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Gachapon 300 Item Drops and Points

Hi everyone! In this article I share with you 300 item drops from Gachapon (a Wartune feature loaded in Patch 7.8) which was launched today. This data is thanks to Henrik – thank you for sharing.

To open Gachapon one time it will cost 20 balens, but to open it 10 times has a discount so it will cost 190 balens and not 200.

For the 30 x 10 item rewards below the total number of points yielded was 3805.

And so:

  • 190 balens for 10
  • 1900 balens for 100
  • 5700 balens for 300 which yielded 3805 points so that’s 1.5 balens per 1 point

Below I link to the pictures I posted on my social media pages, hopefully it works:

Gachapon Item Drops Picture 1 of 10

Gachapon Item Drops Picture 2 of 10

Gachapon Item Drops Picture 3 of 10

Picture 4 of 10

Picture 5 of 10

Picture 6 of 10

Picture 7 of 10

Picture 8 of 10

Picture 9 of 10

Picture 10 of 10

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  1. No pictures.

    • lol…my computer can’t process the pictures too. I’ll need to look at it a different way

    • I can see all the pictures just fine

    • For those who cannot see pictures maybe you can see them on my social pages:
      Twitter page is: //
      the FB page is //
      – COSMOS

  2. Sorry, correct me if I’m wrong, if 5700 balens got a yield of 3805 points wouldn’t it be around 1 point per 1.5 balen and not 1.5 point per 1 balen? Maybe I misread some part of it, please let me know if so.

    • Thanks, fixed, I was rushing to get the article published mixed up the words, all the numbers remain correct like you wrote also

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