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Wartune Item Graveyard

Hey guys, over time a bunch of items in Wartune became obsolete, stopped being used and/or disappeared. Here are a bunch of RIP items (feel free to post in the comments other RIP items that you might have):

I start with my most rare and treasured RIP item:

Life Rune [RIP]

Very few players would even know this item let alone have it πŸ™‚
It was very precious years ago.

Rare Ancient Beast Shard [RIP]

Roughly speaking this was the “old version” of Beast Souls.

Summon Shard [RIP]

From the old Wartune Card system.

Dimensional Essences [RIP]

All 4 types of them got killed.

Eternal Light [RIP]

Divine Light [RIP]

Guild Treasure before Patch 6.5 [RIP]

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  1. Still got most of those except the first one never seen it before i think

    • Got the wine to get treasure hunt maps too πŸ˜€

      • at least you can drink wine if nobody wants it hehehe πŸ™‚

    • Life Rune, it was long time ago since the first year when the event pop-up to use it. Wartune (R2games) was open since 2012. If everybody old player still remember that first year, that there usually have 3 World Boss (Wolf, Worm & Dragon) but now only 2 World Boss (wolf & Dragon) etc. A lot of things have change especially if you have old character in the server still show those item but might have been forgotten. :p

  2. What about Coin of Ancestry and the fragment or the underground palace mount shard or the clothing shards or the jewel hunt shard.

    • πŸ™‚

    • And the arena gear (if you try to equip it, you sell it), and sylph experience scrolls, and shadow souls are virtually worthless, as we need several hundred of them to do anything, but only get about 10 a week. Some voucher/pumpkin seeds don’t give anything when harvested. I used to know a lot mmore of these.

  3. Anyone remember when we use to get wrong class items? I’m knight, still have archers stuff, wrong classπŸ˜€
    Anyway, RIP to all of those things 🌹

    • roger that, i remember πŸ™‚
      – Cosmos

  4. 5 years and lost of a loooooooooot of hair due to lag….still a fun game to play…

    • hehehe

  5. Here are some of my own rare items!

    With this being the oldest item I have:

    • Nice Picture, Legendfluff. But there are those pictures look smiliar to what is now become of it, even there change it:)
      – First Picture (Adv.Dimension Resource Chest): Now there turn to Adv.Guild Shop into Adv.Coordinate Chest.
      – Second Picture (Bullhorn small) still sale them in the shop in Item page 2/7 & it cost 10 balen/bb. Once you reach to the limit out of world chat.
      – Third Picture (Ancient Spirit) that become to be Mystery Stone but still look same design even there change background/color etc. There might be more item might look the same coming from Old Version of First year to the Present & Future Version (2012 – Current). If everybody realize it there are item still look alike :p

      • 1. Advanced Dimension Resource Chest originally were the the Dimension Chests, they would give you more stuff and another chance at a dimension.
        2. I did not realize you could still buy them, my bad. I don’t really look in the shop anymore lol.
        3. Ancient Spirit was the April 2013 event item. I don’t see the relation to Mystery Stones honestly.

        I also have some Heaven Horns (from Wishing Well) and an unbound Rare Hercules Seal (blue)

  6. There used to be fireworks that people could set off to annoy people (similar to the rose petals from roses). I’m sure everyone is glad that those are gone πŸ™‚

    My oldest stuff I have πŸ™‚

  8. i have refinement locks and signet training

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