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Elia’s Interview with Jogopelado (Video and Transcript)

Hey you guys, Jogopelado, a popular Legend Online (Brazil’s version of Wartune) Youtuber asked me to do an interview on his channel. I find the whole idea of someone wanting to interview me pretty embarrassing, but I was flattered and we went ahead with it. He chose 13 questions submitted by his subscribers, and they cover a range of topics. It may be important to note the Legend Online is at least a couple patches behind Wartune, so if they’re unfamiliar with certain content that’s why.

VIDEO: Jogopelado – Entrevista com Eliatan (Interview with Eliatan)

Interview Transcription

I answered the questions in writing before we did the interview, since Rafael’s (Jogopelado’s) English is limited and my Portuguese is non-existent, this way we could all follow along. In the video, Rafael makes some comments about my answers between questions, and those translations aren’t included here. That said, he was a very sweet and gracious host, and I had a fun time talking with him and Naiane (the girl that speaks the Portuguese after my answers). Lastly, thank you so so so much to RafaCB for doing the translations for the interview; I can’t say enough about how helpful he was. Here it is:

1 – Gustavo Silva

JP: How long did it take you to get that powerful and what was your motivation or inspiration to play Wartune?

Elia: About 2.5 years ago, I was looking for a casual Lord of the Rings or Hobbit-themed game and found one on Kabam, but it turned out to be a city-building game, which I don’t enjoy much. I checked out some of the other stuff they host and found Wartune. Been playing ever since.

2 – DemonShardsBR

JP: When you created your account a long time ago, did you think it would come this far?

Elia: Absolutely not. When I first started playing more competitively, I thought it would just be nice to be top mage on my server. Probably for the first year or so, the top knight on my server always had more BR than I did, and it seemed impossible to catch up to the people who had been playing for longer in my cross-server section. I never really saw myself as someone that would be competing at the top level.

3 – albert branches

JP: Why is your gear red, what did you do to make so?

Elia: I think that update came to our servers 2 or 3 patches ago. I got synthesis materials for 2 or 3 pieces from the Class Wars shop, and now you can get them very easily from the new weekly multi-player dungeons, Narrandera Remains and Tara Temple.

4 – Paulo Henrique

JP: I wonder why she chose the mage class?

Elia: Medic classes are usually my favorite, but I like artillery also and briefly played an archer at first, because the female mages in Wartune look way too slutty haha. I don’t think I thought much about which class was the most overpowered in the game or anything like that.

5 – Rafael Menezes

JP: Hello!! The question is: Eliatan, I watch your videos whenever they are released to learn a little more about legend (there Wartune). As I model myself after you, do you mirror someone?

Elia: Thanks so much for watching! I don’t model my toon exactly after any other character. I’ve become friends with a lot of great players who give me ideas and advice, so I try to test things on my own and narrow their tips into something good.

6 – Naiane Ramos

JP: This is your first account? What led you to make the first charge and what was the value?

Elia: Well I mentioned about the archer I played at first. I don’t regret the switch, but some days I think everyone wants to be an archer. I think it was a couple months into playing that I decided I liked the game quite a bit and recharged 5 dollars to get a piece of clothing. I probably got VIP shortly after.

7 – Dan Silva

JP: Eliatan, do you have a rivalry in the game? With whom?

Elia: I’ve had quite a few rivalries over the years. I remember when Annerose was the big one. In recent history, Moridin had a 5 time winning streak in Class Wars, and I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get back into the top 16 in time to try to dethrone him before his server was moved to a different section. After Mori’s reign, the winners have been Rae7, Solara, me, and then lala. I think the 4 of us and Chilimack are the ones pushing to win Class Wars. I chat with all of them outside of the game except for Rae, and consider them good buddies, but I think that makes me want to beat them even more. The more I like someone, the more I want to beat them. That applies to mages and my friends that play the other classes. I wouldn’t say it’s the best part of my personality, but it does motivate me to win haha.

8 – Andrews Ferreira

JP: Elia what is lacking in your character compared with lala that you do not already have? You think you can reach lala or is she too strong?

Elia: lala is definitely very strong and along with some other top players in my time zone, she’s willing to invest money in the game that I don’t let myself spend. She’s a very kind person and cares a lot about the people she plays with, so I think that motivates her to become really strong and earn big rewards with them. The places where lala has gotten ahead of me lately are Odin, using whips on the new type of mount training, and I just saw that she has more holy forge on her Halidom and Artifact. I think it’s similar for the other top mages; all of them seem to have better stats than I do right now. It will take at least a couple months to get close to lala, but I’m saving up materials to make sure that when I get an opportunity to make a big BR jump, I’ll be ready.

9 – Julio Cesar

JP: Eliatan do you have any strategy for BDD (CW) Example: What runes and skills to lead with, and the other 2 pets you think are best?

