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Diagram & Info for Wartune Easter Events

Hi everyone! Here I am sharing with you my analysis and diagram to help all players successfully navigate and make choices for the Wartune Easter event items and exchanges.

So let’s start with the diagram showing the connections between the 5 event items:

And quick summaries:

Easter Candy

  • 400 candy + 500 candle mount
  • Easter set 1 by 1 = TOTAL = 75 candy + 500 candle
  • 240 and 300 mounts
  • 30 wings
  • 60 clothing set
  • 1 to get 15 candles
  • 1 to 1 egg

Easter Egg

  • Lucky Exchange only
  • need 15 for rare chance

Easter Wreath

  • 1500 for mounts
  • Can get 30 from candles x10
  • or Lucky Exchange for new mount low chances
  • (more of a balen only item)

Easter Candle

  • Can get 150 eggs from candle x10
  • 1200 for set
  • 50 for 1000 henna (to get more Easter Ribbons via Hot Event)

Easter Ribbon

  • Lucky Exchange only
  • drops candy
  • chance for set/mount

And finally I want to share with you some drop rate expectations from the Easter Ribbon based on 211 exchanges, which give sufficient accuracy to understand what’s what:

Table: Item Drops Analysis for Easter Ribbon

Exchanged “event chests” Easter Ribbon = 211

Dropped quantities:

Icon Items Dropped Qty Dropped Amount from Total from 500 chests est.
Willpower Talent Stones 270 1.28 640
Cast Stones 252 1.19 600
Clothing 11 0.05 25
Moon Drake +600 mount 0 0.00 1 if lucky
Polishing Orbs 186 0.88 440
Sylph Soul Orbs 334 1.58 790
Breakthrough Orbs 126 0.60 300
Easter Candy 36 0.17 85

Other estimates

  • Easter Candles drop from Gift Piles with about 165-195 per day.
  • So total Easter Candles gathered should be around 1270-1370.
  • This probably means that you cannot get both the 1200 clothing set (if you want it) AND the Easter Eggs – have to choose. If you do not have the set it is probably safer to take that. While the Eggs can drop a nice item you might also get nothing and a set that you do not have is a already a good reward.


  • Was my analysis/report useful to you?
  • Do you like these Wartune Easter events?
  • Do you have more information to add? If so please share in the comments below.

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  1. Brilliant. Thanks!

    • 🙂

  2. nice clear explanation, thanks!

    • 🙂

  3. Think eggs are a good exchange. Easily getting any mount.

    • wish you good luck to get mount 🙂

  4. And really good job cosmos.

    • thank you 🙂

  5. The Diagram was a little hard for me to understand…it would be nice to make it a little more detailed. But I did liked the analysis of the drop rate of the easter ribbon…thank you for that one

    • Thanks, I will try to improve further next time.

  6. thanks for this cosmos – nice summary
    A minor thing in the diagram, i dont think you can go from egg to candle (unless i missed that somewhere) so the arrow should be one way

    • Hi, thank you, I uploaded an updated picture.

  7. You also forgot to add that you get ribbons from easter gifts.

    • Hi, do you mean the 1 time login gift? If so that was just a one-off surprise / lucky gift, not something we can earn ourselves.

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