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Newly Activated FREYA Sylph Stats / Condition

Hey guys, over time I’ve received questions about the stats / state / condition of newly activated merged sylphs like Loki, Tyre and Freya. So in this post I show you what exactly what is the state of a newly activated Freya as at Wartune version Patch 6.5.

New Freya Stats

As you activate the Freya sylph seal for the first time you will see:

  • BR: 84471
  • Growth: 2578
  • STR Aptitude: 2434/7249
  • Armor Aptitude: 1533/5178
  • INT Aptitude: 2434/7249
  • END Aptitude:2448/8840
  • Strength, Armor and Endurance: 2555
  • Intelligence (the “main” stat): 2950


On the upgrade screen you will see that you cannot use any additional Mahra even though the sylph is Orange and maximum for sylphs is Red. For this you will have to refine the sylph.

Freya Enchanting

This is, I would say, the main part of it where you can get additional power. There is plenty of extra room to fill in with Sepulcrums. The numbers I already wrote at the start. Orange sylphs use regular Sepulcrum so this would be relatively easy to complete.

Refining Freya to Frigga

And finally you have the possibility to upgrade / refine to the next Tier. I already published about this topic and all sylph costs in this article.

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  1. Hello Dolygames.. i just got Knighthood for 100% free today and i want to ask are there any events for talent stones and wraithstones? Titan animations as well.. but ones that don’t require balens

    • KH Weekly = Wraithstones
      Speedy = Talent Stones
      T.Temple = Titan items

  2. Should i wait for an event or just use my items? that was my question – is there event to upgrade with wairthstones, talent stones and animation stones

    • The only events I’ve seen so far have been to use Balens for training (only real $ Balens)

    • sorry, so far there have not been any non-balen events for these items

  3. ty for the info on normal sepolcrum.

    • 🙂

  4. Thank you so much,please do Loki next

    • 🙂

  5. noob question…

    i need 350 sun blast and sun core to merge a shylph with a fusion spirit or this iten replaces all itens?

  6. sorry double post.. ´m in drunk mode right now

    • no problem, i deleted the duplicate and replied to your question
      – Cosmos

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