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Balen Mine Drop Rate Analysis Dimensions

Hey everyone! In this article I share with you analysis / drop rates of Balen Mines when exploring dimensions. Big thanks to Steel for the help so I could create this article!

Based on very large data sample of dimensions exploration*, I have created this easy visual to illustrate the results:

Funnel Chart Balen Mine Drop Rate Analysis

*data collection was based on Basic Dimensions.


With a high level of accuracy / confidence we can state that:

  • You should expect to find 1 Secret or Hidden Level out of 10 possible locations (i.e. only 1 in Basic, but 2 in higher dimensions).
  • When you do find a Secret Level then half of the time (~50%) you should expect it to be empty, otherwise:
  • You should expect to find 1 Balen Mine out of 20 possible locations
  • When you do find a Balen Mine, half of the time (~50%) you should expect it to be NORMAL and half of the time RARE.

So while Balen Mines are not guaranteed officially the analysis shows that if players do sufficient amount of Dimensions then 100% success is guaranteed under the current system.


  • Was this analysis interesting for you?
  • Were you surprised by the results?
  • After seeing this analysis do you prefer the current Wartune Dimensions system or the old one?

Please share your thoughts with respect to each other / other Wartune players and please do not post some details that might result in nerfing/actions against players!

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  1. Now that this article is up…NERF is coming next patch…I expect them to reduce the 600 to 200 and 1200 to 400…

    • I have specifically not included any absolute figures, so i don’t know where you are getting those numbers and “nerf” from.
      – COSMOS

  2. It was already nerfed. When this new version of dimensions came around, a vast majority of mines were rare. Probably 2/3 were rare (or more). Then I think they adjusted it. It’s like when they restored offerings to mines and put too many in. They’ll nerf it next week (at least this nerf they announced). And also, about 10% of dimensions had mines in them. Now, about 5% according to those stats. I’ve gotten the skills I want on my three merged sylphs, so bb isn’t a top priority for me anymore. Still, a mine once in a while is nice to have.

    • True, rare bb mines after they added offerings became are very rare.

    • I think you’re comparing a small sample (and probably mostly anecdotal) to a larger, carefully compiled set of data.
      For comparison, in the first week or so
      after the change to dimensions, I searched approximately 200 dimensions (had a lot of extra energy saved in mail), with only 5 mines found, so a 5% rate of appearance for mines would actually be higher than what I originally experienced.

      Always remember that random factors are actually random, so your personal experience is not proof of any drop rate. Sometimes you are luckier than others.

      5% is about where I expected the numbers to land, so I’m glad these results come to the same conclusion.

  3. hmmm. your analysis is nice, BUT, if you handle with probabilities, it is not a linear raltion between amount of tries and success. if you assume a drop rate of mines of 15% (3 possible slots per dim.), it is not sufficient to clear 7 dim., a 99% chance occur, if you clear more then 28 expert dimensions… and 100% is impossible to reach, there exists almost a small possibility to fail. but if you clear more then 7 expert dimensions, your chance is around 50%… if your probabilities are correct.
    It would be interesting to know, how many possible platforms you have considered (could the weak law of large numbers be applied?). Also interesting to know would it be, if the probabilities are constant, regarding the kind of dimension and are they unity distributed (or assymptotically normal or follow a more crazy distribution… eg. cauchy-distribution)?

  4. ive opened expert dims since patch was introduced and not found 1 balen mine so dont know were u get ur figures from

    and since the introduction of offerings eyeballs are very rare

    so take that into consideration

    ur findings and figures is prob from opening all basic dims

  5. I’ve done almost 1 expert dimension/day since new dimension patch. And got around 10 mine, but only one rare. 3 of the mine did i get day 1, and 2 yesterday in dame dimension.

  6. hehe I actually got 2 rare BB mines in one exp dims the other day.

    • Nice congratulations! 🙂

  7. bulls.hit,is same rare mines drop rate after offerings adding.

  8. The last 7 times I entered the balenmine room, there was nothing. Very disappointing because it is my main source for bbs.

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