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Eliatan’s Class Wars Videos for May 2015

Another month and another Class Wars has passed! Things in May played out very similarly to the previous month for me. Since I haven’t leveled up a Eudaemon yet, I fell short of getting into Warlord’s Hall again. On the plus side, since I was in Warrior’s Hall and so was my server’s top archer, Robin7, we were able to place identically and get a shared blessing! We also both get to summon thieves to chamber, so that’s twice as much guild contribution 🙂


A big congrats to all the winners, especially Rae7 and Softie for their first Class Wars victories! This was the 24th Class Wars, so it marks 2 years of this event. Rae has been the resident wind-user for as long as I can remember sylphs being a part of the game, so it’s nice to see her finally get a win with her long-time green companion.


Checkout all my Class Wars action and my toon overview in the vids below!

Class Wars Preliminaries

Toon Overview

Class Wars Finals

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