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Wartune on your Smartphone/Tablet Guide

Hey guys, many of you guys were wondering if we could play Wartune (not hall of heroes) on our smartphone or tablet. Instead of replying every single person, I made this guide with explanations.


As we all know, Wartune runs on flash and the browsers in our smartphones/tablets can’t support it. There is one good browser that supports flash called Puffin.

Puffin is available for Android and IOS Devices:

  • Requires Android 2.3 and up (The size is 25M)
  • Requires IOS 6.0 and up (The size is 53M)

There are two types of Puffin Browser. The Puffin Browser Free and the Puffin Browser Plus or Pro (paid version). Puffin Browser Plus, which costs $3.99. The paid version removes supported ads and has more features which is unnecessary for playing Wartune. Personally, I am fine with the free version since the ads are not that annoying. One ad pops up every 5 minutes or longer (safe ads).

Features in Puffin:

Not only is Puffin very fast, there are 2 excellent features that are very useful while playing Wartune on your smartphone or tablet.


This feature is extremely helpful for many reasons. The top most reason is that Wartune is very detailed (icons, buttons, etc) and our fingers are too big to smoothly open/click these things around in Wartune unless you have a big screen. The trackpad is basically a mouse/touch-pad in your smartphone or tablet.


I don’t normally use the keyboard but it is very helpful for the following things:

  • Personal message
  • World/Party/Guild/Current Chat
  • Perform QTQ (I use the letter “W” , “S”, “A” and “D” since there are no arrows in my Iphone.)

This app is really great, barely any lag (for me atleast) but it can get a bit frustrating for people that are just trying Puffin out. Overtime, if you regularly play Wartune on your smartphone or tablet, the frustration will go away since you get used to it. Hope this article helped you and be sure to comment below or ask any questions.

Krishna DolyGames: Hello, I am one of the authors in DolyGames and my articles are mainly focused on Chinese Wartune and New Patch info which helps many players out.

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  1. does it allow for R2 wartunes. I have downloaded puffin and can get main page but cant log into game

    • I use Teamviewer instead, install on PC and phone and u can remote ur PC from ur phone, it also has keyboard and stuff that u need and i have no problem playing the game from the phone.

      • Problem with TeamViewer is that you can’t acually play, since it lags like hell, only thing TV is good for is doing events slowly or collect farm (Doing the easy stuff)

  2. What about samsung ?

    • Go into google play and search for it, It should be there, Since it is an android ^^,

  3. I’ve been using it for 3 hours, and now I’m entering an hour later and I lag like F**K, even worse than Team Viewer, How come?

  4. wont let me login once i installed it and went to the wartune web site i keep tapping and clicking on the login icons but it doesnt work wtf?

    • Click the “+” in the server tab, and log in 😛

  5. This isn’t really a guide. It’s free, or maybe paid lol, advertising for puffin

  6. It works like a charm ty vm Cosmos 🙂

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