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Eudaemon Summon Drop Rate v1

Hey guys, here we have prepared a drop rate report for Eudaemon Summon after Wartune Patch 5.6. We have collected a total of 154 summoning’ data of Eudaemons using the Eudaemon Mark Shard (of which you need 5 per summon) and we present you the results below.

Eudaemon Summon Drop Rate

Battle Oracle

Sanctuary Hunter Sacred Knight Wind Ranger Blood Warrior Scourge Mage
28 24 29 25 24


18.2% 15.6% 18.8% 16.2% 15.6%


Total Summons = 154

Data Collection = Thank you!

  • PUMPKINHEAD: 104 summons’ data
  • COSMOS: 26 summons’ data
  • Arman S.: 10 summons’ data
  • Other: 14 summons’ data

What about other Eudaemons?

Frost Panther Lord, Flying Rabbit and Frost Dwarf to not seem to drop at all from the Eudaemon Summon feature at present. Frost Dwarf was also only available via Recharge at launch and later became available in the Eudaemon Card Exchange events together with all other Eudaemons. But in our recent poll majority of players reported that they do not waste event chests on this Card Exchange, so perhaps everyone is just waiting until they can summon these Eudaemons. However, at present our report shows that this is unfortunately not possible. Future? Of course there is a chance that more Eudaemons will be added to Eudaemon Summon in the future, but we do not have any guarantees.

Want to support with data collection?

Great! Email us the data either directly to Cosmos or via the contact page. Please structure your text clearly and prepare with quality. Any topic is fine, but we need to collect sufficient data to make a report. Thanks in advance!

Conclusions of this report

  • Latest 3 Eudaemons do not drop at present.
  • The Eudaemons which are allowed to drop from Summon all have similar chances, which is a bit strange because we expected that the basic Eudaemons which cost 25 event chests to exchange would have a higher drop rate than those that cost 30 event chests.
  • Although we could predict that tier 3 Eudaemons will be added to Summon over time (especially if tier 4 would be released), but, on the other hand, since we have a regular income of Eudaemon Mark Shards maybe the Wartune team will decide to keep this fixed.

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  1. I have summoned and sold a lot of eudas since patrol started. I also have not gotten any of the new ones. I had been wondering if I was just unlucky. Guess that’s not it. Luckily I had gotten them all thru other means.

  2. Before eud patrol, I had heard that others had summoned rabbit or panther, but not since. Maybe it was just a rumor, but someone did say they had gotten one of those BEFORE the eud patrol patch came into effect. After eud patrol, it seems impossible to get the new trio. Dwarf has some nice dmg numbers and might be worth getting. Panther and Rabbit… Not so much. The reflect delphic is nice on Panther, but that’s it. I think I got Rabbit before the patch, but not sure on that one.

  3. Doesn’t matter. My Euda patrol towers only use Scourge Mages or on few rare occasions a Wind Ranger.

    • hey kurt, you do know that it will change on a weekly basis right? so with that said, YES IT WILL MATTER. have a nice day.

      • Change on a weekly basis? Mine has only called for ranger, warrior and scourge mage since patrol came out and it changes after each patrol is done.

      • You are correct. Only wind ranger, blood warrior, and scourge mage have special quests (tier 2 quests) in Eudaemon Patrol.

  4. It uses the 3 types. at least they are easy to get. you should have a group of each of the 3 types (like 8 or so of each). all at lvl 4 with, a lvl 3 skill, a lvl 3 emblem, and 1 piece of green armor. Then you can at least do all hard patrols.

  5. Mine also uses Blood Warriors

    But I’ve summoned probably 50 or more and none of the 3 newest.

  6. it would be really nice if they changed the eud names in the eudmon tab. patrol and the quick deploy

  7. i have never seen windranger before out of all my summons…
    so far after patch summon also mostly scourge or bloodwarrior…

  8. I had 2 Wind Rangers come up since patch. My main kid is a Wind Ranger cuz of the poisons and cursed arrow.

  9. Well everyone, in case u havent noticed,. The Euds we get from summon are only the ones needed for Patrol. For more info, its required to know if anyone with a very high lvl of tower. Or to know to which lvl can towers be upgraded. So for now if we want diferent euds we have to invest in events xchange. Besides, if no one noticed. Heres a little F.Y.I — war emblem lvl is much easier to lvl up. If u sell Eud u get back 10 war emblem thingys. If u hard workin u can summon as much as 3/5 euds a day. Have a great day yall

  10. Haven’t kept track that close but probably exchanged for 100 or more kids since patrol came out and not one of those 3 new kids. Will keep some shards on hand if they ever decide to let those 3 drop. The only one I need is the dwarf, could have got it by exchanging boxes but decided to pass.

  11. Hy doly.can write about new event.200milk for 100adv.henna.and cloths shard exchage is that good deal.ty for ur time

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