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December 2015 Player Bans

Yesterday was probably the most ridiculous and infuriating day I’ve ever had with Wartune. The details of everything that happened would be a bit exhausting to write out, but in short, I was unfairly given a 5 day punishment ban from the game, because they thought I used a game exploit that I didn’t use. I’m no longer banned, but I missed registering and playing in Titan War because of this, as they didn’t start lifting bans on R2 players until very late night. Needless to say, I won’t have Titan War videos for this month.
Really this is not about missing Titan War. One month won’t kill me, and that itself isn’t enough to upset me. It’s that this is a special level of stupidity and incompetence on the game’s part. Despite efforts to get in touch with someone that could give me some real answers, I haven’t gotten any info on what criteria they used to determine who was to be banned. This is what their “official” communication through the forum has said so far:
They claim the bans were not conducted by any particular publisher, which is a roundabout way of saying, “you should point your blame at the developers from 7Road, not us”. I think that it really doesn’t matter who screwed up; people are upset and many see this as the last straw.
As for myself, I’m still the midst of finding every way I can give them hell about this issue. While I was banned I didn’t feel like playing, and even though I have my toon back now, I’m not feeling enthusiastic about things as I usually am. To make things clear, I will continue to blog and vlog about Wartune, since DolyGames has built a following through the game and I want to respect that. I have long held a love/hate relationship with Wartune, as I’ve met a lot of wonderful people through the game and do have a lot of fun, but it’s a monthly, if not weekly and daily, battle with poor programming and slow response times from developers. Considering what awful companies run Wartune, I do not want it to continue to be the number one game the DolyGames promotes. Cosmos and I have talked on many occasions about wanting to spread out more and cover different games. So as DolyGames grows and Wartune no longer is the majority of what we put out, I hope that you guys continue to enjoy and support the time and effort we put into making fun, quality content about many games.
<3 Elia

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  1. im very sorry for what happened Eliatan 🙁 if this ban thing would happen to me i would be furious with R2 lol because Titan war is important and i need it

  2. i play league of angels, a game similar to wartune, its the best for me. it has no bugs and no take many hours every day. if someone wants quit wartune i would want tell to try LoA. in past i played wartune for 2 years but after quit, i started play LoA (always at R2 website). it very nice game in my opinion.

    • i play loa ut get bored . lol~

  3. I got same problem, I only play wartune for relax, never bug or hack item… but they lock my account. I don’t know why…

  4. I am glad to ear that you go your toon back you are by far my fav person to watch on YouTube about wartime I love your toon and how you run it and I’m sorry about the ban it was complete bs keep up the good work love and peace, azay

    • Thanks for a sweet words 🙂

  5. i of things that wartune have done well. i was entered in wb and i’ve done the refresh for lag less in. i was angry. when all was been kicked , i was super happy !!! ^^ .

    so, i’ve done wb together and i’ve gained 13m gold.

    btw, is true. wartune could delay the TW to had in this time. i hope to you, wartune will delay to next week

    • 1 of things*

      • ah, was about player ban. sorry. i not have readed all. my mystake

  6. Hi Elia, I have joined the ranks of unfairly banned also. I did get to do Titan Wars, qualified for finals and now I am banned. No explanation given. It is frustrating. Not sure how long this will last at this rate.
    Kongregate S1

    • Hey Crazed 🙁 Sorry to hear that; heard that at least a couple others from your server had issues.

  7. the problem is some people cheated. And I know it for sure. They will get all stuff that they hacked back. So yea I am stopping to play this game as well. I can not play with people who I know and thought my friends who will come back with everything that they cheated back on.

  8. omg she will not do that

  9. Glad, you got your tune back, but it is tiring after 3 years of playing this game, to have issues with this game and nobody will take responsibility, and Wartune, Kabam and mainly R2, pass the buck on the issues. It has become that the players are the least of their cares.

    • Yep, their priorities are completely whack

  10. LOL

    you all chasher keep supporting this game and this will become normal in the future…what a great publisher…last 5 years is nothing but downhill…

  11. I got banned to, I’m not even that strong, and I didn’t use any cheats. This game sucks.

  12. today a friend of mine Nordwolf was banned unfairly for apparently using a gem expoit, It lasted 2 hrs and when his account was returned to him every single one of his gems was gone. hes lost 600k br and as he had a mix of mostly lvl 11’s with a smattering of 12’s he also sucked at cheating to!

