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Top Level Comparison Review of Willpowers

Hey everyone! In this article I try to support players by doing a top level comparison review of Willpowers to be able to have a clearer view of their purpose and help decide if and which one to pick.

To do this I am going to re-phrase or translate their abilities into common categories. This will allow us to easily see what is the purpose of each of the Willpowers. You do lose a little bit of accuracy in this kind of analysis but the benefit is much greater at clearly showing who’s good in what.

Void Emissary

  • Increased stats passive (= more BR)
  • Damage Reduction x3
  • Non-AOE Attack x5
  • AOE Attack x1
  • Decent party support in the form of strong shielding abilities.
    • Other Info (not immediately available): Awakening: Increases damage dealt by party = interesting

Angel of Light

  • Non-AOE Attack x9
  • AOE Attack x1
  • No party support of any kind.
    • Other Info (not immediately available): Awakening: Adds Delphic Skill crit rate and own crit damage = not very interesting

Sea Witch

  • Healing x6
  • Non-AOE Attack x3
  • AOE Attack x1
  • Powerful party support in the form of strong healing abilities.
    • Other Info (not immediately available): Awakening: Chance to generate a shield that can absorb damage for a targeted party member = interesting

Death Specter

  • Increased stats passive (= more BR)
  • Damage Reduction x1
  • Non-AOE Attack x7
  • AOE Attack x1
  • 2 small 5% party supports, otherwise no party support
    • Other Info (not immediately available): Awakening: Chance to decrease targets’ crit/block rates = not very interesting

Eagle Warrior

  • Increased stats passive (= more BR)
  • Damage Reduction x1
  • Non-AOE Attack x7
  • AOE Attack x1
  • 1 small 5% party support, otherwise no party support
    • Other Info (not immediately available): Awakening: Chance to recover a certain percent of own HP = interesting

Willpowers’ Observations

So if you want a pure attacker then Angel of Light is the right Willpower for you (2nd place, Death Specter).

For a Healer there is no one like the Sea Witch (no second place).

For a defender or to absorb damage Eagle Warrior and Void Emissary are your friends.

However, something that is important for me and, I believe, also for other players, is that none of them have any damage increase party support. Especially abilities that you can choose to cast yourself (immediately) and not those, such as Awakening, that you have to wait for. From this perspective how can I give up my Battle Oracle’s 50%+ damage increases? I cannot.

Willpowers’ Conclusion

For the 3 purposes of Attacking, Healing or Defending I listen the recommendations above in the “Observations”. However, there is also a case to be made for not choosing any of the Willpowers compared to the benefits of the existing Eudaemons.

The only thing that Willpowers have that is exceptional over the Eudaemons is “buffiness”. Yes, that’s a highly scientific term 🙂

Due to the ability to further invest into them and increase their stats, they are much tougher and harder to kill. However, there are many parts of the game where you do not need tanky or buff Willpowers. They will not help you get more rewards from World Boss. They will not help in any part of the game where damage output is important – main characters are the strongest damage dealers.

They will however definitely support in PvP battles making the “kids” harder to kill.

So I would have to conclude that you almost never need Willpowers in PvE, but if you PvP a lot you need them a lot more.

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  1. agree on this, and also why i dont give up my oracle, non casher so its hard to maken another oracle, the one i use now is my main. When i can make willpower i make the eagle.

  2. For Eagle, are you sure that his awakening skill is applied on player and not only on himself ?

    thank you for precision

    • same question for his passive shield, does it apply to player ?

  3. Proficient City need Oceanic & European and US East server these people in US WEST most is faked people to play due from lost Guild Event run or they not come for Guild Battle aka Imperial War so i can move to Oceanic on server transfer

  4. which one of willpowers is better for archer class? (considering archer class has less defense comparing to other classes)

    • in my opinion, sea witch. there’s wrote it has healing x6 so it isn’t bad.

      • thank u for comment . 🙂

  5. Sea witch is really good except the healing glitches that the providers are not quick to fix however in bg and other fights we can keep the oracle as sub Eudemon so depends on how you play for which willpower would work best for the player.
    As Cosmos so kindly pointed out they all have their benefits just a matter of which play style to roll with. I have the sea witch and I love it even at level 3 it heals 4mil+ every other round.

    • i notice any skill that hits front row,back row or 2-4 targets is not considered AoE. Which is true but in the case of endless abyss there are 4 targets. Eagle warrior may have 1 AoE, but it has 1 2 random enemies skill, 1 2-4 targets skill, 1 skill that hits enemies in back row, and a delphic that hits enemies in front row. Death specter gets only 2 skills that hit front row,sea witch delphic hits front row,void emissary can hit 2 random targets or front row, and angel gets 1 skill that deals damage to 2 random targets (yes second delphic hits 2-4 targets but since first is its only AoE skill doesn’t really matter. Point is… Eagle warrior has more skills that hit multiple targets than most other willpowers, which counts in both endless abyss and euda arena.

