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Elia’s Chaos War Videos for December 2015

My server (Kabam 18… 21, 40, 68, and 70) had an awesome Chaos War performance this month, grabbing first place in preliminaries and finals! A big congratulations and thank you to my servermates. Check out all the action in the gameplay videos below 🙂

VIDEO: Chaos War Preliminaries (Dec. 2015)

VIDEO: Chaos War Finals (Dec. 2015)

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  1. so a group of 5 mill br players were the top server? wow what a shocker

    • I was the only 5M BR player in the group I was with. You could argue that Robin’s stats are that of a 5M+ BR player, but the other two are under 4M. I don’t recall saying it wasn’t a shocker that we won, but by no means are we supposed to be the favorites.

  2. well, u are the strong server in terms of BR. other servers may have stronger players, but they are alone, u got many 4.5M+ br players, so no surprise there. gratz anyway.
    I just wish there where less lag to enjoy the event…

    • Thanks. I think if it were all about server BR and top player BR, the rankings would look very different. We don’t have any top 20 cross-server players (by BR). Our top team was running around with no merged sylphs. We don’t exactly scream OP if you really compare us to the top teams from many of the other servers.

      Lag is definitely a big problem. Ridiculous how good of a machine you need for a browser game.

  3. this is a funny comment u should do your research b4 talking and judging people and opening ur mouth about things u simply just don’t know elias server is far from being the strongest and her team is far from being all over 5mil br each

  4. You dont have to be top BR server to win in Chaos Wars, you need a good team that know how to play. It’s suprising how many out there just Think if you buy stuff you win. Granted you get a leg up on most but if you dont know how to combine the skills and setups to optimize you will lose everytime. I see it over and over in Class Wars, Chaos Wars, Titan Wars well you name it basicly any PvP event it really shows how some just buy Everything that comes out while others slowplay it and build solid.

    Last Chaos Wars my server was lowest BR top 16 yet we won it, kinda says it all.

    Congratz to Eliatan and server for win.

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