    • The 2nd round of bans are a lot scarier. Pretty much everybody that was banned on the 2nd day ended up having their items removed. Most from the first day of bans lost nothing once they got their toons back (like myself) or only had a couple missing things.

  13. dam it sorry that happened to you elia

  14. The exact same happened to me except mine just showed lost connection in the middle of a eudo battle. Tickets ignored, I do have the account back but just seem to have the same feeling about it as when my house was burgled. I did no wrong they did not remove any items but I was without my account for about 18 hours. Yes a lot were pleased to see me back and most of today has been spent explaining what happened. I still have no idea why they picked on me.

    • It’s sort of the feeling I get about renting an apartment. I know that there’s a landlord that can come into my apartment any time they want to, because they have the key, but if they do so without knocking and dig through my stuff, I’m going to feel violated.

  15. I`ve had it with this game already, Im quiting.

  16. Ive been playing this game for over 3 years now, its been laggy and broken since day 1. Yet still mega cashers like yourself have poured obscene amounts of money into a broken game. Why would the devs bother fixing it. They found a market full of idiots willing to pay for a broken item. Its been over a week since the patch, Many players sporting lvl 12 will crystals, and i would wager many exploited the bug but were a bit smarter than to just max everything at once.
    By banning a lot of people at once and then going through their accounts stops bug exploiters quickly deleting the evidence.
    You may not have exploited this bug Eliatan, but i do recall a video on here you made showing how to exploit a clothing bug. Exploiting bugs is exploiting bugs, some are just better than others. You want complain about problems in a game then voice your issues with your wallet and get the other mega casher buddys of yours to do the same. Watch how fast they fix things when their income drops by 50%.

    • Wow, that was a loooong venting of childish frustrations Sylvester 😛

      • not really… yes it’s venting, but it’s a sad truth… Game when to poop when the mega cashers (things) started popping out, I mean, yeah, people were wasting big ammounts of money already, but at least they were “decent” players… nowadays the power in wartune means that you’re an assine bully towards the whole world… I admit I used to be real mean with the things, then I realized that those things demanded attention, so I stopped caring… then we got merged with servers where the most things there were… well, game became poop then…

        nowafays I’m mostly playing by the motions… don’t really enjoying the game and actually staying because of one single friend I have… I have stopped doing MP stuff since the last merge and I’ve seen most of the people in my server and those who became part of our first merge just go out either because there was no longer fun thanks to the things or thanks to the excess of bugs out there, so as Sylvester has said, if things stop paying maybe the devs and publishers would finally fix the game, but I doubt it… considering the things I used to offend now are being overrun by more parasites bred upon their ways of thinking… meanwhile the people making the games enjoy their solid gold humvees and diamond studded swimming pools…

        Anuketh (yes, that Anuketh)
        Server 87 R2Games
        Eminence (Guild Master, the previous quit out of bugs)

    • you are barking at the wrong BLIND tree…nothing will change…this doesn’t affect the casher a bit at all cause they will just go back to buy gems all over again and recover it…

    • Sad part is that you are right.

      How many aren’t exploiting the spire bug? how many didn’t exploit bounty target bug, jewel and such. Many exploit bugs, and have done, so no one can really say they “wrongfully” got banned, even if they got banned for something they didn’t do.

      Wartune have sadly created a relationship where the devs think it’s ok to ignore the big problems, and the players think it is ok to exploit errors in the games program. This is the core issue with wartune, and will be there until it shuts down in a few months.

      • I have no clue how peopled did the Spire- Bounty target- Jewel bug and such, And would love to know 😛

    • When I first read this, I had no idea what post you were talking about, since almost all my clothing posts are just about reaching a new level for myself. I looked through my post and I suspect this is what you’re probably referring to: // I hardly call this a bug or a huge exploit. It’s pointing out a function of the game where you can convert you current items into any type of clothing you’ve already obtained at least once. So yeah, judge for yourself, but I would never encourage or show people how to exploit something that scales as large as the one that’s the center of attention right now.

