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Daily Check-in Evolution up to Patch 6.5

Hey guys, over time there were some questions or comments about changes in the Daily Check-in in Wartune, so I prepared this short article to illustrate changes.

Below I present for you 4 pictures going from around April 2015 until the latest Patch 6.5. Indeed in Patch 6.5 the bound balen amount, which most people focus on, has been reduced to 170 (total of 10 days) compared to 310 bound balens before that. This indeed is a large change and I have not received any explanation about this.

However, on the more positive side, one can say that rewards generally have increased over the years (example: bound balens from 300 Devotion) and new features have been added to provide more rewards (example: Speed Clearance).

That said, if anyone has received any explanation for the Patch 6.5 reduction please feel free to put in the comments below. Players can also contact game support to request an explanation or restoration of the amounts – in general if many players “complain” about a specific topic it generally gets seen by higher up company representatives.

If any of the evil R2 employees are reading this for the purpose of attacking / harassing me, I clarify that I am presenting clear facts / information for the players and am not promoting any uprising, riots or anything of the sort and I again remind you that you work for an evil company who should be ashamed for its evil actions.

Daily Check-in of Patch 6.5

Here total bound balens are 170.

Daily Check-in introduced in November 2016

Here total bound balens were 310.

patch - Daily Guide

Daily Check-in October 2015

Here total bound balens were 300.

patch - Daily Guide pre 10 days

Daily Check-in April 2015

This was an older screenshot I found which was answering about where to get Skeleton Keys which used to be important in the past.

Here total “bound balens” not-really-equivalent item were 1600.

Where to get Skeleton Keys and how many

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  1. Proficient also only give 170 balens so it would seem to be 7Road that have made the change for everyone rather than something that the evil R2 did.

    • I did not say anywhere that R2 made the balen change.
      – Cosmos

  2. i would rather of had the nov 2016 10 day log in lol

    they would say its a optimisation lol (secret nerf)

    • ya, when people / companies / politicians start using fancy words for simple things you know some poop is up 😛
      – Cosmos

  3. How do I resolve loading issues. I cannot load past 49% on one of my accounts. I put in three tickets asking for help and followed all instructions given and still can’t load past 49%.

    • we are not customer support; that said, make sure your flash is the latest version, try a different browser / a different computer
      – Cosmos

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