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EXP Wheel’s Damage Reduction for Willpower

Hey everyone, in this short post I wanted to highlight the importance of the damage reduction benefit from EXP Wheel, one of the Wartune’s Willpower’s tabs.

I know that everyone is busy especially with Christmas / New Year holidays, but something super fast and easy that you can click is the blitzing of the Endless Abyss. Luckily, even for free players, this specific blitz is very fast and only takes a few minutes while it gives the best reward available in the game for Will Gears.

The Will Gears in turn can be used in the EXP Wheel of the Willpower to get a really nice damage reduction. Here is mine at level 5 which gives a 5% reduction to all damage the Willpower receives – this is a significant amount!

So far it has been 1% per level, but if someone has a higher level that is different from +1 per level please comment with the % you have and/or add a screenshot if possible.

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  1. L6 is 6% mine are L67-69

    • Thank you for sharing.

      • hello.. i would like to know when there going to do some thing about the tarra grass for the battle beast.

      • as with other similar cases it started as a casher item and over time will become accessible to free players

      • A couple of questions, not about the willpower tho: As a non-casher, if I didn’t get the eudameon I wanted, how can I get more shards to obtain a new eudaemon? Second question:Does refining a legendary equipment cost more stones than refining a regular one?

      • Hi, it is very easy to get Eudaemons. You just do Eudaemon Patrol and get all the necessary items to summon them. If you are just starting it might take a bit more time but that’s usually not a problem. They also regularly offer Eudaemons on an exchange let’s say once per month so if really needed can always exchange some event chests for them but that way is not an efficient spending of resources.
        For your second question, Eudaemon equipment have different stones for each upgrade level and costs do go up. But again, if you are active this is normally not a problem. However, when refining, try to get to 10 stats before you upgrade to next level so that you have less need of higher level stones.
        Best of luck,

  2. you should write something about what the are doing going monthly in that announcement in events. too many people don’t understand it

    • Sorry I did not understand well your English. If you are talking about Shadowhunt I already posted on 22 December: //

      • he’ll meant the events will be long 2 weeks but are called monthly . probably he is confused of +1 week in events and maybe will start soon. now we have still events longs 1 week

      • Sorry i have no idea what you guys mean, there are no problems with events.

      • I believe he is talking about the monthly exchange adjustment announcement in the hot events. It says event duration will be extended to 2 weeks starting on Dec 29th.

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