      • Well, it’s sad you were unfairly banned (then again, I only have your word to vouch that, but I will just let it go) and yeah, I see you’re angry, but at least they did unban you… crass, but you could have been perma banned (but nowadays, that’d be a blessing…)

        so best of luck in whatever you do after this latest of Wartune f*ck ups…

  17. I got baned nick and now i go back they deleted all my gems. I play wartune about 3years and earch >2M br but now they make me so sad. I think 7Road is a big Coporation but but pay wages for a group stupid game master.

  18. a preposterous thing is i watched video guid to hack gems lv7 but wartune delleted all gems lv1-6 in my vaul. LOL

  19. Yup…banned and all of my equipped gems were gone when I finally got back in…was looking a reason to quit anyway.

  20. Sorry Elia. Just came from forums of venting players about this and kept coming across a poster that was tagged a troll because they kept accusing every banned person that they cheated. Wouldn’t mind to keep playing but sooner or later somethings going to tumble into the incinerator.

    Would love to see you and the other venture into something other than Wartune because at the moment they’re running on fumes. Enjoy your evening.

    • Where there’s the internet, there are trolls. Thanks 🙂 Can follow us at for non-Wartune games.

  21. they did not banned me but they taken almost all my diamonds for two straight days

  22. Shame on you for using glitches. U are seriously telling us u didnt know what you were doing ? Smells like bull to me eli you write a blog on the game,,,, admit it you cheated!

    • As copied from a different post….

      ‘I had some items taken from me, and I didn’t cheat or use any exploits. What’s more likely, that R2/7Roads fucked up, or that DOZENS of people on the forums/blogs are lying. The choice seems pretty obvious to me.’

  23. I have never posted on forums, but all these issues with wartune are becoming more and more common, they use no common sense or reasoned logic to sort out the problems that are in the game. It makes me think the developers are deliberately setting up Wartune to fail, players will leave of their own accord, servers will merge to the final few, the devs and publishers cash in….and then move on to their next project. this has made me very wary of joining new games, which is very sad.

  24. Eliatan, you sum up my mind-set on Wartune. I have spend lot of time & money in Wartune in last 2 years. I was banned for something that I did not do. 🙂
    They really killed the game time.

    • Sorry it seems things have taken a lot longer for you to get your account back 🙁 been talking to Strife about things.

  25. i almost wish i had been banned as it would give me a reason to quit this game. after over 3 years i still can say why i still play this broken game. must be something wrong in my head..

  26. hahaha you get chatches because you cheated and now you cry like a baby

    • I had some items taken from me, and I didn’t cheat or use any exploits. What’s more likely, that R2/7Roads fucked up, or that DOZENS of people on the forums/blogs are lying. The choice seems pretty obvious to me.

      • Anonymous dont lie. you cheated and because of that the items were taken.
        and yes who say he didnt cheatet but get banned lies…

    • hey, I’m a well known despiser of things, but I’m open minded enough to consider the possibility of being such a contradictory thing as “innocent things…”

  27. i think its wonderful how people who did not lose anything love to accuse the people coming out saying what happened, why did i lose stuff, i didnt do it. But no one believes you even if you didnt do it, i was hoping they would go after the cheaters and remove unfair advantages, but now they took all socketed divinity souls, my monster level 4, level 6, level 7 and a few 8’s. All divinity souls ive worked on as hard as anyone can, and i got them removed? i believed my divinity souls were below average for someone at my level and to think that someone at r2 thought i cheated to make what they took is extremely disappointing. i dont know what else to do.

    • I was just referencing you indirectly in an earlier post. Sad to say I won’t be returning. Sold everything and donated all gold, daru and BBs to guild to help them out till the game comes to a close.

      The Div Souls I had came from the Sylph Expedition and those monthly check in events. The best thing to do right now is tidy up lose ends with fellow gamers and find some place else to roam. Forget about the meanies and try to enjoy your day.