  6. when you do a survey how many hours monthly we want play on wartune?

    we play at least 10 hours daily. 300 hours monthly. too. i vote for 1 hour each day (30 hours monthly).

    but i bet that many players will vote -30 hours weekly. who cash usually play horribly low usually. nd there was a lot of campers in past that not leveled up expecially because they could be a top player on them level , playing very few on wartune.

    please, would me like vote on a survey as this that will be usefull also to wartune for know the our feedback on how many hoiurs we want play monthly.

    and sincerally, who want play more time play with 2-4 accounts…. we stay losing players because we are slaved on wartune on all these hours each day.

  7. most of the cashers in our titan temple uses sea witch ^^

    it just keep healing. imagine with 3 sea witch and couple of friggas…sometimes unbeatable

    • yeah and unfortunately i got something like that at stage one , lol , i just gave up

  8. I sorta agree and disagree at the same time.

    Using only base skill dmg and not taking into account passives using a typical skill order the follow is the total damage percent with the AOE delphics. This is the total damage of 5 skills in a typical build.
    Angel 2143%
    Spector 2160%
    Eagle 2185%
    Emissary and Witch are below 2000%

    Skill extras and passives create more of a separation but more difficult to evaluate due to the randomness of their effect.

    Angel – Following a crit(key term) 20% increase damage dealt for 3 turns. The skill takes effect once every 5 turns. Many skills have a crit boost of 5-10% plus a zero damage skill that boosts crit by 40%.

    Spector 50% change to cause the enemy to lose HP equal to 200% of skill damage for 2 turns.

    Reading what R2 wrote is 1 meaning but typically it means something else.
    Angel – Crit lately is a funny thing, crit is a chance function, just because you have 10,000% crit does not mean you will do more damage. Each impact has a calculation of 0-100% crit no mater what the rate is.

    Spector – 50% proc rate of equal to 200% of skill damage bleed for 2 turns does not mean as it is written also. It is the skill damage without crit or at the very least the skill damage taking part way through the damage formula which is far less than the original hit that caused the passive to proc. i.e. Hit = 1M damage and bleed is 250k, just guessed numbers but you get the point it is far less even though it is 200%. Note that typically in wartune impacts are calculated seperate, for example what why the archer buffs are so powerful is, you have a 50% chance to proc and your AOE hitting 8 targets possibly multiple hits each give it a minimum of 8 chances to proc. Technically hit 8 targets with a 50% chance and 4 will get the bleed.

    I don’t for sure know which one is best and currently testing the eagle and spector. The bleed does work well on the spector. I suspect they will reduce the proc rate on us!

    • ty for your feedback, as you are testing eagle, does his awakening skill heal you character or only willpower ?

    • jebbery you not have counted the damage skills as was a fight (with cd and them passives).

      so all your points damage counted not are true.

      but i agree on sea witch. as 1st choice is surelly a bad idea because can only heal. when the willpower is too strong not must heal and it do few damage and if can’t neither heal , which sense have do it for 1st…?

      • I used a typical skill order based on the following.
        1 short CD skill
        1 mid CD skill
        2 long CD skills
        1 AOE delphic

        Thus allowing the skills to be constantly used. It also allows the 5 skills to be called in sequence and this is the damage from the above numbers. It is basically max damage in 5 skills.

        I also used all documented level 12 skills as it is the only documentation the same for all eudy’s.

      • 1st is difficult, I picked the Spector but the Eagle looks ok too. I am not sure the heal is worth it as it is so low but could be helpful in Abyss. Abyss needs pure damage.
        I did not pick the Angel because it is all crit, crit have been problematic in this game and is very wild in its swings, too random to guess if it will do enough damage as the best for Abyss.

  9. Doesn’t void emissary have a couple of damnation effect skills?

    • Emissary seems to work out as the least powerful willpower but has I think the best awakening. Wartune is also notorious for its early offerings of things like sylphs/eudy’s and now willpowers to be the worst ones. This time the angel was ok. They want early adopters to waist resources so that they are forced to buy the second round when they appear.

      They mucked up in my opinion this time as the folks that did not spend to get the willpower happened to match the time the new willpowers appeared and spend months stockpiling resources as to completely catch up with the early adopters completely free. Where of course the early adopters had to scramble to rebuild resources to build a better willpower.

    • One point on the original 2 willpowers is there seems to be a reduced BR. I can’t see the Angel as I do not have it but the Emissary compared to the Spector at lower levels the Spector is 2.2M br.

      I suspect the angel is similar.
      Emblem lvl 40, Resistance 43,Res Reduce 40, Awake 1 is 24.1M br with 2M atk,2.2M pdef,2.6M Matk, 1.6M mdef, gear enchant maxed, gear refinements complete

      Emblem lvl 43, Resistance 27, Res Reduce 32, Awake 1 is 26.1M br with 2.5M Patk,2.2M pdef, 2M Matk,1.6M mdef, gear enchant maxed, gear refinments incomplete (about half way)

      The spector loss in lower res/reduce is greater than the gain in emblem level. My spector is also only half way in gear refining where the Emmisary is completed.

