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Why would you delay making Willpower?

Hey everyone! Recently someone asked me “Why would you delay making Willpower when it will hurt you in Endless Abyss?” and so I decided to write a short post to answer that in case it is also interesting or useful for other players.

I have a very unclear relationship with Willpowers 🙂

COSMOS Knight generally follows a patient rational path of playing. So when Willpowers came out the most important question that I had to ask myself and which I always recommend to others is “What can they do for me?”. This “selfish” question is a guide to picking the best Willpower for your specific character and way of playing.

You see, each Willpower, just like Eudaemons or Sylphs, has it’s own purpose (or advantages / disadvantages). So one must look at each one (see my comparison article) and ask that question to each one of them. And if you are not able to find an answer then this means that it is not the right one for you.

So one answer to the question of this Q&A is none of them are right for me (i.e. my specific character and my way of playing).

This is not the only answer though. There is a second reason which has to do with resources. Except big cashers most people should normally have limited resources. Maxing something out is not so easy in Wartune – it requires a lot of items. So I have to think smart where I want to invest my resources and it is better to wait if you are hesitating then rush and possibly make a bad mistake.

Another benefit of waiting (if waiting is not damaging your weekly activity in any significant way) is that you can plan smarter depending on what Patch is coming to update Wartune for example. Originally only 2 Willpowers came. At that time already I communicated that probably more will be released, so there was a good reason to wait and see if your resources were limited or if you were not sure about the 2 that came out.

Soon another Wartune Patch is coming and it could bring some new changes. My character (COSMOS Knight) is in the position where he can complete all his weekly tasks in a satisfactory way with his current setup, so I don’t see the need to “urgently” invest lots of resources into Willpower.

On the down side I could probably climb 2-3 extra levels in the Endless Abyss. Ignoring the skill books, the main loss is the Will Gears for those 2-3 theoretical levels. For me this is an acceptable amount of loss, because investing all those Will Gears and other Eudaemon / Willpower items into the “wrong” Willpower and later deciding to use another Willpower (or Eudaemon) would be very unpleasant for my character.

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  1. I waited till the new willpowers were released, because my toon depends on healing from willpower alot of the time. But with the new willpowers released, it really is time for a willpower.
    Seawitch is becomming the new black and with good reasons. It is a superstrong healer, with reasonable damage.
    Last imperial war, I was dead on reflection during my first battle, but my willpower stayed alive for ages after that.
    Maxing gear is pretty easy with euda war. And willpowers can be upgraded further same as normal euda, both skills and gear.
    PS I waisted one of my lvl12 eudas, but no regret. Blood of zeus if fairly easy to obtain, and I will need to keep upgrading normal euda for event anyway, so I will make another lvl 12 windranger

  2. maybe i dont have a patient like u ..some people like me just want to try it out..goodluck in waiting cosmos..

  3. another patch soon? I thought it wasn’t until end of nov/early december considering patch every 3 months.

  4. Waiting is mostly good. But even free players should be nearing 2nd batch of materials needed for synthesizing Willpower. People who are in that situation could make Willpower but they shouldnt waste too much rare resources on it.
    Making orange gears should be easy and can swap diamonds on it, maybe get few levels if have lots of BoZ stored (if used lvl 10s to make the said willpower). Also after you reach lvl 40 war emblem/resistance/res reduct cant use “normal” eudaemon materials for if you are swimming in warpaths,res reduct essence and resistance essence can spend some of those on your willpower.
    By using bit of resources can climb in abyssal for higher daily rewards and higher winrate in eudaemon war, without really using resources you will need when you decide to pick actual willpower you want to focus on 100%. May it be new one or updated version of current ones.

  5. Well, creating a willpower, in my opinion, is important to stay up with the competition. However, me being a free player, I will not make a second willpower until I can replenish the Eudaemons I used to create my first one. Eudaemon patrol doesn’t accept a willpower to patrol. The patrol gives a lot of stuff needed for my other Eudaemons. When I took away a lvl 12 and a lvl 10 to create the willpower, I lost a lot of resources in patrol.

  6. At this point, my lv12 Oracle is more helpful than my lv6 witch. The eud/WP die fairly fast in tough fights anyway, but the damn debuff is very helpful (especially if you have only it, delphics, and heals equipped). I’m sure once my witch is a much higher level it’ll be very useful, but until then it’s not that great.

    • Mine is lvl10 now, much more useful then when it was lvl6

  7. I am a medium weight casher. And I love my spectre. I agree, though. with someone. Not making another until this one is reasonably maxed on things and if i do, it will only be for eud arena, no other reason i see for 2 atm, and that’s a weak excuse

  8. I can’t believe people are still picking willpowers for the heals, because you have heal titan, heal rune and heal from odin’s holy sword, those all are instantaneous or fast casting

    • Seems like people can never get enough heals

  9. And here i thought you were going to bring up the fact that upgrading willpowers doesnt count toward events… so any upgrading that can be done during events on the eudas before they become a willpower = event rewards you wont receive as you upgrade the willpower. The 2-3 theoretical levels in abyss might balance it out though

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