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Wartune Patch 7.0 Willpower Guide

Hi everyone! This is the Wartune Patch 7.0 Willpower guide. This guide combines 2 elements: (1) A video demonstrations / explanation by me and (2) text created I believe by the game developer and distributed to their various publishers. So check it out below and if you have any questions or comments put in the comments below.

Video 1: Wartune Patch 7.0 – NEW WILLPOWER – The Void Emissary and Angel of Light

Video 2: Wartune Patch 7.0 – VOID EMISSARY – WILLPOWER GUIDE – Summon, Skills and Details

And you can refer to the article I published before called: “The Void Emissary and Angel of Light Animations & Info”:

The Void Emissary and Angel of Light Animations & Info

You can also refer to videos I made regarding Patch 7.0 on the:

Dedicated Patch 7.0 YouTube playlist:

And now the developer’s guide with some modifications:

Wartune 7.0 Willpower


In order to surpass their current limits, ancient Eudaemons found a new way of upgrading – Willpower.


Click the Willpower icon above the Eudaemon icon to open the system.

Unlock Requirement

Unlocks after class is knighted.

Gameplay Info

Willpower has its own growth and skill system.

Willpower masters / Eudaemons can only be set as a main battle unit (instead of a sub battle unit).

1. Eudaemon Synthesis

1) You can select the required Eudaemons to synthesize a Willpower master in the Willpower panel. Both Eudaemons should be Level 10 or above, and not deployed for battle. You should have more than 2 Eudaemons of the identical type if you want to use a Eudaemon in synthesis. For example, if you want to synthesize Angel of Light, you need to have 2 or more Sanctuary Hunters and Scourge Mages with at least one of the Sanctuary Hunters and one of the Scourge Mages Level 10+. Plus, you must set a main and sub Eudaemon during synthesis. In the Angel of Light synthesis example, you can set the Level 10+ Sanctuary Hunter or Level 10+ Scourge Mage as the main Eudaemon.

2) During Willpower synthesis, only materials (from upgrade, enchant, refining and socketing) used by the sub Eudaemon’s equipment will be returned. Returned materials are based on current equipment level. Following synthesis, Willpower will inherit the main Eudaemon’s equipment. Meanwhile, the number of items consumed by the two Eudaemons for upgrade, resistance, and war emblem will count towards the materials Willpower has used.

Returned Materials:

1) Enchant materials are returned based on the sub Eudaemon’s equipment during Willpower synthesis. Materials are returned under the assumption that every time the Eudaemon equipment was enchanted it was 100% successful.

2) Upgrade materials are returned based on upgrade materials used by the sub Eudaemon’s equipment.

3) Refining materials are returned based on a certain percent of the number of attributes and stars obtained refining the sub Eudaemon’s equipment.

4) Gems socketed in the sub Eudaemon’s equipment will be returned.

2. Eudaemon Skill

After synthesis, skills (active, passive and Delphic skills) from both the main Eudaemon and sub Eudaemon will be kept, but cannot be used in battle. Only Willpower skills can be put into skill slots. Willpower skill level is dependent on the highest Main or Sub Eudaemon skill level. (Skill level <= 8) Willpower skill level cap will increase when the level of all skills in a vertical line are maxed out. Different materials will be required to upgrade Willpower skills after the skill’s level cap increases.

3. EXP Wheel

1) EXP Wheel offers attribute bonuses for a Willpower’s passive skill. Initial EXP Wheel level is Level 0. EXP Wheel will advance by 1 level when all attributes are upgraded to Level 10.

2) The EXP Wheel includes an inner and an outer pointer. The inner pointer determines how much EXP a spin adds (+1, +5, +10, +15, +20, +50). Balens can be used to lock up to 5 EXP points. When an EXP point is locked, the pointer will skip the point amount when spun. In other words, the pointer will not stop on locked point amounts. Locking more EXP points costs more Balens.

The outer pointer determines which attribute will get the EXP from a spin. There are 7 attributes: RES Reduction, Fire Resistance, Wind Resistance, Water Resistance, Electro Resistance, Light Resistance, Dark Resistance.

The EXP Wheel consumes Will Gears (single spin) and Key of Will (directly obtain the largest amount of EXP).

4. Willpower Talent

1) Willpower Talent offers extra attributes for the EXP Wheel.

2) 1 Willpower Talent Stone can be used to obtain 1 Talent Point. Talent Points can be used to upgrade corresponding Talent skills.

5. Willpower Introduction

Two Willpower masters (Eudamoens) will be unlocked in the new version. Void Emissary mainly deals magic damage while Angel of Light mainly deals physical damage. Compared to Eudaemons, Willpower has greater skill effects, attributes, resistance and viability.