      I am not sure how the hero stats drop on them but both compared while not equipped are 2.2M br apart.

      Also something to note is my Spector at level 7 was higher BR equiped than the Emissary equiped at level 12 (blood of zeus).At the time my Emmisary was the above stats but the Spector was lower than the above stats.

      In Abyss the level 7 spector got a few more levels that the emissary could not get.

  10. Angel better PvE

    Void better PvP

    • I did choose sea witch first because I feel an eudaemons job is to support the main toon, but it really does kinda suck in abyss. I still think eagle warrior looks like it would work quite well in abyss because from the looks of its skills it can hit at least 2 targets every turn (assuming 1 in the front row isn’t dead). I don’t have the materials to test more than 1 willpower though… and oracle can pretty much spam rain of fire and didn’t end up being the best option either.

      • Cosmos will beat me up lol.

        The oracle did have its place! It is a tool to help us achieve our goals! Nothing more.

        Some mixed thoughts happening in this thread, I see a lot of in the now thinking with less chess like thinking that the game is starting to need.

        It only took a few months to get a willpower, 4 or 6 ish. Everyone will have a second one soon enough so some thought there is needed. I bet much faster soon since again wartunes messed up and created a huge gap in eudy’s. More Lucky Exchange events will have DBlood and Mem Crystals I bet.

        The Witch is support suggesting that it needs something to support to be useful. In Abyss and Eudy arena what is it supporting? Is that enough to get higher points at the end of the week? Supporting an original eudy seems not enough.

        I think the witch is an awesome second willpower but as a primary it lacks the needed punch. It will help in areas of the game that give us far less useful growth items as a primary.

        Todays game is like chess and we have to think 10 steps ahead to do that we have to set goals. Thinking in the now leaves tomorrow to chance! Time Portal proved that and I see some struggling or worse not even knowing the costs of their actions.

        I would assume the primary goal is to continue to pass our peers and out grow our peers this is what will get us more wins. What do we need to do today and what choice do we need to make tomorrow to maintain this?

        Typically in chess thinking sort term sacrifices gains a long term wins.

        The Sea Witch is a good example of the in the now thinking. It offers heals so we can live longer and maybe by chance win more but we need to also think about tomorrow.

        The witch in eudy arena is support but being used as a primary since its the only willpower some have. It does make the fight take forever but I think ultimately it dies when the increase damage over time effect allows it to be 1 shotted. It just cannot do the needed damage to kill the enemy. It will be awesome supporting a damage willpower.

        The old ideology of eudy’s being hero support I think is dead. The original eudy’s had buff skills that could be cast on the 1st round if it was the only skill it had. Most times it would live long enough to cast it and die soon after. This was support to the hero. Today’s willpwers cast buffs on their delphics so fighting someone your own strength or greater strength will have that willpower long dead before it can cast a delphic so it is unreliable support. It will only be alive while the titan system is active negating its damage ability to be useful. It is higher BR so in tie’s its death will more significantly count against you especially since it will not do damage greater than its own BR to cost against you. Often what looks like an advantage is actually a disadvantage.

        Time Portal and Abyss took the game in a new direction and I bet completely fluke since the dev’s can’t even get a patch right then scramble like chickens to muck up more trying to fix what should have been right the first time.

        These items now present the problem of thinking about tomorrow. The winner in these functions are the folks that choose to gain more rewards over a short amount of time than the ones not thinking about them and getting less rewards over the same timespan. The difference over planning vs not planning will be come more significant as time progresses and basically be very difficult to recover or catch up.

        I always ask myself what is the sacrifice and gain for today and tomorrow before making any choice. Then the question about what is the gain worth? Todays growth is no longer about fighting, it use to be but is no longer proven by the lesser rewards from fighting functions to other functions. To win we have to grow faster than our peers!

      • Not sure how others are doing with other willpowers besides sea witch in abyss, but I went up 3 lvls in abyss thanks to the witch.

  11. Oracle have 1 skill for damage increase, Blood Warrior have 2 skills with 50% damage increasing

  12. which willpower will be best to go with the mage ?

  13. Hi guys.
    i lost my oracle for void emissary but now I’m not sure I did the right choice.
    now use the material to boost void emissary or to make another oracle?
    I think, however, that void emissary is not bad in fact, it has passive skill very interesting and I would still choose this first.

    • First ask yourself what do you need from Eudaemon/Willpower. In this case if you need for example Damnation then make another Oracle. If you need to perform better in Abyss then focus on your Willpower.
      – COSMOS

      • But i Think Void isnt Best for abyss… what do you Think?

      • I did not say he is the best, i answer according to your current situation. You already paid for him, so good or not does not matter anymore – you have him now. His performance in Abyss is better than Battle Oracle, so if your goal is Abyss then my answer was to focus on the Willpower that you already have. But you really need to ask yourself what you want your kid to do for you, because that is what determines which kid you should invest in.
        – COSMOS

      • ok ty for your opinion.

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