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2nd Evolution Sylph Preview and Requirements

(Posted by Krishna – DolyGames Contributor)

Hey guys, the test servers just got a big patch and the 2nd evolution sylphs was one of the biggest feature in it! Everyone who has an orange sylph or will have one pretty soon are pumped on test servers and so will all the others when we get this patch.

Preview of all six sylphs:

Big thanks to DZmage, even though he was busy, but helped me out to make these GIF’s.

Dark Sylph:

Light Sylph:

Electric Sylph:

Water Sylph:

Wind Sylph:

Fire Sylph:

Requirements to evolve your sylph:

This time, it won’t be hard to evolve your sylph again like you did to evolve before. Fewer items are needed but the catch is that you need an Orange Sylph.

  • Orange Quality Sylph
  • x500 Moon Dust
  • x500 Moon Rock
  • x500 Divinity Stone for Light and Dark Sylphs.
  • 5,000,000 Gold
If you are choosing to evolve your light or dark sylph, not only you need Moon Dust and Moon Rock but you need Divinity Stone. As for now, these cannot be acquired but rumor has it that they will be in hot events and purgatory maze. In the future, if Sylph Expedition comes to our servers, you can easily get these materials in 10 days by defeating the mini BOSS in Sylph Expedition! If you have not check out the guide on Sylph Expedition, be sure to click here.
Moon Dust
Moon Rock
Divinity Stone

New Sylph Skills:

After you evolve your sylph, your old skills will be replaced with new skills (they are random skills). The shop has been updated with 8 new skills which costs 1,000 Balens per Skill and yes, Bound – Balens are accepted.
Hope you guys enjoyed the preview of these new upcoming sylphs and comment below which sylph you are planning to evolve or will.

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  1. I missed the event a few months ago when you needed 3 of the same sylph to change it to another . like pan into madusa, Amazon into Cerberus and so on . is this event going to happen again ?

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