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Wartune Clothing Shard Exchange (for clothing sets)

Hey guys, on the 29th of May 2015 there is also coming an exchange for clothing sets: Clothing Shard Exchange. I have prepared the below image for you to see. A whole bunch of sets are being offered in the exchange and this is a good chance for anyone to grab the designs that you don’t have in your Wartune clothing album / collection:

Being exchanged for 40 clothing shards:

  • Nocturnal set with wings
  • Griffin set with wings
  • Immortal set with wings
  • Cerulean set with wings
  • Violet set with wings
  • Yuletide set with wings

For 15 clothing shards:

  • Vampiric set (no wings)
  • Reindeer set (no wings)

And can exchange 3 clothing shards for a piece of Fashion Core or Good Luck Charm.

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  1. This is a big rip off.
    I have in the past got this pack and it only has a chance to drop one random item.
    You don’t get the full set at all.
    I’m sure no one would waste money (It’s about $100 just to gamble on the full set)
    to get the full set or just one price of clothing.

    • It does specify “open to obtain ONE of the following:”

  2. Why no one says where the hell to get that Clothing Shard?

    • You can get Clothing shards from curtain events i only know one and that is the consecutive recharge event, to recharge safely and freely, go to wartune official website, login, go to your server, click “recharge” click “free gold” and watch a video to collect rewards.

    • i have 47 fashion chards and it will not light up in hot events to get a set .my question is why not

      • Fashion and clothing shards arent the same thing

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