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Item Drops Analysis of Easter Ribbon & Easter Egg (Lucky Exchanges)

Hi everyone! In this article I share with you all the data, analysis / results I prepared for the Wartune Easter events / exchanges. I will start with the largest data-set of Easter Ribbon Lucky Exchange item drops based on large 3290 data and after that the Easter Egg Lucky Exchange based on 469 data.

Note: the Easter Ribbon Lucky Exchange drops a “Rare Item” after 30 exchanges while the Easter Egg Lucky Exchange after only 15 (but eggs are harder to get).

Item Drops Easter Ribbon Lucky Exchange

Table is based on 3290 exchanges, including Rare Item drops.

Icon Items Dropped Qty Dropped Amount from Total Qty expected from 1500 “chests”
Willpower Talent Stones 4510 1.37 2060
Cast Stones 4124 1.25 1880
Polishing Orbs 3328 1.01 1520
Sylph Soul Orbs 3452 1.05 1570
Breakthrough Orbs 2127 0.65 970
Easter Candy 573 0.17 260
Spellbinding Clothing 112 0.03 51
Spellbinding Wings 3 0.001 1
Moon Drake +600 mount 3 0.001 1


  • Interestingly the chances of Wings are the same as the chances for the mount. This is unusual. I am not surprised at the chance for the mount but the Wings should ideally (to be fair) be somewhere in between mount chances and regular clothing chances.
  • I think this exchange is fantastic – all the items are very useful to players. There is not 1 crappy item.
  • Easter Candy was the most unpredictable. In some cases it dropped more while less clothing items and in other cases it dropped less while more clothing items. The large data set should iron out such differences but for players who only do 500-1000 exchanges they might get more or less candy than expected.

Item Drops Easter Egg Lucky Exchange

Table is based on 469 exchanges, including Rare Item drops. Bear in mind since the sample size is not huge the accuracy is lower for the very rare items.

Icon Items Dropped Qty Dropped Amount from Total Qty expected from 150 “chests”
Pennant Ascension Stone 80 0.17 26
Green Pennants 417 0.89 130
Non-Wing Clothing items 22 0.05 7
Easter Wings 3 0.006 1
Quaint Intruder’s Wings 1 0.002 0
March Hare +500 mount 6 0.013 2
Metallic Leopard +400 mount 2 0.004 1
Franken Rabbit +50 mount 2 0.004 1


  • Most drops are just green pennants, which is very annoying (I was opening 1 by 1 to record data).
  • Pennant Ascension Stones are dropping still in very small quantities both in this and other exchanges, so the Wartune team is still very conservative with this item controlling that the players don’t get too many of them. So at this stage the quantities are not very usable.
  • March Hare +500 stats mount seemed to have dropped more frequently than all others. Perhaps because of Easter the Wartune team wanted to gift this rabbit / bunny mount to players. If so, I thank the team on behalf of all players. Naturally this does not mean that everyone will get this mount, but in the data it was more frequent than others.
  • The best way is to see what you get from the Easter Egg exchange and control your Easter Candy quantities very well to exchange directly via Hot Events for the items you did not manage to get. I have seen many reports of players getting most items (clothing, wings and mounts) and missing only 1-2 or even managing to get at least 1 of all items.


  • I think the 2018 Wartune Easter events & exchanges were fantastic for all players. While having 5 event items is really a lot and struggling with inventory space due to too many items – ultimately we players got 1-2 full clothing sets and 2-4 mounts in addition to all the other resources.
  • Was my analysis/report useful to you?
  • Are you happy with this 2018 Wartune Easter?
  • Did you get everything you wanted?
  • Do you have more information to add about these Wartune events/exchanges? If so please share in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for analysis. With me, this is the best event ever. I got 100k adv hena, all the mount and 3 clothing set. I’m Shen from Wartune S576. Nice to meet u guys.

    • The Advance Henna one was great for sure. it allowed me to easily restock for next events

  2. 1000 exchanges and no one wings :/

    • aww

  3. I have 3 march hare and i wish they can be recicle

  4. It took me more than 2k ribbons to get the drake mount. Got all clothing and other mounts and lots of tattoo so good event for me. I ended up with 2 leopard but luckily you can recycle them I still sit with 3 march hare mount in inventory saving them hoping they will change the damn recycle

    • ya the range of luck is tremendous… i also wish it was more balanced, seems unfair when one person gets up to 10 mounts and another gets none from same amount of chests
      keep the items, might be able to recycle later
      have a nice day

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