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Top Sylphs and Sylph Teams

Hey guys, sylphs are something everyone enjoys to admire since they affect a player a lot. In this article, I am compiling the top sylphs and OP sylph teams from Chinese Wartune.

Top Sylphs Cross Server:

The Sylphs in Chinese Wartune are reaching 550,000 battle rating!

Top Dark + Light (ODIN) Sylph:

Top Wind + Water (Frigga) Sylph:

Top Fire + Electro (Thor) Sylph:

Top Sylph Teams:

If you calculate the price of these sylph teams, they would go up high as $7,000+ (including the merge cost, advanced mahra, etc).

Top Sylph Team:

Imagine facing this player in class wars…

Info: 1,410,214 Sylph Team Battle Rating.

  • Red Dark + Light Sylph (Odin) – 499,675 Battle Rating
  • Red Dark + Light Sylph (Odin) – 476,472 Battle Rating
  • Red Wind + Water Sylph (Frigga) – 434,094 Battle Rating

2nd Top Sylph Team:

This player is only 10,295 battle rating away 😛 .

Info: 1,399,919 Sylph Team Battle Rating.

  • Red Dark + Light Sylph (Odin) – 527,619 Battle Rating
  • Red Wind + Water Sylph (Frigga) – 440,195 Battle Rating
  • Red Wind + Water Sylph (Frigga) – 432,105 Battle Rating

3rd Top Sylph Team:

Now this is the best (in my opinion) sylph team ever. This sylph team has every one of the merged sylphs available!

Info: 1,329,320 Sylph Team Battle Rating.

  • Red Dark + Light Sylph (Odin) – 512,688 Battle Rating
  • Red Fire + Electro Sylph (Thor) – 424,823 Battle Rating
  • Red Wind + Water Sylph (Frigga) – 391,809 Battle Rating

What do you think of these top sylphs and top sylph teams? Comment below and be sure to ask any questions.

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  1. wartune are best

  2. About 3rd team i dont know if its better than frigga, since the all time forever sylph up with aoo that awaken recharge…

  3. they seem to enjoy having 3 delphics on thier sylphs, is there awakening point system better? or what is the idea taking 3 delphics on your sylph lol

    • I can see having 2 delphics for Sylph Expedition bosses (one immune to magic, next immune to physical) but not 3.

    • Having all 3 gives you options based on the situation. For example with Odin delphics:
      1) single target big damage
      2) all target with med-high damage
      3) all target with med-low damage and life steal ( and all target soul devour )

      You can only cast 2 in one sylphing but you don’t always need the same thing.

      • correct, also with the new Knighthood system a Knight can use 3 Delphics in 1 sylphing just needs luck to get awekeingpoints from pasive skill 😀

  4. Am I the only one who thinks The merged sylphs look like sh*t? especially Odin and Frigga looks like an old grandma… Only the Electro+Fire Sylphs are good to look at..

  5. Alex I agree with you on Odin, Frigga looks mmOK, and Thor (fire & Electro) Rock!

  6. Freya is matk? all skills in freya say:
    steal: wind matk 280%
    ice bolt: water matk 300%

    • Maybe a typo?

    • the merged sylphs are both Matk and Patk

  7. Best ever Sylph in my opinion is freya. it is a killer. it heals enormously also it passives are awesome . Its attack is not high but still most players neglect wind priortizing electro,dark nd light so it awesome to have a freya

  8. I’m going to have all these and be badass strong >:D already got odin maxed only had to spend 1,000 dollars worth it just had it hanging in my sock drawer anyways:>

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