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Werewolf Chest Drops Better?

Hey guys, players often complain on the drop rates of boxes and rightfully so I believe as someone who opens 900 chests or boxes should not be left without a mount, but it came to my attention that perhaps they have improved the rates on the latest box, the Werewolf Chest? I say this because a lot of friends in-game who opened hundreds of boxes did indeed get the Oriental Pangolin mount as well as Oriental clothings and myself included, got all except the wings, while in previous boxes getting even 1-2 clothing items was a big trouble.

So what is your experience? Do you think they have started to take corrective actions or do you think that just this box was a lucky one for the players?

drop rate of Werewolf Chest

The Werewolf Chest

Werewolf Chest item description

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  1. throughout the event i collected 500 boxes, 0 mount, only a handfull of clothes.

  2. They only increased clothes for this chest due to clothing event was soon to come. Players needed clothes and with issue’s lately from patch it takes focus off the issue’s when players get items for free. No title was involved with these clothing so a little band aid to help take focus to others things like room in items bag lol.

  3. I have collected more than 250 boxes only with few clothing but with no mount, this is going on for last few events. Horrible R2 really hate them, this is becoming very frustrating

  4. u guys were lucky!

  5. i got better drops from the 2 previous events than i have from this one, seems most people on my server are the same

  6. You and your friends seem to have gotten lucky. Me and my guildies on the other hand, our luck has turned to [email protected]#$ ever since the mounts started being +150 instead of the old +40/50/80s. I’d like to think its a coincidence, but I’m not feeling particularly charitable.

  7. 600 boxes, 0 Mount, 15 pieces of clothings…In all server, i see 4 or 5 Mounts during event.

  8. Nop they not more luck then others 400chiest only 2pieces of clothing…
    and like always no mount

  9. Think there is like 10 on my server. Did open a lot of chests, loads of clothes but no Mount.

  10. Its bs. Somenpeople get more than one but others totally zero for months now

  11. May be just luck, but I opened about 1k boxes throughout the event, and got the mount, as well as 2 duplicates (600 beast souls each:) so I’d say the rate is a bit better

  12. I opened over 200 werewolf boxes and didn’t even get the mount. Over these past months I haven’t been lucky enough to get a mount from the event boxes and it sucks.

  13. opened 100 chests got 7 hats, 2 weapons, 2 armors , 1 mount.Btw im playing this game from 2 years ago, and only got 2 mounts from events( this is my 2nd)

  14. near 1k every 3 was hoof,get over 200 pure refine,really many clothes around 35-40 and no mount.

  15. Maybe it is better because they don’t have a title with them. I have seen people get lots of clothing from the werewolf chests like crazy.

    Same deal with these new chests, seen lots of people getting clothing and again no title with them.

  16. Since long time no character overview for a knight is posted, last one i remember was from Ashira(think she has retired). Cosmos will u be willing to post a character over view of your toon in future?

    • sure i can try to do that
      – Cosmos

  17. Please can you help with a list of cloths that give titles

    • You can see that easily in the Other Titles window

      • I am actually looking for a table with the title and what it gives, looking through that is confusing

  18. Chest drops have got a lot worse hard to get even the clothing items now.

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