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Bonus Henna Rewards from Henna Lab Raids

Hey guys, one of the smaller additions in Wartune’s Patch 5.6 was a slight improvement in the Henna Lab where you get a tiny bit extra Regular Henna for having a winning streak in raids. This is on top of the very small amount of 1 to 5 regular henna (max 5 times per day) for the raiding that already existed.

In this post I have collected the data, prepared pictures and add a small calculation to present a full overview regarding this small improvement.

Henna Lab Winning Streak bonus henna

Raiding feature can be found in the Henna Lab, which very quickly became boring and negligible for many players. There are 2 main reasons for this: 1) The tiny Henna rewards are negligible for most players and 2) It is boring; a totally uncreative game design.

You can raid maximum 5 times per day, but sometimes there is nothing to raid at all and you get a message “come back later” with the refresh time being a huge 2 hours. Even if you would get lucky and raid 5 x 5 regular Henna you would have only a negligible 25 regular Henna per day, which is not enough for even 1 Tattoo Cleanse click.

Patch 5.6 slight improvement

The slight improvement installed in Patch 5.6 was to add a little bit more to the raiding based on a winning streak. As you will see on the pictures and table below, this comes to a maximum of 5 additional regular Henna per raid raising the theoretical maximum from 25 to 50 regular Henna per day, which is also not enough for 1 Tattoo Cleanse click.

Henna Lab Winning Streak 1-10 kills

I have collected my progress in the Henna Lab raiding and have prepared for you the below picture and table:

Winning Streak Additional Henna (regular)
1 kill 1
2 kills 1
3 kills 2
4 kills 2
5 kills 3
6 kills 3
7 kills 4
8 kills 4
9 kills 5
10 kills 5

Henna Lab Winning Streak game chat log

And here are some examples from in-game chat of the rewards following a successful Henna Lab Raid:


We think that it is a good thing that R2/7Road thought to help the majority of players by increasing Henna income as most players are far behind regarding Knighthood, but we think that the implementation was not well done as the improvement remains negligible and will barely manage to lift any eye brows or quell any anger.

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  1. What you failed to mention is that the person being raided LOSES henna. Once again, the programmers have found a way for the strongest to steal from the weakest and keep beating them down. My guild are all in agreement that this is a game that everyone should be able to enjoy and that no one should have a target on them from the bullies just because they can, so we refrain from these actions… no plundering, raiding, dimension stealing, etc. We feel there is no NEED for it other than greed and pure meanness and we feel good that we are never subject to the world chat arguments and playground drama that goes on.

    • Hi Jillian, I did not fail to mention that; that element remains unchanged so it is not part of the “new change” which this article is focused on.
      Also losing 5 Henna from 100 is really not that big of a deal, the amount is negligible.
      That said you have a valid point of discussion regarding stealing/damaging other players to which some players will agree while others will welcome the competition.

      • I know it’s not part of the new change and what this article focused on, but it DOES have a conclusion that it’s a “good thing” and I think people need to be aware of the harm it does.
        I’m not sure where you came up with 100, is that a casher boost? For each lab, I get 5 henna per hour and have the choice of 1, 5 or 10 hours for a maximum of 50… and 10% loss (or more if it’s raided more than once – mine HAS been) is a LOT for that many hours of waiting.
        As far as your statement of those who welcome the competition, that may be true if it WAS a competition… but 10mil+ STEALING from those less than half their BR is NOT a competition… it’s purely vile behavior.

      • 100 as in 100 per lab/day, there’s no casher bonus.

        I had long since abandoned PvP except for GB/BG and a few Arenas. The win streak for henna raiding pulled me back in. But its not worth it, not in the amount of materials gained, nor in how it made me feel.

        So as soon as I find a super-tough enemy, I’m going to raid them to break my streak, and give up henna raiding.

      • I’m sorry, but those who are the constant targets are not the ones on 24/7. They are lucky to get 1 yield per day.
        Even so, doubling up the daily yield should mean doubling up the amount of raids which still equates to 10% or more.
        And thank you, I know a lot of lower levels who would, too.

      • Hi again, please do not twist my words, I clearly wrote that it is a good thing that they thought to increase income for players but I clearly wrote that the implementation was done in a bad way and that it will not stop or reduce player anger.
        I remain of the opinion that there is nothing wrong or forgotten in the article.
        I personally agree with your opinion regarding game systems where huge players can pray upon small players (most famous of these was Amethyst Mines) but I am also aware that there are people who have a different opinion.
        The purpose of this article was not about that debate but about sharing the new addition to the game in all its details/facts for everyone.

      • This IS a comment section and my comment related to the subject… I really don’t know why you feel the need to challenge me. I have several lower players on my server who rarely get a full expert yield because they are targeted so often and if my comments open the eyes of some players and the raiding doesn’t escalate, that’s the best I can hope for them.

      • “competition” ? not even a good joke, or is this ironic and ui didnt realize ?

        competition fails beginning with diff publishers (some get ballens by doin extra stuff, others dont )

        only thing same for all is main parts of the game. there is no competition and sure 99% dont want to have a sort of competition they just want to bash lower ones and this is 1 more thing that makes it easier for lowskill-highcash players.

        free ones need to collect for months (years) to get close to knighthood, so every henna lost is a step back.

        smarter people dont raid and dont invade dims or plunder active players.

        im sure when 90% of big cashplayers would get a account with same playtime like most free players and have to play without money they quit a week later cause they get mad about gettin bashed by their own kind of players. but ptw games always bring out most low skill noobs that cant compete with others on same lvl, so they have to spend 1000s $ just to feel great

      • its a damm game, if u get raid, who cares? its part of the game. DEAL with it! dont cry. (leave the game if its not for you. I dont raid cause rewards are crap, else I wouldn¬īt care. like I say DEAL with it! I also get raid and i couldnt care less.

  2. I think they should put hena or advanced hena in wilds shop. that way people can get it with BB

  3. I agree with JIllian saying these plunders he mentioned are UNNECESSARY and quite unfair…
    I dunno how the devs have programmed that, but imagine a guy who gets plundered 10times a day from tattoos….AWFUL!
    (i cannot tell since i always win mines n cannot count the losses…but a pic from jillian would be most welcomed i’d say!)

    I m also in agree by say there is no real competition…..The HUGE difference from a free player to a casher now has become SOOOO damn large,its all a “how much money did you put it”.
    Make an example, I was/am a top player before KH.
    When I could compete with some superstrong players, now I cannot compete even with someone who was weaker but now got KH.
    to me is strong=amount of balens.
    1 good thing now we had arena matching got better.

    Only real reason to play wartune….prob best way to find a good match………. ūüôĀ
    on the other hand they merge the platform for events, so THAT competition is lost even more now…
    stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid decisions soooo stupid

  4. would of been better giving adv henna for winning streaks

  5. Its as SIMPLE as THIS you want to play a war game ur gona get beat/killed thats the point of the game live with it or go play farmville where everyone is your friend

  6. please keep in mind that the regular Henna is waisted time – because you will need 30 mill. Henna
    That is at least 1 year to get it…

  7. hi guys, how much amount of henna it’ll take to get knighted?


    • regular henna? estimated around 340k

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