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Halloween Surprise Pile Preliminary Item Drops

Hey everyone! In this short post I share with you the preliminary item drops from the Halloween Surprise Pile that’s coming to Wartune on October 27th.

  • It has a daily collection limit of 50 per day.
  • There can still be other items, this data sample is for 50 collections.

Table of drops:

Qty & Item # dropped % dropped Total gotten
5x Sack of Gold 10 20.00% 5000000
2x Fusion Chi 7 14.00% 14
5x Blood of Zeus 6 12.00% 30
3x Book of Wisdom 4 8.00% 12
4x Adv. Mahra 4 8.00% 16
3x Bound Balens 4 8.00% 12
50x Adv. Henna 3 6.00% 150
2x Wraithstones 3 6.00% 6
1x Sylph Soul Orb 2 4.00% 2
50x Henna 2 4.00% 100
1x Talent Stone 2 4.00% 2
4x Adv. Sepulcrum 1 2.00% 4
Lvl 2 HP Divinity Soul 1 2.00% 1
Lvl 2 HP Diamond 1 2.00% 1

It seems like a nice pile and it is nice that the total daily quantity is 50 and not 100 which takes a much longer time.

If someone wants to add more data to this or any other Wartune report please post in the comments or email to me.

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  1. well, when you look at it, not much really, but then again what do you expect from Wartune, as much as i love playing this game, nothing much seems to get done, i sent in a ticket on the 28/8/2017, got a reply, when i replied back to Proficient City, they didnt reply, so to me they really dont care as far as im concerned, they are happy to take your money but do nothing else

  2. I guess I’m a bit disappointed that there’s no free eud scrolls in them,

  3. nice…good they reduced it from 200 to 100, now to 50…we can get back to our reality ^^

  4. 100 was good… Actually I collected 5k adv henna from last piles. Now this looks bad and they keep adding more stuff.. They reduced the adv mahra and sep.. Added fusion chi? Really? Worst lvl 2 souls hahaha
    Sad the eud piles surely will be nerfed to 50.. They give free henna and then they remove (Lab events) pure trash

  5. 50 starting to be right amount of piles. If ppl have time to collect 200 or even 100 they dont have life and need reality check. Sad but true.

    • if they nerfed from 100 to 50 they must give 2 times more gifts 100 adv henna instead 50 but they are greedy as always. that 3 bb was in 200 gifts and after nerf in 4 times – still 3 bb

      • They dont have to give you anything. Just be glad that those piles are somewhat worth to pick and not too many of them daily. Wartune is taking too much time even when skipping boring stuff.

  6. Cast stones, think it was x1, was running a potion at the time

  7. i love collect these free stuff

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