Void Emissary Skills:

1) Active Skills

  • Level 8 Demonic Judgement: Deals 380% MDMG to a random enemy. Cooldown 2 seconds.
  • Level 8 Hell’s Requiem: Deals 340% MDMG to an enemy in the front row. Cooldown 2 seconds.
  • Level 8 Firmament Fire: Attacks twice randomly to deal 350% MDMG to 2 random targets. Cooldown 15 seconds.
  • Level 8 Fiery Lotus: Deals 344% MDMG to enemies in the front row. Cooldown 15 seconds.
  • Level 8 Frost Assault: Reduces damage taken for the entire party by 39% for 1 turn. Cooldown 30 seconds.
  • Level 8 Total Bloodshed: Deals 292% MDMG to a random enemy and boosts its damage received by 20% for 2 turns. Cooldown 30 seconds.

2) Delphic Skills

  • Level 8 Delphic: Sinful End: Deals 294% MDMG to the whole enemy group and boosts their damage received by 20% for 2 turns.
  • Level 8 Delphic: Death’s Curse:Generates a shield that can absorb damage equal to 29% of Max HP for the entire party for 2 turns.

3) Passive Skills

  • Level 8 Void Barrier: Reduces damage taken for 1 teammate by 8% each turn for 1 turn.
  • Level 8 Energy Control:Increases MATK by 24% and damage by 16%.

Angel of Light Skills:

1) Active Skill

  • Level 5 Sky Cleaver: Deals 305% PDMG to a random enemy. Cooldown 2 seconds.
  • Level 5 Half-moon Cut: Deals 255% PDMG to the enemy with the lowest HP. Cooldown 2 seconds.
  • Level 5 DART: Deals 290% PDMG to the enemy with the lowest HP and increases Crit Rate by 5%. Cooldown 15 seconds.
  • Level 5 Slasher: Attacks twice randomly to deal 296% PDMG to 2 random targets and increases Crit Rate by 5%. Cooldown 15 seconds.
  • Level 4 Rock Wave: Deals 310% PDMG to an enemy in the front row and increases Crit Rate by 5%. Cooldown 30 seconds.
  • Level 5 Corona Chop: Increases Crit Rate by 22% for 2 turns. Cooldown 30 seconds.

2) Delphic Skills

  • Level 1 Delphic: Divine Wrath: Deals 278% PDMG to all enemies and increases Crit Rate by 10%.
  • Level 1 Delphic: Rising Sanction: Deals 287% PDMG to 2-4 random enemies and increases Crit Rate by 10%.

3) Passive Skills

  • Level 1 The Last Straw: Following a Crit, increases damage dealt by 2% for 3 turns. The skill takes effect once every 5 turns.
  • Level 1 Anger: Crit Damage +40%.

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  1. Can we use the damnation from oracle aswell or just the merged skills?

    • new skills only

      • muchas gracias por esta informacion muy util para los que tenemos dudas en cual elegir . ahora tengo una pregunta obviamente abran mas fusiones aparte de esas dos , cual es la mejor de todas? gracias

  2. good job
    thanks ♥

    • 🙂

  3. i like the battleoracle skills more than the new :/
    we now have 2 choices

    1. keep oracle and benefite from the heal and 50% dmg increase
    2. make the new eudeamon get more br but loose the heals 🙁

    • ya but u can set ur oracle sub euda and still heals there just not bless if u have made another oracle

  4. Hard to compare level 8 skills listed for Void Emissary to level 1,4,5 skills of Angel of Light

    • exactly… i hope we’ll have soon a list of skills by level.

    • Jesus there is no satisfying you guys is there? It is already many hours I am working every day to bring you all these articles / information fast and as quality made as possible and sure it is not perfect, I agree, but I don’t see anyone else on the internet fighting for you other than me.
      And as far as I am aware you are not sending any support either – just expecting me to work more and more hours and pay for everything myself.
      – COSMOS
      P.S. I will try to get to you all the information, but it is really sad to see such attitude.

      • they weren’t even complaining, just saying it’s hard to compare. It’s really sad to see such an attitude from you, what a complete dick you are.

      • Just so you understand very clearly, you are insulting me – the person who worked day and night for you when nobody else would, the person who you did nothing for, the person who spent 5 years supporting the players getting pretty much nothing in return. And in your book I am a Dick, because God forbid I felt sad that content I busted my ass to create fast and to bring to players fast which they demanded was not perfect enough for some people.
        Do you know what a kind appreciative person would say? They would say thanks a ton for all the work, if it might be possible, depending on your time, would be great to see the data for other levels. Instead of the complaints, which they are, above.
        But noooooo. You have put your foot down. I am the Complete Dick.
        Well done, bravo,

      • Yes, I completely understand and stand by my original statement for the way you spoke to them for NO reason.