  28. Elia thank you for working so hard on this blog. I’ve read and found this blog to extremely helpful. I too have been banned, and a significant amount of my gold was taken. I don’t care if people believe it or not, but I didn’t even know these exploits existed. These actions by the devs are completely unjust. Even if these exploits existed, they are to blame. These are program bugs that should have been tested and solved before they were ever released. I’ve put in tickets, and the bugs were, “known issues that were not considered bugs.” What a way to treat your best customers. Michael99 S43

    • Thanks for the kind words 🙂 I also didn’t know about the bug until after it had been patched, but you know those are things they’re bothering to investigate. There are people who have lost items even though they didn’t buy the treasure inventory, which was the root of the bug apparently.

  29. So the people who were wrongly accused of hacking gems and having all their items they worked on, have no way of getting their things back?

  30. Makes me nervous with all these bans. I have worked hars on my toon and I have several lvl 12 gems that ive worked my ass off for without cashing. So far i have been lucky. Ik there were some ppl who did abuse the glitch but the blame is to be placed on the devs. If the glitch wasnt there then no one would take advantage of it. So sad we are losing so many great peoole over stupid issues they refuse to fix.
    Eow, wartune s104

    • I’m very worried about other players. There was a 2nd round of bans and they all had items deleted. Most of the first day of bans didn’t have missing items when they got their accounts back. For sure try to keep a record of all the items you have in case anything happens.

  31. lol why you guys always hide your balens? we allready know you spend an ridiciouls amount off cash to be “good” at this game that has more and more bugs and lags like shit… im done with this game so i wish everyone much fun with blasting your money in a super stupid game that’s not even worth 20 cents 😛

    • I don’t know the reasons why other people do or do not hide their balen quantities. I’ve spoken in an interview with another Wartune Youtuber about this topic. It’s the last answer here: // The main point to not distract the comments section from whatever the actual topic of the video/blog is, kinda like what you’re trying to do here.

  32. when u hack game 1 day if cath you sure nice for video see now time refelction why i hack wartrune all the time

    ty R2 for find mother fu cker hacker of game online

  33. nice r2 for find the hacker of wartune finally justice in the world find thing very to fast cahser my eyes hakcer realy ty for banned acount of hacker more fun for palayer legit continue play wartune whiout hacker is better for all poeple thc r2

    • I’m not sure if English is a second language, or you’re just a complete idiot. You do realize that the vast majority of people who got banned or items taken, didn’t ‘hack’ anything…. right?

      • If u really believe “that the vast majority of people who got banned or items taken, didn’t ‘hack’ anything”,then you’re an complete idiot.

      • You’re totally right, it’s much more likely that that myself and the other dozens of people on forums and blogs like this who were either banned or had items taken away are ‘hackers’. Totally no chance that r2/7roads is incompetent. I mean, people who have never spent a dime on the game were banned and had items taken away as well as major whales. Put on your tin hats because we are all secretly part of a conspiracy to get free stuff.

        Oh, and in case you didn’t catch the extremely obvious sarcasm, you’re going to have to come to the table with a little more evidence if you want anyone to believe in your nonsense about everyone using the exploit; who clearly didn’t.

  34. At this juncture, do whatever you do in wartune wisely and with much thought

  35. 3 years of playing and only 3 lvl 12 matk gem and 1 lvl 12 hp gem they left. In inventory and socketed all were removed. I dont know how long they will take to return back all the gems.

  36. I’m looking forward to seeing what new games you decide to cover. I have been looking to find something I enjoy as much as Wartune (usually after another batch of bugs or lag arrives) but cant seem to find anything that I enjoy as much as Wartune. The closest I have found are LoA and all its clones which I have found boring in comparison.

    Waiting and watching in anticipation…..

  37. yo body im not stupid ok loser of shit u say take of part of sustobe casher maybe hack begin of game dont cry if u cath you one day everyone pay for that ty so mush

  38. well when i heard about the gem exploit i didnt buy the treasure inventory page i waited till they fixed the thing before buying i feel sorry for the players that didnt buy this new inventory page and they got banned just for aving a few lv12 gems etc maybe once they searched enough in their database u get the stuff back and your name cleared if you didnt exploit this bug

  39. before people use hacks and cheats and after they cry because R2 removed they items and banned them. Incredible. I didnt never hack and i didnt got banned, neither items removed. so its not true all people banned were innocent. R2 is so stupid? i dont think.
    lets hope they dont remove the ban so those hackers quit the game. is really impressive how many accounts are banned = how many people use hacks. omg.

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