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Willpower EXP Wheel Maximum Levels

Hi everyone! In this article I share with you the maximum levels for the Willpower EXP Wheel in Wartune. EXP Wheel is upgraded with Will Gears which in vast majority come from doing daily Endless Abyss.

So here we go with the first picture:

This is showing level 100, which is the max level, for all the 7 circles, i.e. 6 resistances and 1 RES Reduction. The text that you see there “Level maxed out!” appears after clicking on “Spin” again. So once the lvl 100 is achieved no more Will Gears can be spent on that specific Willpower.

EXP Wheel Max Levels

Maxed Resist and Resist Reduction

This next picture shows the detail for a resistance circle and Resist Reduction. At the maximum level of 100 we can see that the total amount is 10,000 points. This is both for resistances and RES Reduction. So if nothing else existed these would roughly cancel one another.

Willpower Shield

And finally on this last picture we can see the “Willpower Shield” which is the Passive Skill in the center which rises by 1% every 10 levels of the EXP Wheels. So on max level it reaches level 10 giving a 10% reduction in damage for Willpowers, which is a significant reduction I believe.

So is there a point in collecting more Will Gear?

Although in most cases Wartune players use their main Willpower we do have other features such as Eudaemon / Willpower Domain or Endless Abyss where we use 4 of them and theoretically something new can appear in a future Wartune patch, so I’d suggest to target to max out 4 Willpowers at least, ideally 5 (one of each type). After maxing those then, indeed, we will not care much about Will Gears.

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  1. Thanks a lot for all of your works.May I have request?Can you make an article about what bonus bounty rewards different level of Eudaemon and Willpower offer when they were used for exploration.

  2. Any idea on what the maximum talent levels are on willpowers? My DS has Res Red at lv34 currently.

    • My guess, lvl 80 (500%) is the max. Can’t confirm though.

      • For res-reduction talent it is lvl 80 – only one i’ve maxed but would assume the others are the same

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