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Wartune Patch 7.6 Eudaemon Domain Developer Guide

Hey everyone! Here is the developer guide for the new Eudaemon Domain system in Wartune Patch 7.6 (these are docs sent by the devs to all publishers).

[Wartune 7.6] Eudaemon Domain


Evolved Eudaemon Arena is online now! Have your Eudaemons & Willpowers compete separately to get higher wining rates. Wager daily to receive bonus rewards.


Registration  Undergoing  Wager Time

The requirements to unlock are the same as that of Eudaemon. Players need to own at least one Eudaemon to participate.

Players can click the system icon on the top or visit NPC to enter.

[Event Process]

Time Content
(Day 1) 19:01 – 23:59 Registration Time
(Day 2) 00:00 – 00:59 Grouping Time
(Day 2) 01:00 – 17:59 Wager Time
(Day 2) 18:00 – 18:40 Competition Time
(Day 2) After 18:40 Reward Time

[Gameplay Info]

1. Registration Period
There are two competition sections: Olympus Realm and Tartarus Realm. Each gives different rewards and players can not choose to participate in both sections at the same time. Only Knighted players can enter Olympus Realm.

2. Grouping Period
Grouping is based on BR data. Each group has 16 players and battles will be matched randomly every day. If the last group has less than 16 players then the players will join the event separately.

3. Wager Period
1) Event rules and rewards info for top 16 players available.

2) Players can check other players’ info and predict battle results to place wagers (each wager costs 10 million Gold and cannot be changed after confirmation). A successful wager doubles the rewards.

3) Formation: Players could deploy up to 4 Eudaemons/Willpowers and set a desired Formation.

4. Competition Period
1) Players need to stay in the event panel and wait for the CD before they can join a battle. Auto fight will be activated if players close the event panel. Each battle take place with an interval of 10 minutes.

2) Each battle is limited to 8 minutes. The player with lower HP/BR will lose if no winner is decided during the battle time. The winner will automatically enter the next round of battle.

3) Players will lose the battle by default if they do not join the event on time. The player with the higher BR will win by default if both sides do not join the event on time.

5. Rewarding Period
Players can click the event icon on the top for rewards after the event ends.

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  1. ok. we enter in top 10 and we go afk. or maybe is better we go afk already to start if we’ll gain rewards.

    wartune must understand that these STUPID new matter to no one and they have added useless things , less time to do the things and i’ve started in last week to skip many things because i’m bored of play each day 14 hours… i not have a super pc and i must play all the day , worse of a work! when wartune will pay to us?

    patch is fully ugly. vote -10 on 10 .

    wartune , STOP to add new things and remove ALL the timed things. no one like play with the others. NO ONE! we play to wartune and flash games only because we not have a pc that work or we skipped this game that become every day always more evoluted and not extented.

    we want new campaigns (and better rewards on them…) , new mp to do solo for do the new equipaments , possibility of have different equipaments and different stats/bonuses , no timed things , no daily things , no devotion things , no guild things or do them monthly , no timed , with only npc us opponents and when we want do them. no spire , magic square , dark dragon lair , narrandera remains , tara temple , holy sword temple , no sylphs , no mounts , no wings , no critics hits , no block , no intensity , no tenacy , no penetration , no influence , no charisma and etc , ect , ect. ONLY campaigns and maybe neither the mp . all the things gained in campaign. this game have too useless things and we have the caps on gems level. when wartune will put back this game as was years ago? we loved it. i’ve asked in these years these things and all are agree with me that we have a lot of things added that no one want , more lag and bugs with them . who play and who return , want see the same game FOREVER but only with more monsters and campaign and that the our level up have a sense. i’ve capped 3 times the expirience…

    sorry to who have read and to cosmos , but i hope that wartune will read this, because not is only that i think but a lot of players are annoyed to see when we’ll have a patch in coming and very few players read the guides because they want play on same things and easy rules to learn without studing on them…

    • Just single player-thingie…Great… just great.

      There are tons of games that have single-player campaigns..this is strategic multi-player online rpg…as it claims..though strategy is pretty much automated..

      Just to point out. Mounts were at 40 on vanilla version, so did mp dungeons, arena and mp arena. Oh boy that was intense.

      Sylphs and others(eudaemon, willpower) came and then and pretty much made all having billions of battle power.

      But I am beginning to not support this act no longer

  2. No more Eudaemon skills? This is trash for the new players. Man I understand they want to stick with old players beacuse they spend more but the players that leave are exactly the old ones that end with the boring stuff all days.
    They should focus in both new spenders and old ones. I’m old and I barely need this skills but for the new ones is going to be hard to spend if all the stuff that we received for “free” in old days with the stock pile now is eliminated… People behind the game need to go to school again.

  3. I agree with both of these people they have made this game like job and with each new and so called better patch I for one like this game a little less

  4. Is the reward that is stated in the first window where you choose the Realm a default reward or do you only get the reward from your ranking? Cause if your a weak player and lose in the beginning you get zero reward, then i seriously don’t like this event. Especially if it will replace my only reliable source of warpath crystals and res reduction essence.

  5. So 1800 server time = 0200 GMT, meaning most European players won’t be able to participate, good move there devs!

  6. Just realized the time is bad too.. In the old eud arena there was a chance to do it at 14h to 16h and 18h to 20h now is just 18h to 18:40… So if you can’t join at that time you missed all. What about the devo? They really don’t use the brain before launch new stuff.. There should be atleast 2 times to do it. I mean the rewards sucks anyway specially if you end in the 9-16 place… WORST CHANGE in this Patch.

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