – Fails to cast!
    3 try again after 10 seconds.
    4 cast is successful but nothing happens for 20 seconds
    5 puri takes effect – but your teammate has timed out of chaos anyway !!!

    Also You lose your awakening points while waiting for any high cost sylph skill to eventually happen – so it never does!

    Any information about these new sylphs or ability that you can beat out of some developer would be greatly appreciated!

    Any help in controlling or eliminating the Titan induced delays would also be nice!
    These REALLY should not be devouring player skill slots as they are automated and unstoppable!

    Thanks for all you do! Mike L. / ZardOZ

    • Thanks a lot Mike.
      I feel your anger/frustration. I try to fight to bring information to players and make improvements in the game but instead of cooperating with us they attack us, so… :S nothing can do with unprofessional companies…

    • In same boat here, however found out u can remove titan skill by moving it to empty space in left most frame

      • Great tip! I will make a video and share with everyone! Thank you! Email me such cool things in the future so I can inform people 🙂
        – Cosmos

  11. Why end of camping? You can avoid that exp just staying online during reset.

    • Nice trick perhaps but not all players can stay online at night and this would be considered an abuse anyways which would be fixed sooner or later.

  12. this is a bullshit, 10% exp for loggin, i have a account of level 59 whit 1 million of br, now i cant stay more in 59 in 3 day in 60s GGGGRRRRR, i hate programators of gamfuse, too, they removed fashion cores of cross server guildbatle, and Roses, WTFS, this is an injustice, im refuse be a 80s and meat fresh for vip chasers 80s, i dont enter BG 80s and Arena anymore, the programators or owners of gamefuse will forcing level up, but never forcing us to participate in activities, this is begin of end, in the next moths many people quit the game, in finals of this year or the next year the game reach the Final.

  13. This is the first game in my life what force people, in some. ¬__¬

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