      • Nothing happens for no reason. I tried to explain, but you don’t care. Feel free to continue your insults.
        – COSMOS

      • Great job Cosmos Great job

  5. great job.
    There is 1 matters which is unclear to me. Do we benefit at all from using a lvl 12 euda for the merge?
    I’m unsure if I should use my lvl12 BO for it, or if I should train a new one.


  6. Hello. That’s a really great job , thanks for all that info. I just have one question: what about the war emblem and res reduction results for the merge please? Cause you showed that you put it lvl 6 but didn’t show the result of the merge. Can you tell us please?

    • Thanks, don’t worry, War Emblem is still there same as before:
      Here is a picture:
      – COSMOS

      • Ok, thanks for info. Looks like it gets down from 6 to 3 (if you didn’t upgrade it before the screenshot). Continue the hard work!

  7. Thanks for this info. 🙂

    I now know that i will stick to the BO and BD because the new euds lack the AoE-skills. They might be strong but AoE is what i use most. 🙂

  8. i’m still confused on what will be returned from our euds. sub-eud or work on euds too? in percent? 5 star mean that i’ll have back all or many things?

    if i’ll not have back all , mant that i’ll skip the eudaemon events probably for 4 months or ore.

  9. how will this effect the patrols? will you need to have additional eudaemons to do patrols? if I use my main oracle and knight with high skills, will I need to create another oracle and knight to do patrols for resistance and skills etc..?

    • Yes you will need other Eudaemons to do those events.
      That’s one of the main problems for me. I do not want to give up my Eudaemons.
      – COSMOS

  10. Just curious, is it better to raise the skill level b4 you merge with wisdom scrolls, or after the merge. It seems you cant use wisdom scrolls after the merge. Unfortunatly my server doesn’t get the new stuff way after you can on the test server, so much thanks to seeing some of the things b4 hand. And being a mild casher if u need me to test some things for u just email.

    • Made a void emmesary today, its nice that you can still level skills using books of wisdom until level 8. Seems no material is given yet for leveling higher and also none for leveling res red over 40 as well as resistant and eblem

  11. Just so you know Cosmo, I truly appreciate all that you do for us! You have explained most if not all of the little points in this game that really help to make it a better gaming experience! Keep up the good work you do Cosmo! I will do my best to support your hard work by donations and by word of mouth! I have linked your site to our guild’s facebook page and I promote it in the forums and in world chat.

    • As far as this new merged sylph thing, I think I’ll wait until one of our high level players (possibly Trinity or Vardoom) has one and consult them. I will pass on this info to you Cosmo when I get it!

      • Oki dok

    • Hi, thanks for the kind words
      – COSMOS

  12. Yes, thank you for all your great research! I am wondering if any of the passive willpower skills apply to the main character. Sometimes descriptions do not reflect the actual formula effects.

  13. thank you very much

    • kind of you 🙂
      you are welcome
      – COSMOS

  14. Cosmos, now the patch is well settled. Do you have any info about which eudas are worth using for this merge. For example I have a well developed BO, with lvl 7 skills and higher upgrades, should I use it, or should I go with the undeveloped lvl 10 BO ?
    We need 1 or 2 good eudas for subs after this merge.

    Thank you for your great work

    • Hi, i have written and spoken about that topic a bunch of times already. In short, my current opinion is that that it is not worth it unless you are super wealthy. I have not seen any solid evidence of them being able to offer something significantly better or even at the same level as your BO who can buff and heal and AOE.
      I am happy to hear other opinions if anyone else wishes to bring new evidence to light.

      • Thank you :))

    • what’s the difference between using a level 10 main versus a level 12? Will the Willpower have higher level with higher main?

  15. hi thanks for your hard work cosmos, my question is aboutt tdays patron event rewards, Active Willpower Skill Book x5,Passive Willpower Skill Book x5.are they to start new skill lvls or like book of wisdom use all thru to 8-12?
    thanks in advance

  16. My first titan I created with 2 lv 10s, as I wanted to keep my stronger eudaemon for patrol etc. It created a rather wimpy lv 1 will power that has taken awhile to build up. I see in Cosmos video that his lv 12 and lv 10 created a lv 6 Willpower? Do two lv 12s make a lv 12 willpower or is that just a waste of blood Zeus.

    Ty appreciate all your work

  17. Where do we get willpower talent stones?

    I’m on the mailing list 🙂

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