Elia: I think the most basic strategy for mages is a dark sylph with either wind and water support troops or wind and wind. Another big part of winning are your resistances, so being able to predict what your opponents will bring is important. I took first place with a main dark pet and 2 wind troops, but even though I’m happy I finally placed first, I don’t see it as the most creative setup I’ve ever played. I won mostly because my resistances were huge compared to everyone else’s. I really enjoy playing a wind sylph as my main, but the past few months I haven’t, since everybody protects against Rae7 and her red wind pet. I talked to Rae recently and she said I could have beat her last month with a wind sylph, but I don’t feel like that would have been enough. A fire sylph should also be able to take first place, but the best I’ve seen it place is second. I think for the other classes, light, electric, and water pets are very good options for main sylphs, but dark pets are still very popular even with knights. For runes, I’m most comfortable with heal and guardian. I think a mage going into PvP fights without a guardian rune is like missing one leg, maybe even both. Some people bring chaos and use it pretty well. I have tried it before, but I’m not a fan of that approach.

10 – Gabriel Lopes

JP: Eliatan have you ever married or had a boyfriend that complained about Wartune?

Elia: Haha this is very funny since I have some friends whose wives hate Wartune and in some cases have made them quit the game. My ex-girlfriend played a couple free to play games also, so she didn’t seem to have a problem with my spending or gaming when we were going out. We broke up a couple years ago, but not because of anything to do with games. If I start to get serious about someone again, I will probably spend less of my time and money on games, but I have to find that special lady first.

11 – Jogopelado

JP: Would you like to visit Brazil one day?

Elia: Definitely! I love to travel, and I have friends all over the world that I would love to see. My followers from Brazil have been so sweet to me, and I’m sure that’s a reflection of how welcoming your country would be. The women of Brazil are particularly beautiful, too, so I think I’d like to go there and say hello 😉

12 – Ryan Flag

JP: What is the most difficult thing to manage in the game, getting along with those who do not like you, or having to deal with all your fans?

Elia: I don’t think either group is a burden to me. All big cashers have a lot of people that dislike them just because they spend money on the game, and also some people that will only talk to them to try to get their money. That isn’t something only I deal with. I try to take only positive energy from fans; there are much more nice and respectful people than there are crazy ones that ask me inappropriate things. Lately the biggest difficulty is the language barrier. I have quite a few people that talk to me from non-English speaking countries, and I think it’s just too difficult for me to learn another language fluently enough to speak about game details. The best thing people can do to help me is when they ask questions, try to write very clearly and don’t use abbreviations, so that Google translate will do a decent job. I’m very happy to do this interview with Rafael, because it’s the first time I can talk in a bit more detail with my viewers from Brazil 🙂

13 – All Channel

JP: This question was left to the end as more than 400 people have asked. How much did you invest to get to your current power?

Elia: Yeah that’s the question I probably get the most, too haha. I don’t tell my exact number, because I think that’s not other people’s business, but I don’t mind sharing how many balens I currently have as much as people think. I used to show my balens in all of the videos, but then the game started giving a lot of incentives to recharge large amounts at once, so I would charge a lot and then spread it over time. But when I have those big balen numbers, the comments section in my videos fills with stuff like “oh my god 60k balens blahblahblah,” even if the video has nothing to do with spending money. Now I just make a habit of covering them no matter how much I have. I don’t really feel the need to cash so much that there’s no one that can beat me. I like to compete at the top knowing that there is a high chance that I’ll lose. I think having that attitude lets me take more of a break from spending than some others. Like now with the merged sylphs, I’ll just try my best to win with what I have, and wait until there’s a cheaper way to get one. So during times like now I recharge about 20-30k balens to go for mounts and a few other things, and then when I’m really pushing for something big, it’s 5 to 10 times that.

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  1. Jogopelado translate literally to “nakedgame” XD

    • Maybe that’s why Rafael and I get along. I also think gaming is a clothing-optional activity 😛

  2. Hey Elia, nice interview. Im from Brazil, so if u have any issues with the language just reach out m8. Btw, no news on merge right?

    • Hi thanks that would be great! Do you have me on FB? if not 🙂 No news on the server merge yet T_T

  3. Hey Eliatan! ^^
    i must ask this because i’m very confused.
    i’m always watching your videos and thought you are female cuz of your voice. in this interview you say your looking forward to find a nice girlfriend. tell me: male/female? this is somehow pretty confusing me 😀

    keep up the good work!

    • Lol I’m female and like women

      • That’s why pandas are near the extinction XD

  4. Elia i liked this interview i couldn’t watch vedio due to bad connection but i can guess u r more than 3million br can i ask u for any advice for weak archer lvl 80 440k br?

    • And i am using main tune and healing rune lvl 80 bow and the rest equips are lvl 70 normal butv2 legend jewels moung lvl 3 dont have enough hammers for holy forge 20k point for asrrals i know they are weak but it took me ages to spend about 10mil perday so i am just not doing it fate stone lvl 10 itbis normal for none casher right?. I am doing my best but need some advices

  5. What is the link of this game ?

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